Divided Shade (Vigilante Archetype)
The City of 7 Seraphs
Split Identity (Sp): Whenever a divided shade changes from one identity to another, he can create a shadow duplicate of himself as he appeared in the identity he just changed out of or as he appears now. The duplicate functions as an illusion created by silent image. The divided shade can concentrate on this illusion as a swift action. The divided shade can move the area of the illusion up to 30 feet as part of concentrating on the effect. Whenever the divided soul casts this spell-like ability, any previous split identity illusions immediately end. As the divided shade gains vigilante levels, the illusion becomes more powerful: minor image at 3rd level, major image at 5th level, persistent image at 9th level, and programmed image or project image at 11th level.

This ability replaces the social talents gained at 1st level and 9th level.

Threatening Shade (Ex): At 8th level, the illusion created by the split identity ability has a touch of reality to it. It can threaten adjacent squares and can make one real attack per round that the divided shade concentrates. The attack uses the divided shade's attack bonus for that attack and deals 1d10 points of damage modified by the divided shade's Charisma modifier. The attacked creature gets Will save to disbelieve; if it disbelieves, the attack deals only 1 point of damage.

At 14th level, the divided shade can make the illusion of his other self more real three times per day by taking no action other than concentrating for 1 round. The quasi-reality then lasts for 1 round per vigilante level. The illusion can act using the same modifiers as the divided shade, but any creature or object affected gets a Will save to disbelieve it. If the target succeeds (objects automatically succeed), the damage dealt is reduced to 20%. The illusion has only 20% the divided shade's hit point total at the time it was imbued with quasi-reality.

This ability replaces the vigilante talent gained at 8th level.

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