Disciple Of Goibniu
Spheres Apocrypha: Sidhe Court
When the fey go to war against each other, they need weapons made of their own bane—cold iron. Goibniu, lord of the forge and the brewery, teaches his smiths special techniques for working with this material.

Class Skills

The disciple of Goibniu gains Knowledge (nature) (Int) as a class skill, but loses Climb (Str) as a class skill.

This alters class skills.

Hidden Weapons

If the disciple of Goibniu has the maintenance ability, he may perform the following maintenance:

Glamered Equipment: The disciple of Goibniu places a subtle charm on his and his allies’ equipment, granting one weapon, shield, or suit of armor per ally the glamered special ability. Whatever object they are disguised as has clear signs of fairy make, recognizable with a Knowledge (nature) check against a DC of 15 + the disciple of Goibniu’s level. This is a supernatural effect.

Great Hospitality

If the disciple of Goibniu has the recipes ability, he may select the following entree:

Ale: Any morale bonuses affecting a creature who partakes of a recipe using ale as an entree last 1 additional round, +1 additional round per 10 class levels the iron chef possesses.

Anathemic Blows (Ex)

The disciple of Goibniu’s thunderous blows do not normally deal extra damage until 3rd level, at which point they deal 1d6 additional damage. This damage increases by 1d6 at 6th level and every three levels thereafter. Against creatures with damage reduction overcome by cold iron and objects made of cold iron they instead deal the normal amount of extra damage.

However, at 1st level the disciple of Goibniu may make a special sunder attempt as an attack action against a creature. On a successful check he deals damage to the creature equal to his normal weapon damage (bonus damage from thunderous blows is not applied when using sunder in this manner) and any damage reduction it possesses is reduced by 2, plus 5 if it is overcome by cold iron, until the end of the disciple of Goibniu’s next round. He may expend his martial focus as a free action to extend this by a number of rounds equal to his Constitution modifier (minimum 1). At 3rd level and every two levels thereafter this reduction increases by 2. This reduction is halved for damage reduction that cannot be overcome or is overcome only by epic weapons (such as DR 3/– or DR 20/ epic).

This alters thunderous blows.

Cold Iron Specialist (Ex)

At 2nd level the disciple of Goibniu’s bonus to Profession (blacksmith) checks is equal to his class level instead of half his class level when working with cold iron. In addition, any item he creates or modifies using his Profession (blacksmith) skill or an item creation feat counts as cold iron when it would be beneficial to its user. However, he must spend a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity when he uses his skilled craftsman ability to repair equipment not made of cold iron.

This alters skilled craftsman.

Gregarious Smith

In place of a smithing insight, a disciple of Goibniu may choose a social talent as per the vigilante class feature. He treats his class level as his vigilante level for the purpose of meeting prerequisites, and is always treated as though he was in his social identity for the purpose of the effects of social talents.

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