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An electrokinetic gains the Destruction sphere, the Telekinesis sphere, and the Electric Blast Destruction talent as bonus magic talents, but also gains the Energy Focus (electric blast) and Limited Telekinesis (metal objects) drawbacks without gaining bonus talents from them. If the electrokinetic already possesses the Destruction sphere or the Telekinesis sphere, he does not gain those spheres but also does not gain their connected drawbacks. If he already possesses the Electric Blast talent, he gains one free Destruction talent of his choice.

The electrokinetic uses his class level as his caster level when using a destructive blast with an electric type blast type, and when using telekinesis on metal objects.

This ability replaces weave energy.

Electrokinetic Stunts

An electrokinetic can select electrokinetic stunts for which he qualifies in place of elementalist bonus feats. All stunts are supernatural abilities. Unless otherwise specified an electrokinetic may only select any given electrokinetic stunt once.

Bioelectric Manipulation (Su)

The electrokinetic may treat living creatures as metal objects for the purposes of his telekinesis and electrokinetic stunts.

Electric Charge (Sp)

When the electrokinetic uses his telekinesis to attack a target with a metal Bludgeon, he may spend a swift action to affect that target as if they had also been struck by his destructive blast, including any (blast type) talents, additional talents and spell points that he applies to it. This destructive blast must deal electricity damage, and cannot have a (blast shape) talent applied to it.

Electroreception (Su)

The electrokinetic can sense electricity around him, including bioelectricity. He gains blindsense 60 feet, except he can only sense sources of electricity and living creatures, and do not require line of effect to sense these things with his blindsense.

Electrotherapy (Su)

By modulating the electricity always coursing through the electrokinetic, he can heal himself faster. His natural healing rate for hit points and ability score damage doubles, and he also doubles any healing from the treat deadly wounds and long term care uses of the Heal skill. In addition, after a night of rest he may remove a single point of ability drain from one ability score, or two points after a day of complete bedrest.

Lastly, whenever he would take ability damage or ability drain, reduce the damage by 1 (minimum 0).

Horizon (Su)

The electrokinetic learns to stretch the limits of his electrokinetic power, reaching further with it. When he uses a destructive blast that deals electricity damage (or sonic damage if he possesses the thunderclap class feature) or he uses telekinesis on a metal object, increase the range of the effect by one step (close to medium, medium to long). This stunt cannot extend the range of these effects beyond long range.

This may be taken multiple times.

Lightning Circuit (Su)

Once per round when the electrokinetic would resist electricity damage with elemental defense he may redirect the electric charge as a ray, firing it back at its source as a ranged touch attack with a range equal to his destructive blast range. If the ray hits it deals damage equal to the damage resisted by elemental defense.

Particle Blade (Sp)

As a swift action the electrokinetic can form a sharp, flexible weapon out of dust, sand and grit, drawing out metallic particles and accumulating others with static. This particle blade is either a light melee weapon or two handed melee weapon, chosen when he forms it. It deals slashing damage equal to 1d6 per odd electrokinetic level.

The particle blade immediately dissipates if removed from his hand.

Wall Bind (Sp)

As a standard action, the electrokinetic can pass a looping electric current through an object or creature that binds it to a surface. This effect has the same range as his telekinesis and suffers the same size restriction, and the target must be touching a wall or floor. The target must succeed at a Reflex save (DC 10 + 1/2 his electrokinetic level + his casting ability modifier) or become entangled and anchored in place for a number of rounds equal to his casting ability modifier (minimum 1). An entangled creature can attempt to move by attempting a Strength or Escape Artist check equal to the Reflex DC at the beginning of their turn. On a success they can move for that turn, but remain entangled so long as they remain in contact with a wall or floor.

Favored Element (Su)

An electrokinetic must select electricity as his favored element at 3rd level. At 9th and 15th level his bonus damage increases as normal, but he does not get to select additional elements.

This ability alters favored element.

Elemental Defense (Su)

At 5th level, the electrokinetic gains resistance 10 to electricity and sonic. At 11th level, this resistance increases to 15. At 17th level, this resistance increases to 20. When he gains elemental body at level 20, this resistance increases to 25.

This ability alters elemental defense.

Thunderbolt Wings (Su)

At 7th level, an electrokinetic gains a 20 feet fly speed with average maneuverability. At levels 13 and 19, the electrokinetic’s fly speed increases by 20 feet and his maneuverability improves by one step.

This ability replaces elemental movement.


At 9th level electrokinetic gains Thunder Blast as a bonus magic talent, and may use his class level as his caster level when making destructive blasts that deal sonic damage.

An electrokinetic with the Energy Focus (electric blast) drawback may make destructive blasts that deal either electricity or sonic damage.

New Feats

Extra Electrokinetic Stunt

Prerequisite: Electrokinetic stunt class feature.

Benefit: You gain an additional electrokinetic stunt for which you qualify. You may take this feat multiple times. The effects stack

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