Wiki Note: This archetype is from Worlds of Power, and is not part of the normal options available to Spherecasters.

Languages: Dendrites gain Druidic as a bonus language at 1st level. A dendrite who teaches Druidic to a non-dendrite loses all of their casting class feature and all class powers.

Casting Ability Modifier: Dendrites use Constitution as their casting ability modifier, as they possess the Fortified Casting boon.

Tradition: Dendrite Rites: As the reincarnation of an ancient master of the living world, the power to sculpt the forces of nature is literally in a dendrite’s blood. As a result, using magic physically weakens her the more she uses it. The dendrite possesses the Fortified Casting boon and Draining Casting drawback. All dendrite magic is accomplished through speaking the language of the Strangers (Druidic). Dendrites possess the Verbal Casting drawback. A dendrite may further refine their tradition by selecting additional drawbacks and boons.

Hedgewitch Paths: Dendrites possess the Green Magic and Herbology paths.

Secrets: A dendrite may only take the following secrets: Animal Companion, Animal Friend, Share Health, Share Senses, Alchemy (may only gain the Dilution, Spontaneous Healing, Healing Touch, Enhance Potion, Extend Potion, Eternal Potion, Elixir of Life, or Concentrate Poison discoveries. These discoveries apply to Herbology concoctions as if they were potions), Extra Concoctions, Potent Concoctions, Store Potion, Surgeon, or Swift Poison.

In addition, they may select the following new secret:

Peer into the Past: The dendrite’s meditations reveal significant details from one of her former lives. During any hour in which you rest, you may roll any one Knowledge check, even if you do not have ranks in it, with a bonus equal to your Constitution modifier. If the dendrite uses this ability while awake, she enters a deep trance and is treated as if she were asleep. Throughout this hour, the dendrite is entirely unaware of her surroundings, though any significant interruption (taking damage, someone speaking louder than normal volume, weather severity 4 or higher, etc.) will break her concentration and waste the effect. Peer into the past may not be used more than once in a 24-hour period. This ability may be used to reroll a failed Knowledge check, but only once per question.

Grand Secrets: The dendrite may select any of the following as grand secrets: Venum Immunity, Wild Vitality, Animal Herald, Instant Poison, Miracle Man. In addition, they may select the following new grand secret:

Ancient Echoes: A dendrite must possess Peer into the Past to gain this grand secret. As the dendrite’s memories of her former lives flow into her waking mind, her past and present become one. Whenever you use your peer into the past ability, you gain a bonus to your Knowledge checks equal to your dendrite level. In addition, your peer into the past ability takes one minute instead of one hour, and may be used a number of times per day equal to your Constitution modifier.

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