Dimensional Defender

Able to intercept an attack and punish those that would harm their allies in the blink of an eye, dimensional defenders do not let trivial matters such as space and distance hinder their duty.

Dimensional Step: At 1st level, the dimensional defender gains the Warp sphere with the Personal Warp drawback (including the bonus talent normally granted for taking a drawback). The dimensional defender does not gain additional talents for gaining class levels but treats her class levels as Mid-Caster levels when using the Warp sphere and uses Wisdom as her casting ability modifier. These caster levels stack normally with those gained from other sources. The dimensional defender may take the Extra Magic Talent feat, but only to gain additional talents from the Warp sphere unless she has the Casting class feature from another source.

This replaces guardian’s challenge.

Spell Pool: A dimensional defender gains a small reservoir of energy she can call on to create truly wondrous effects, called a spell pool. This pool contains a number of spell points equal to her level + her casting ability modifier (minimum 1). This pool replenishes once per day after roughly 8 hours of rest. Any abilities that cost points from the sentinel’s reserve instead cost spell points.

This replaces sentinel’s reserve.

Emergency Step: At 2nd level, the dimensional defender gains Emergency Teleport as a bonus talent. If she already possesses that talent, she gains another Warp talent as a bonus talent.

This replaces guard wall.

Shuffle: At 2nd level, when a creature under the effects of the dimensional defender’s challenge targets an allied creature within the dimensional defender’s teleport range with an attack roll, the dimensional defender may spend a spell point as an immediate action to swap places with that ally, becoming the target of the effect.

This replaces dedicated defense.

Warping Imposition: At 4th level, whenever a creature under the effects of the dimensional defender’s challenge makes an attack that does not include the dimensional defender as a target, the dimensional defender may spend a spell point as an immediate action to teleport up to her teleport range to a square that puts that creature in her threatened area and make an attack of opportunity against it.

This replaces sentinel’s imposition.

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