Drawback Feats
Ultimate Spheres of Power
Drawback feats present a way of taking advantage of a specific drawback in a manner more specific than just gaining extra spell points. At your GM’s option, you may take a drawback feat in place of a boon. An incanter may select drawback feats as bonus feats. Characters can also take Theurge Feats instead of drawback feats.

Addictive Power (Drawback)

Prerequisites: Enhancement sphere, Addictive Casting drawback.

Benefit: Your enhancements satisfy your addiction, to a degree; whenever you spend a spell point to relinquish concentration on an enhancement targeting yourself, the time until you begin suffering penalties extends to the end of the enhancement’s duration. In addition, you gain a +1 bonus to all saving throws while you are suffering the penalties from your addiction.

Battlecry (Drawback)

Prerequisite: Verbal Casting drawback.

Benefit: Whenever you use a sphere ability, you can unleash a powerful battlecry as part of your verbal casting. Until the end of your next turn, you receive a circumstance bonus to your Intimidate checks equal to half your caster level.

Bottled Spells (Drawback) [Apoc]

Source: Spheres Apocrypha: Casting Traditions

Prerequisites: Charged Spells.

Benefit: You can imbue a consumable item (such as a fluid or an easy to break trinket) with a charged sphere ability. When you create a charge, you also create a small item such as a pill, pebble, or a pinch of dust in which to store that charge.

These items are considered to have negligible cost, and an individual item can only store a single charge. The consumable remains potent until you rest and regain spell points, and possesses an aura as if it were the original target of the effect. Such an item can be dispelled as normal for the effect even in its inactive state. Effects with a duration of ‘concentration’ cannot be imbued into items.

Any creature, not just yourself, can use the charge by using the item (eating the pill, spreading the dust, throwing the pebble, etc.) This requires the same action as the sphere effect would normally require.

The user is considered the creator of the spell, and can do whatever the creator can with the spell, including dismissing it, moving it (if it can be moved), or any other effect that can take place after the ability has been created. However, the charge still uses your caster level, spell DC, casting ability modifier, concentration and magical skill bonus (determined at the time of the charge’s creation).

Burst of Concentration (Drawback) [Apoc]

Source: Spheres Apocrypha: Casting Traditions 2

Prerequisites: Mental Focus.

Benefits: You can expend your mental focus on any single concentration check you make to treat your concentration check as if you rolled a 15. This functions as taking 10, except that the number you add to your concentration modifier is 15.

Careful Magic (Drawback)

Prerequisites: Enhancement sphere, Extended Casting drawback.

Benefit: Your slow casting style results in more firmly constructed sphere effects. You add your casting ability modifier as a bonus to your MSD (minimum +1) for the purposes of countering or dispelling your sphere effects. You may spend an additional spell point when enhancing a creature or object to force any creature attempting to dispel or counter that effect to roll twice and take the worse result.

Combatant Caster (Drawback) [Apoc]

Source: Spheres Apocrypha: Casting Traditions 2

Prerequisites: Galvanized.

Benefit: You have an increased selection of weapons. As long as you wield any kind of weapon that you are proficient in and can attack with, it counts towards meeting the requirements of Galvanized.

For the purposes of unarmed strikes or natural attacks you are considered wielding your weapons when you are not impeded in using them. Having your arms bound, or wearing heavy chains on your legs are an example of how an average human would be considered unarmed with unarmed strikes.

While wielding a weapon appropriate for your drawback, you gain a +4 bonus on concentration checks while casting defensively, being grappled, or casting a spell while in the area of an environment that calls for concentration checks to successfully cast a spell such as weather or a battlefield.

Special: This feat counts as Combat Casting for the purposes of meeting other prerequisites that depend on it. This feat's benefits to concentration checks do not stack with Combat Casting.

Curse Mastery (Drawback) [Apoc]

Source: Spheres Apocrypha: Casting Traditions 2

Prerequisites: Innate Curse.

Benefit: You gain all the benefits of your oracle curse; both the base benefit as well as the benefits that come with increasing in level (treat your magic skill bonus as your oracle level).

Special: If your curse provides you with spells known, instead of normally granting bonus spells (for example, Haunted), you do not gain spells or talents. Instead, you gain a bonus spell point at the levels you would normally gain the spells.

Fast Focus (Drawback) [Apoc]

Source: Spheres Apocrypha: Casting Traditions 2

Prerequisites: Mental Focus.

Benefits: You can take a move action to regain mental focus.

Normal: A character without this feat must take a full-round action to regain mental focus.

Habit Forming (Drawback, Metamagic) [Apoc]

Source: Spheres Apocrypha: Casting Traditions 2

Benefit: Creatures affected by your sphere effects can develop an addiction to receiving your magic. Whenever a creature fails a saving throw (or accepts an effect willingly) against a sphere effect that is also affected by this feat, it must make a Fortitude saving throw (DC is identical to the saving throw for the sphere effect itself), or develop dependance to your magic, as if they possessed the Addictive Casting drawback, except instead of having to make Fortitude saves against addiction whenever they spend a spell point (or do not spend a spell point), they instead must make Fortitude saves whenever they are affected by one of your sphere effects that spends one or more spell points. This dependance may be cured as dependance is cured, the addiction DC resets itself to 10 once more if they are subjected to this feat again.

Cost: +1 spell point. If you possess this feat as a drawback feat, the cost is reduced to 0 as long as it is used with a sphere ability that requires spending 1 or more spell points.

Special: You may only take this feat as a drawback feat if you possess the Addictive Casting drawback.

Hidden Heretic (Drawback)

Prerequisite: Witchmarked drawback.

Benefit: As a full-round action, you may conceal your witchmark for 24 hours without the need for a Disguise check. You may even attempt to use magic without giving away your witchmark, but in order to do so you must attempt a concentration check (DC 20 + 1/2 the caster level). On a failure you may choose to either manifest your witchmark or keep your witchmark hidden but have no magical effect manifest, wasting any time and spell points spent. You may choose to re-manifest your witchmark as a free action.

Instinctual Skittishness (Drawback) [Apoc]

Source: Spheres Apocrypha: Casting Traditions 2

Prerequisites: Coy Caster.

Benefit: You still do not like having others look at you while your casting, but you have enough self control to prevent them from looking. Whenever you use magic that would enable you to hide from creatures currently observing you either by enabling you to make a Stealth check to hide or making you better at hiding if the opportunity to hide already exists, you do not have to make a concentration check to produce the desired effect. This only prevents you from having to make concentration checks caused by your drawback, not concentration checks required from other reasons (like casting defensively).

In addition you receive a +2 circumstance bonus to Stealth checks.

Magic Runes (Drawback) [Apoc]

Source: Spheres Apocrypha: Casting Traditions

Prerequisites: Diagram Magic.

Benefit: You may imbue your diagrams with magic that triggers on a later time.

You can imbue a diagram with a magic sphere effect by spending a spell point (in addition to any spell point costs of the sphere effect itself).

The imbuement effect lasts for 1 hour per magic skill bonus or until activated by a trigger specified by the caster at the time it is created (a diagram can only have one trigger). A diagram is considered as intelligent as its caster in relation to detecting and following its triggers, and can see and hear as well as a humanoid could with regular senses and a bonus to Perception equal to your magic skill bonus. The trigger can be one of many things, but the diagram runs the risk of being deceived if the trigger is too complicated. A diagram knows when it has been read, and this information may be used as part of a trigger.

If the spell effect has a target, the diagram must be large enough to encompass all of the targets’ area before triggering. When activated, the diagram becomes the center point for the effect, and it performs its function, and then the ability ends. A diagram can only hold one magic sphere effect and a creature can only be affected by 1 imbued effect in a round, regardless of the number of diagrams triggered. You can create a hidden imbued diagram by spending an additional full-round action to hide it for every 5 feet it occupies.

A hidden diagram can be seen by effects that detect or sense magic, and is detectable as a magical trap. In order for someone to spot one of your hidden diagrams it requires a Perception Check with a DC equal to 25 + 1/2 your magic skill bonus (minimum 1). Disabling the diagram simply requires disrupting it.

Magical Focus (Drawback)

Prerequisites: Enhancement sphere; Focus Casting drawback or Galvanized drawback.

Benefit: Whenever you enhance your focus or a weapon you are wielding with Galvanized Casting, you may choose to have the effect continue without concentration without spending a spell point. This feat only applies to the spell point spent to relinquish concentration. If another feat, talent, or class feature grants you the ability to spend more spell points when relinquishing concentration to improve the effects, you still need to spend the additional spell points to gain those benefits.

Mystic Choreography (Drawback, Proxy)

Prerequisites: Enhancement sphere; at least one of the Skilled Casting, Somatic Casting, or Verbal Casting drawbacks; Circle Casting, Spell Proxy.

Benefit: Whenever you use a sphere ability, any creature currently under the effects of Create Proxy may take an immediate action to perform one of your required components for you. As long as that creature meets the criteria for the drawback in question, you may ignore it for the purposes of that sphere ability. Regardless of whether or not this attempt is successful, the Create Proxy effect ends immediately.

Pacified Strike (Drawback) [Mana HB]

Prerequisites: Mana sphere, Weapon-bound drawback, caster level 3rd.

Benefit: When making a Manasurge Strike with a (manipulation) talent that targets an ally, you may choose to not deal any damage with the attack. Doing so provides you with a bonus to the attack roll equal to your caster level.

Power of Friendship (Drawback) [Apoc]

Source: Spheres Apocrypha: Casting Traditions

Prerequisites: Emotional Casting.

Benefit: While negative emotions can hinder your casting, positive emotions make you stronger.

When under a magical effect that invokes an emotion (spells with the (emotion) descriptor, or charms such as Inspiration or Hostility), and the source of the effect is an ally, you may choose to roll concentration checks twice and take the higher result.

Powerful Focus (Drawback) [Apoc]

Source: Spheres Apocrypha: Casting Traditions 2

Prerequisites: Mental Focus.

Benefit: You can expend your mental focus as part of casting a sphere effect to increase the saving throw DC by a +1 competence bonus. A sphere effect that does not require a saving throw to resist or lessen the effect cannot be used with this feat.

Prepared Diagram (Drawback) [Apoc]

Source: Spheres Apocrypha: Casting Traditions 2

Prerequisites: Diagram Magic.

Benefit: Choose one sphere of magic. For that sphere of magic you can prepare a reusable, portable diagram on a wearable or holdable items (such as a glove, tattoo, ring, or holy symbol) that you (and only you) can use to cast that sphere of magic without having to make a larger diagram for it beforehand. If the diagram is lost, torn, or disrupted, the caster must create a new diagram by spending 8 hours to jot it down on another re-usable item. You can instead create the portable diagram in a minute by making a concentration check (DC 20 + your magic skill bonus).

When casting spells through your prepared diagram, you receive a +1 competence bonus to saving throw DCs for all abilities from that sphere. The bonus from this feat does not stack with Sphere Focus, but counts as possessing Sphere Focus with the selected sphere for the purpose of meeting prerequisites.

Special: You may select this feat multiple times. Each time you do select another sphere. You may create a separate prepared diagram for that sphere.

Push/Pull Mastery (Drawback)

Prerequisites: Telekinesis sphere (Directional Control drawback).

Benefit: You may use telekinesis to move objects both directly towards you and directly away from you. If you push or pull an object that does not move (for example, a building or the ground/an object pushed into the ground) you may instead apply the movement to yourself, using the stalled momentum of your telekinesis to push or pull yourself in the opposite direction. This means that, as a standard action, you can move yourself at a speed equal to double your telekinesis speed but only towards or away from a stationary object that you can affect with telekinesis (if you end in the air, you do not fall until the end of your next turn). You may grant yourself this ability as a sustained force, gaining a fly speed equal to twice your telekinesis speed, but may only move in a single direction per move action that is toward or away from an appropriate object for telekinesis.

Resistant Veins (Drawback) [Apoc]

Source: Spheres Apocrypha: Casting Traditions 2

Prerequisites: Anemic.

Benefit: Your enhanced blood vessels serves as a source of protection for you, granting you a natural armor of + 1 + 1 for every 5 points magic skill bonus you possess.

Suffer By Proxy (Drawback, Proxy)

Prerequisites: Enhancement sphere, Draining Casting drawback, Circle Casting, Spell Proxy.

Benefit: Whenever you use a sphere ability, you may choose to have a creature under the effects of Create Proxy suffer the nonlethal damage for you. The creature must be within the range of one of your Proxy feats, and must not be immune to nonlethal damage. You cannot choose to split up the nonlethal damage; all of it must be dealt to a single creature.

Terrain Defiler (Drawback)

Prerequisites: Terrain Casting drawback, non-good alignment.

Benefit: Whenever you blight, corrupt, or drain an area of its nutrients with the Terrain Casting drawback, you may choose to increase the radius of the corrupted area by 10 feet + 5 feet per 5 caster levels of the sphere talent or ability used. Doing so decreases the spell point cost of any metamagic feat by 1 (minimum 0), but also increases the time required for the area to naturally recover to 10 years per caster level of the sphere talent or ability used.

Special: You cannot gain this feat if you possess the Terrain Focus feat.

Terrain Focus (Drawback)

Prerequisites: Nature sphere, Terrain Casting drawback.

Benefit: You have learned to draw upon the nutrients in some terrain more easily than others, which powers your primal magics. Choose one of the following terrains: Cold, Desert, Forest, Jungle, Mountain, Plains, Planes (pick one, other than the Material Plane), Swamp, Underground, Urban, or Water. Gain a +2 insight bonus to caster level with the Nature sphere while using magic within the chosen terrain.

Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new terrain. You cannot gain this feat if you possess the Terrain Defiler feat.

Thematic Augmentation (Drawback)

Prerequisite: Magical Signs drawback.

By interweaving illusions with all of your spells you change their sensory manifestation. When you select this feat chose a theme such as weapons, cubes, demons, skulls, or slime. You may change the appearance but not any other effect of any spell or sphere ability you cast to manifest instead as the chosen theme. Spells altered in this way gain a +5 to the Spellcraft DC to identify them and a +1 circumstance bonus against dispelling or counterspell attempts. Illusions you create within your theme gain a +1 competence bonus to their caster level.

This feat can only affect spells that have an obvious auditory or visual manifestation.

Unified Focus (Champion, Drawback) [Apoc]

Source: Spheres Apocrypha: Casting Traditions 2

Prerequisites: Fast Focus, ability to gain martial focus.

Benefits: You can take a standard action to regain both your mental focus and your martial focus.

Wild Casting (Drawback)

Prerequisite: Somatic Casting drawback or Verbal Casting drawback.

Benefit: You may supply somatic and verbal components even when in a form not normally able to do so, such as when subject to a polymorph effect.

Witchwarped (Drawback) [Apoc]

Source: Spheres Apocrypha: Casting Traditions 2

Benefit: You are infused with the traits of something else other than just your being.

You gain the Witchmarked general drawback (even if you are not a spherecaster) unless you already have it, using your Hit Dice as your caster level to determine its effects (if you are not a spherecaster a successful Knowledge (arcana) check successfully identifies the abilities from this feat rather then your spheres and caster level). You do not gain any bonus spell points from possessing the drawback gained exclusively from this feat.

Choose one trait from the Blank Form ability of the Alteration sphere or another trait deemed appropriate to your witchmark by the GM. You may not select a trait that carries an additional spell point cost. You gain that trait as a permanent supernatural ability. This trait only functions while your witchmark traits are not suppressed (such as with the Hidden Heretic feat). Treat your Hit Dice as your caster level for the purposes of this effect.

Special: The trait obtained this way counts towards the number of traits you may possess when under the effects of Blank Form, but is not considered a polymorph effect.

You may only take this feat as a drawback feat if you already possess the Witchmarked drawback from your casting tradition. In which case you still gain the extra spell points (or boon) from the drawback, and substitute your magic skill bonus for your Hit Dice when calculating the abilities of this feat and may use your casting ability modifier for any effects that would require one, such as determining saving throw DCs.

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