Doctors are medical specialists who forego much of a scholar’s standard studies into various scientific fields to dedicate themselves to the pursuit of medicinal knowledge. These cunning caregivers are capable of providing healing to multiple creatures at a time, and learn special techniques that exceed the healing capabilities of their peers.

Chemical Reliance: Doctors must take the (formulae) package of the Alchemy sphere with their problem solver class feature, and cannot take any drawbacks that prevent them from doing so. If the doctor has already taken a drawback that would prevent them from taking the (formulae) package of the Alchemy sphere before taking their first level in this class, they do not gain the Scout sphere from their problem solver class feature and instead use that talent to buy off their drawback.

Inoculations (Ex): Starting at 1st level, the doctor learns to protect her allies from the effects of her abilities. At the start of each day, the doctor can select a number of allies up to her Intelligence bonus (minimum 1); both the doctor and the chosen allies are immune to the negative effects, including hit point damage, of the doctor’s alchemical items and material impositions. Positive effects of alchemical items and material impositions, such as hit point healing, still affect the doctor and her allies normally.

This replaces careful packing.

Revitalizing Compounds (Ex): From 3rd level on, whenever the doctor prepares an alchemical item, she may make a Heal check as part of the preparation process and expend one use of a healer’s kit as though using the hit point healing option of her medical training class feature; the scholar may take 10 on this check, but cannot take 20. Whenever the doctor or an ally benefiting from her inoculations class feature is within the area affected by the use of an alchemical item modified by this ability, they regain hit points as though they had benefited from a use of the doctor’s medical training class feature with a Heal check equal to the one used when preparing the alchemical item, but all creatures that would normally be damaged by the alchemical item take only half damage (minimum 1), and gain a +2 bonus on any saving throws to resist its effects. This ability can be used to augment alchemical items that normally affect only a single creature, such as the Salve formulae created by the Alchemy sphere. Creatures healed by this ability count each instance of healing received in this manner against the total number of times per day they may be affected by the doctor’s medical training class feature.

This replaces the material imposition normally gained at 3rd level.

Regenerative Mists (Ex): At 7th level, the doctor learns how to pack her flashbangs with a special compound that creates a mist which can interact with her inoculations to create remarkable healing effects. The scholar can expend her martial focus and one use of a healer’s kit when using a flashbang to have it create a fine, clear mist that hangs in a 30 ft. radius sphere centered on the target of her flashbang. This mist remains active for a number of rounds equal to the doctor’s Intelligence modifier and cannot penetrate solid surfaces such as walls and solid floors, though it can spill through open windows or highly porous surfaces. The doctor and any creature benefiting from her innoculations gains fast healing equal to half the doctor’s class level (rounded down) each round they begin their turn within the area of the mist. If the doctor begins and ends her turn within the area of the regenerative mists, she may regain her martial focus as an immediate action at any point before the start of her next turn.

This replaces the material imposition normally gained at 7th level.

Chemical Resurrection (Ex): Upon reaching 17th level, the doctor can use her advanced knowledge of anatomy, chemical compounds, and advanced healing techniques to restore a creature to life regardless of the length of time it has been dead.

The corpse to be revived does not need to be intact, but must represent a significant portion of the deceased creature, such as a skeleton, torso, or head (but not a finger or toe). Reviving a creature with this ability requires 25, 000 gp worth of expensive chemical components and takes 10 minutes. Upon completion of this process, the creature is immediately restored to full hit points, vigor, and health, with no negative levels (or Constitution points) and all of the prepared spells, spell points, or similar resources possessed by the creature when it died.

The doctor can use this technique to revive someone killed by a death effect or someone who has been turned into an undead creature and then destroyed. This ability can also resurrect elementals or outsiders, but it can’t resurrect constructs, undead creatures, or creatures that have already been returned to life through alternative means. If the soul of a creature targeted by this ability is unwilling or unable to return, the process restores their body but creates only a fully intact inanimate corpse.

This replaces the material imposition normally gained at 17th level.

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