Eldritch Jailer (Pactmaker Archetype)

Occult Effigy (Su): An eldritch jailer possesses a ritualistic effigy that houses a terrible, otherworldly being. This effigy can be any object that can be held in one hand and weighs 1 lb. or less. An eldritch jailer’s effigy houses an extradimensional space that contains an eidolon, using the eldritch jailer’s pactmaker level as her effective summoner level.

Unlike a summoner’s eidolon, an eldritch jailer’s eidolon actively struggles against her command and as a result, it must be handled using Handle Animal skill checks as though it were a trained animal. In order to command her eidolon, an eldritch jailer inscribes runes onto her occult effigy that represent an animal trick. Doing so requires 1 week of work and at the end of the week the eldritch jailer must succeed on a Spellcraft skill check to complete the rune. The DC for this check is equal to the Handle Animal DC to teach the trick to an animal. An eldritch jailer begins play with her eldritch totem inscribed with all of the tricks associated with one general purpose of the eldritch jailer’s choice, such as fighting or riding. In addition to these free tricks, an occult effigy can be scribed with three tricks plus one additional trick per three levels the eldritch jailer possesses.

An eldritch jailer must hold her occult effigy in order to command her eidolon. If the occult effigy is destroyed, the eidolon disappears and cannot be summoned again until the occult effigy is replaced, which costs 200 gp per HD of the eidolon and requires 1 week of work.

This ability replaces the pactmaker’s 1st-level binder secret and pact augmentation.

Diminished Binding: When an eldritch jailer seals a pact with a spirit, she doesn’t gain any granted abilities that her bound spirit would normally exchange for its vestigial bond ability. In addition, an eldritch jailer can never gain a vestigial bond ability from a spirit that she seals a pact with.

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