Dual Sphere Feats

Skilled magicians can learn to combine different fields of magic, allowing them to produce new effects or wield multiple forms of magic simultaneously. While the results are powerful, doing so requires great skill and concentration. Only the effects of one Dual Sphere feat can be applied to any given use of sphere abilities.

Note that the Admixture feats do something similar, but emphasize the use of the Destructive Blast power of the Destruction sphere. If your character is particularly combat-focused, you may find that section useful. You may also wish to check out Spellcrafting, which allows for more complex and creative mixes.

Aurora (Dual Sphere)

Prerequisites: Light sphere, Weather sphere.

Benefit: When you use control weather, you may also choose to increase the light level by one step in the same area, up to a maximum of normal light. At 10th caster level, you may increase the light level by an additional step. Areas of magical darkness in range of this effect are unaffected, their light levels remaining unchanged.

Beam Propulsion (Dual Sphere)

Prerequisites: Light sphere, Telekinesis sphere.

Benefit: By amplifying and focusing the tiny pressure exerted by light with your powers of telekinesis, you can move a target with the force of light alone. When you cause a target to glow, you may increase the casting time by one step to also lift it with your telekinesis as part of the same action. You may also concentrate to maintain concentration on the bright light of your glow and your telekinesis with a single action, though this increases the action needed to maintain concentration by one step (usually from a standard action to a full-round action).

Bioluminescent Transformation (Dual Sphere)

Prerequisites: Alteration sphere, Light sphere.

Benefit: When you shapeshift a target, you may also cause that target to glow. In addition you may maintain concentration on the shapeshift and the bright light of the glow with a single action. If you apply a (light) talent to a glow created and maintained this way, it counts against the number of traits you may grant with your shapeshift.

Black Totem (Dual Sphere)

Prerequisites: Dark sphere, War sphere.

Benefit: When you create a totem, you may spend a spell point to add the effects of a darkness ability you have to it. If you do, the entire area of your totem is a darkness, and your melds work within this totem as if they were within any other darkness that you created.

Defensive Vigilance (Dual Sphere)

Prerequisites: Protection sphere, War sphere.

Benefit: While an ally is within the area of one of your wards, you may rally that ally. When you rally an ally who has an aegis you created attached to them, you may sacrifice an aegis to reduce the spell point cost of the rally by 1 spell point.

Destructive Radiance (Dual Sphere)

Prerequisites: Destruction sphere, Light sphere.

Benefit: Whenever you use your destructive blast, you can choose to have it take on the properties of light. A destructive blast modified in this way no longer requires line of effect to its targets, but is blocked by factors that affect normal sight (such as concealment). For example, you could fire your destructive blast through a glass window or a barrier, but it would be blocked by opaque walls, fog or darkness.

Enhanced Creation (Dual Sphere)

Prerequisites: Creation sphere, Enhancement sphere.

Benefit: When using create to create an object you may enhance the object with one enhancement you possess as part of the same action. You may concentrate on maintaining the enhancement and the creation as part of the same action.

Any enhancement that would increase attack or damage also increases the attack roll and damage roll of the object if dropped on a target. If you possess Divided Creation you can only enhance one object created, unless you also possess Mass Enhancement, in which case you may target every object created regardless of your usual limits.

Enhanced Vigilance (Dual Sphere)

Prerequisites: Enhancement sphere, War sphere.

Benefit: While an ally is under the effect of one of your enhancements, you may rally that ally. The ally must be the target of the enhancement, not an object they are carrying or wielding.

Enhancing Telekinesis

Prerequisites: Enhancement Sphere, Telekinesis Sphere

Benefit: When you lift an object with your telekinesis, as part of the same action you may enhance it with one enhancement you possess. You may concentrate on lifting and enhancing the item with a single action. Only a single object can benefit from this combination, even if you can enhance or lift more than one at a time.

Exceptional Ally

Prerequisites: Access to the Conjuration sphere, at least one (enhance) talent.

Benefit: Whenever you summon a companion, you may spend one spell point to enhance them as part of the same standard action. If you do so, the enhancement lasts for the full duration of the summoning effect.

Floating Creation (Dual Sphere)

Prerequisites: Creation sphere, Enhancement sphere, lighten

Benefit: When you create an object, you can make it weightless.

If your floating creation is a 5 ft. cube of solid matter as hard as stone or harder, each floating cube can support approximately 1,000 pounds of weight. Lighter materials can only support half as much weight, and some materials may not be able to support any, at the GM’s discretion.

Forceful Creation (Dual Sphere)

Prerequisites: Creation sphere, Telekinesis sphere.

Benefit: When you create an object, as long as you maintain concentration you may initiate and maintain the sustained force or bludgeon Telekinesis abilities as part of creating the object, so long as the object is within the normal limitations of those abilities. Additionally, if you possess Lengthened Creation, by spending a spell point to maintain the item without concentration for 1 hour per caster level, you may choose to maintain sustained force on the object for the same duration without spending an additional spell point.

Hard Light (Dual Sphere)

Prerequisites: Creation sphere, Light sphere.

Benefit: When you create an object, you may make it out of hardened light instead of matter. Objects you create this way naturally shine, shedding bright light as if by your glow effect. Otherwise, an object created out of hardened light has the properties of any one material you can normally create, except that it has half its normal weight.

Illuminated Vigilance (Dual Sphere)

Prerequisites: Light Sphere, War sphere.

Benefit: While an ally is within 30 ft. of any object that you have caused to glow, you may rally them.

Invigorating Rally (Dual Sphere)

Prerequisites: Life sphere, War sphere.

Benefit: Whenever you rally an ally, you may also invigorate them.

Luminous Flame (Dual Sphere) [Apoc]

Prerequisites: Light sphere, Nature sphere (fire geomancing).

Benefit: Whenever you use the create fire geomancing ability, you may also cause the fire to glow. In addition, you may maintain concentration of any fire geomancy and the bright light of the glow with a single action.

Sanctified Vigilance (Dual Sphere)

Prerequisites: Fate sphere, War sphere, at least one (rally) talent.

Benefit: You may use rallies on allies within the area of your consecrations even if you do not share a mandate with them and they are not within range of one of your totems.

Tribal Mark (Dual Sphere)

Prerequisites: Enhancement sphere, War sphere.

Benefit: You may use your enhance sphere ability to create enhancements that duplicate the effect of being within totems. The tribal mark works as an enhancement, using your Enhancement caster level. If used on a creature, the creature is treated as if being within the totem that is the basis for the enhancement. If used on an object, then any creature carrying the object is affected as if they were the target of the enhancement their self. Only the creature enhanced or carrying the enhanced object is considered inside the totem for effects that require another ally or an enemy to also be within the totem. The enhancement can not be used to rally.

Vampiric Disruption (Dual Sphere)

Prerequisites: Death sphere, Disruption.

Benefit: Upon successfully using your disruption ability, you may use a swift action to use a Life sphere ability.

Wound Manipulator (Dual Sphere)

Prerequisites: Alteration sphere, Life sphere.

Benefit: When you shapeshift a creature, you may spend a spell point as a free action to allow them to regain one hit point for every Hit Die they possess. If you possess the Greater Healing talent, they regain an additional hit point per Hit Die for each time you taken that talent. This healing is not positive energy.

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