Deific Talents


Why Do Some Spheres Not Have Deific Talents? Frankly, we didn't see anything that matched those Spheres. In general, we tried to stay true to the themes of spheres when assigning them, and some spheres matched much better than others.

Why Are Most Damage-Dealing Powers Outside The Destruction Sphere? Thematic reasons. At a sufficiently high power level, sphere designations are basically arbitrary to begin with. For example, is a godlike bolt of divine lightning a destructive blast, a manipulation of nature, or a manifestation of weather? Many deific talents are, quite frankly, suitable to be in several spheres. This is why GMs are allowed to change the sphere a Deific Talent is associated with - if you think something other than what's listed here works better for your game, then go ahead and change it! These house rules are your house rules, and you can use them however you want.

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