The following are new elements that Kineticists can choose from. For more information about their various blasts and talents, see the pages for Simple Blasts, Composite Blasts, Elemental Defenses, Infusion Wild Talents, and Utility Wild Talents. You may also want to check out the Kineticist Feats page.


One of the newer manifestations of power seen from kineticists, some see photokineticists as heavenly messengers, carrying the light of their god from on high. This of course isn’t always the case, as photokineticists are more often than not tricksters, their powers focusing on deception and other such tricks. Able to bend light to their whims, they more often than not end up tricking their opponents with an array of various illusions and such, making for very frustrating opponents on the field of battle.

Photokineticists tend to be more secretive than others, revealing as little as possible about themselves. To a photokineticist, the chance to create a new illusion even more convincing than their last is often motivation enough to continue adventuring, enjoying the challenge of honing their abilities.

Class Skills: A photokineticist adds Disguise and Knowledge (nature) to their list of class skills

Basic Manipulation: A photokineticist gains basic photokinesis.

Simple Blast: A photokineticist gains light blast as a simple blast wild talent. They can use all infusions listed below with light blast and its composites.

Defense: A photokineticist’s defensive wild talent is illusory duplicates.

Wild Talents:

  • 1st-basic photokinesis, dazzling infusion*, deceptive image, illuminating infusion*, phantom image, pushing infusion*, traceless light
  • 2nd-beacon infusion*, blinding flare, eyes of light
  • 3rd-daybreak infusion*, eruption*, explosive illusions, optical camouflage
  • 4th-additional illusion, flash infusion*, hard light illusions
  • 5th-blinding flare (greater), intelligent illusion, light speed travel, obfuscating infusion*
  • 6th-brilliant infusion*, explosive illusions (greater), visual hallucination
  • 7th-explosion*, optical camouflage (greater), overload infusion*
  • 9th-photo doppelganger

*Indicates an infusion wild talent.


The kineticist as described in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Occult Adventures deals primarily with manipulating the physical world, whether with matter or energy, drawing upon the classical Platonic elements of air, earth, fire, and water, alongside the mysterious transelemental aether. A range of 3rd-party products, however, have explored many alternate elements for kineticists to use, retaining the basic structure and mechanics of the class but creating entirely different specializations depending on which element is favored by the kineticist in question. Legendary Kineticists introduces a very different type of kineticist, one whose mastery of manipulation resides in the realm of the mind, wielding psychic power as a crushing hammer or a surgeon’s scalpel to master her foes.

While some kineticists use their mind to bring elements into being, a neurokineticist controls the basics of psychic energy itself, holding power over the minds of others. Able to misdirect, control, and destroy the minds of those who stand against them, neurokineticists are among the most stealthy of their kind, as their powers are far more subtle than those of others. This however only serves to make them more dangerous, as the puppets of a neurokinecist can be anywhere, their influence felt by all those who come into contact with their mentally altered allies and foes. Those who cross a neurokineticist will come to regret that decision, if they are even capable of remembering it.

Class Skills: A neurokineticist adds knowledge (history) and Sense Motive to their list of class skills.

Basic Manipulation: A neurokineticist gains basic neurokinesis.

Basic Blast: A neurokineticist gains the mental blast as a simple blast wild talent.

Defense: A neurokineticist’s defense is Numbness.

Wild Talents: All mind wild talents are mind-affecting effects unless otherwise stated.

  • 1st - basic neurokinesis, amnesia infusion†, aphasia infusion†, dizzying infusion†, doubting infusion†, esoteric knowledge, expanded telepathy, kinetic healerOA, mindlink, predicted maneuvers, psychic persuasion, reifying infusion†, smooth negotiator, stimulated intellect
  • 2nd - all in your head, blinded mind’s eye, cupid infusion†, cerebral manipulation, combat traitor, eclectic knowledge, flash of amnesia, mind reader, overtaxing infusion†, perfect disguise, psychic duelist, spellbane infusion†, thought shield, wrathful infusion†
  • 3rd - accelerated cognition, habitual liar, haphephobia, additional allies, empathetic surge†, hivemind, implant dream, improved wrathful infusion†, mania/phobia, mesmerizing suggestion, no filter, paranoia infusion†, piercing thoughts, scrambling infusion†, spellthief, stumbling infusion†, synaptic infusion†
  • 4th - disabling infusion†, enduring control, improved hivemind, improved mind reader, improved smooth negotiator, mental erasure, mind’s eye, pacifying infusion†, passive telepuppet, psychic connection†, psychosomatic malady
  • 5th - flood psyche, hypochondria, improved empathetic surge†, improved cerebral manipulation, improved implant dream, improved mesmerizing suggestion, improved spellthief, lock up infusion†, mindscape architect, psychic network, stupefying infusion†, unraveling infusion†
  • 6th - active telepuppet, gorgon gaze†, greater hivemind, improved mind’s eye, psychic enslavement, psychological healing, sleepwalker, slumber infusion†, suffocateOA
  • 7th - greater empathetic surge†, greater mesmerizing suggestion, improved stupefying infusion†, improved synaptic infusion†, mind break, psychic hotline, psychosomatic calamity, psycho crusher, spell deflection
  • 8th - dominating infusion†, grant sentience, improved psychic connection†, improved mindscape architect, mind over matter, true amnesia
  • 9th - eternal domination, greater cerebral manipulation, lobotomizing infusion†

See Also: The Neurokineticist page has all of the talents for this unique elemental choice

Infusion wild talents are marked with a dagger (†); all other wild talents listed above are utility wild talents.


The arrival of a vibrokineticist is cause for celebration to the masses, on par with a bard in terms of importance. Of the most social kineticists, a vibrokinetcist brings with them good cheer more often than not with at least a passing knowledge of where they’re visiting. More nomadic than other kineticists, vibrokineticists are also some of the sneakier despite their loud abilities, using their talents to pass along secret messages amid their assaults and pass unnoticed where others would draw attention. The strongest of their ilk are aware of how to manipulate others however they wish, making them dangerous enemies to have.

The heart of a vibrokineticist always desires an audience though, and rarely will one travel alone for long. Even loners who develop such powers find themselves seeking company, wanting to perform for others and perfect their craft, no matter how they must go about this.

Class Skills: A vibrokineticist adds Diplomacy and Knowledge (local) to their list of class skills.

Basic Manipulation: A vibrokineticist gains basic vibrokinesis.

Simple Blast: A vibrokineticist can select either sonic blast or vibration blast as their simple blast. They gain one of them when they first select sound, and must select sound again with expanded element to gain the other. A vibrokineticist can use all infusions listed below with sonic blast, vibration blast, and their composites.

Defense: A vibrokineticist’s defense is victorious aria.

Wild Talents:

  • 1st-attuning infusion*, basic vibrokinesis, charming tone, distant voice, kinetic healer, pushing infusion*, ringing infusion*, sound’s intensity, thundering infusion*
  • 2nd-absolute silence, bowling infusion*, deafening burst, sickening infusion*
  • 3rd-cacophonous infusion*, inspiration amp, shatter, slumbering serenade, torrent*
  • 4th-charming tone (greater), cyclone*, deafening burst (greater), disorientating infusion*
  • 5th-auditory hallucination, echolocation, *lingering infusion
  • 6th-inspiration amp (greater), destabilizing infusion*
  • 7th-cloud*, echolocation (greater), overload infusion*
  • 9th-sound chamber

*Indicates an infusion wild talent.


The practice of toxikinesis is often considered in the same league as witchcraft, as the most well-known of toxikineticists reside among the drow. Some believe that these abilities were a gift to the drow from the New Gods, sealing a deal between the two. Others believe they were leaked into the populace by the Elemental Lords as a way to cleanse the population by infecting it with virulent toxins. Most would rather not see powers like this even exist, and their practitioners know well enough to avoid announcing their abilities unless they are willing to fight.

Toxikineticists tend to be more quiet and withdrawn individuals, more patient than most. Like a coiled snake, they can wait weeks to let a plan come together, although they strike as quick as a serpent once the opportunity presents itself. While some toxikineticists work to heal the wounds left by poison, most wield their talents like a weapon, comfortable in their own strength. It is said “no one who crosses a toxikineticist will die a painless death.”

Class Skills: A toxikineticist adds Knowledge (nature) and Sleight of Hand to their list of class skills.

Basic Manipulation: A toxikineticist gains basic toxikinesis.

Simple Blast: A toxikineticist gains acid blast as a simple blast wild talent. They can use all infusions listed below with acid blast and its composites. A toxikineticist can use burning infusion with acid blast and its composites, although it deals acid damage and provides a +2 bonus to any poison kinetic blast, being able to be ended as though the target was on fire.

Defense: A toxikineticist’s defense is Corrosive Miasma.

Wild Talents:

  • 1st-basic toxikinesis, burning infusion*, laced infusion*, master poisoner, painful infusion*, poison healer
  • 2nd-biological toxin, melting infusion*, poison’s sting, sickening infusion*
  • 3rd-neutralizing infusion* poison amplification, poison conversion, torrent*
  • 4th-acid fog, atrophy infusion*, poison immunity, spray*, toxic infusion*
  • 5th-haze of acid, lingering infusion*, psychotropic infusion*, venom vector
  • 6th-biological toxin (greater), deadly vapors, decaying infusion*, destabilizing infusion*
  • 7th-cloud*, elemental eater, overload infusion*, venom vector (greater), toxic infusion (greater)*
  • 8th-paralyzing infusion*
  • 9th-eternal atrophy

* Indicates an infusion wild talent


The least understood of the newer kineticist manifestations, chronokineticists are an enigmatic group that would rather listen than speak if given the chance. Seekers of knowledge, it’s not uncommon to find one patiently listening to a story without saying a single word, simply happy to be learning something new. At times it feels as though a chronokineticist doesn’t understand their powers, simply accepting their gifts with a taciturn grace about them, and are the most likely to be assumed not to even be a kineticist at all.

Knowledge is the ultimate reason for a chronokineticist to travel, more aware of the flow of time than others and how it impacts the world around them. What a chronokineticist does with that knowledge is their decision, knowing that the future is theirs to alter as they see fit.

Class Skills: A chronokineticist adds Appraise and Knowledge (history) to their list of class skills.

Basic Manipulation: A chronokineticist gains basic chronokinesis.

Simple Blast: A chronokineticist gains chrono blast as a simple blast wild talent. They can use all infusions listed below with chrono blast and its composites.

Defense: A chronokineticist’s defense is distorted stream.

Wild Talents:

  • 1st-basis chronokinesis, distorted timeline, future glimpse, hindering infusion*, lagging infusion*
  • 2nd-regressive healing, suspended impact*, temporal preparation, time’s echo
  • 3rd-celerity, decelerate, diverging infusion*
  • 4th-immobilizing infusion*, time thief
  • 5th-dazing infusion*, grim future, mutable future, time skip
  • 6th-chronological defiance, decaying infusion*, temporal interruption
  • 7th-overload infusion*, past recollection, time thief (great)
  • 8th-displacing infusion*
  • 9th-grand intercession

*Indicates an infusion wild talent


Said to have been the first ‘artificial’ element, practitioners of corpokinesis are considered aberrations among even their fellow kineticists. Their ability to alter both themselves and others is considered ‘unclean’ by most, having far more of a visceral nature than most. With even the nature of their origin being suspect, most corpokineticists hide their talents to avoid persecution, leading to even less knowledge on their abilities. Tales of brutal corpokineticists devouring others and experimenting on still living subjects paints most people’s perceptions of them.

Corpokineticists themselves seem to be people of extremes, either adamantly hiding their abilities or reveling in the stories that paint them as black hearted monsters. A common trend among corpokineticists is an exceptional vanity, even when such vanity is based solely on frightening others. They are known to take great pride in just how their powers manifest, doing their best to either make these changes as subtle or as graphic as possible. In this way, they have earned the nickname of “beauty and the beast” kineticists.

Class Skills: A corpokineticist adds Disguise and Knowledge (dungeoneering) to their list of class skills.

Basic Manipulation: A corpokineticist gains basic corpokinesis.

Simple Blast: A corpokineticist gains bone blast as a simple blast wild talent. They can use all infusions listed below with bone blast and its composites. A corpokineticist’s substance infusions with the viscera element do not affect undead or constructs unless they specifically state that they do. A corpokineticist’s foe throw form infusion may only be used with bone blast and affects corporeal undead, and their pushing infusion can affect undead and constructs. If an infusion can affect a corporeal undead, it can also affect an incorporeal undead if incorporeal infusion is applied to the blast.

Defense: A corpokinecist’s defense is Reactive Skin.

Wild Talents:

  • 1st-basic corpokinesis, bloody infusion*, bone blades, emerging form, kinetic healer, petrified innards, pushing infusion*, shivering infusion*, unnatural evolution
  • 2nd-benign cyst, body’s corruption, flesh servant, sickening infusion*, weakening infusion*
  • 3rd-bone armor, bone spikes, foe throw*, impale*, mutable visage
  • 4th-atrophy infusion*, skin slough, unnatural evolution (improved)
  • 5th-bone feast, explosive evolution, malignant cyst, self-destructive infusion*
  • 6th-decaying infusion*, flesh mask, kinetic regeneration, leech infusion*, preserved flesh
  • 7th-fragmentation*, roiling flesh, unnatural evolution (greater)
  • 8th-kinetic purification
  • 9th-eviscerating infusion*, eternal atrophy

* Indicates an infusion wild talent

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