Drawback Feats

Drawback feats present a way of taking advantage of a specific drawback in a manner more specific than just gaining extra spell points. At your GM’s option, you may take a drawback feat in place of a boon. An Incanter may select drawback feats as bonus feats.

Addictive Power (Drawback)

Prerequisites: Addictive Casting, access to the Enhancement sphere.

Benefit: Your enhancements satisfy your addiction, to a degree; whenever you spend a spell point to relinquish concentration on an enhancement targeting yourself, the time until you begin suffering penalties extends to the end of the enhancement’s duration. In addition, you gain a +1 bonus to all saving throws while you are suffering the penalties from your addiction.

Battlecry (Drawback)

Prerequisites: Verbal Casting drawback.

Benefit: Whenever you use a sphere ability, you can unleash a powerful battlecry as part of your verbal casting. Until the end of your next turn, you receive a bonus to your intimidate checks equal to half your caster level.

Careful Magic (Drawback)

Prerequisites: Extended Casting, access to the Enhancement sphere.

Benefit: Your slow casting style results in more firmly constructed sphere effects. You add your casting ability score modifier as a bonus to your MSD (minimum +1) for the purposes of countering or dispelling your sphere effects. You may spend an additional spell point when enhancing a creature or object to force any creature attempting to dispel or counter that effect to roll twice and take the worse result.

Magical Focus (Drawback)

Prerequisites: Focus Casting, access to the Enhancement sphere.

Benefits: Whenever you enhance your focus, you may choose to have the effect continue without concentration without spending a spell point. This feat only applies to the spell point spent to relinquish concentration. If another feat, talent, or class feature grants you the ability to spend more spell points when relinquishing concentration to improve the effects, you still need to spend the additional spell points to gain those benefits.

Mystic Choreography (Drawback, Proxy)

See the Proxy section.

Suffer by Proxy (Drawback)

See the Proxy section.

Terrain Defiler (Drawback) [Apoc]

Prerequisites: Non-good alignment, Terrain Casting.

Benefit: Whenever you blight, corrupt, or drain an area of its nutrients with the terrain casting drawback, you may choose to increase the radius of the corrupted area by 10 ft +5 ft per 5 caster levels of the sphere talent or ability used. Doing so decreases the spell point cost of any metamagic feat by 1 (minimum: 0), but also increases the time required for the area to naturally recover to 10 years per caster level of the sphere talent or ability used.

Special: You cannot gain this feat if you possess the Terrain Focus feat.

Terrain Focus (Drawback) [Apoc]

Prerequisites: Nature sphere, Terrain Casting.

Benefit: You have learned to draw upon the nutrients in some terrain more easily than others, which powers your primal magics. Choose one of the following terrains: Cold, Desert, Forest, Jungle, Mountain, Plains, Planes (pick one, other than Material Plane), Swamp, Underground, Urban, or Water. Gain a +2 insight bonus to caster level with the Nature sphere while using magic within the chosen terrain.

Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new terrain. You cannot gain this feat if you possess the Terrain Defiler feat.

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