Empathetic Device (Henshin Hero)

Wiki Note: This archetype can be taken by both the Henshin Hero and the Magical Girl.

Not all transformation trinkets are simply magical baubles, some possess a spark of intelligence. These trinkets grow in power with their wielder, becoming potent allies — so long as their goals align.

Transformation Trinket (Su): The parent class’s transformation trinket is an intelligent item, with all of the benefits that that entails. It has its own actions that it may take and has control of any item powers it possesses. A transformation trinket acts on its wielder’s initiative unless it delays or readies an action. A henshin hero or magical girl does not gain the ability to enchant their transformation trinket without some other ability that allows them to do so (such as the arcane tinkerer hero power). However at each level the transformation trinket gains a number of intelligent item powers with a total GP value equal to its level in its parent class x 500gp. The transformation trinket may change these powers each time its wielder gains a level, even combining the GP values from previous levels, so long as it does not exceed the total gp value from all of its levels. The trinket’s mental ability scores, as well as its base ego is given on the table below, these are the trinket’s scores before any other modification, such as increased ego from intelligent item special abilities. If the transformation trinket is destroyed then the parent class takes 2 points of Charisma drain, this drain cannot be restored by any means until the parent class takes a level in a new class or repairs their transformation trinket.

Transformation (Su): This ability functions as normal, however the transformation trinket must spend a standard action to transform the parent class, instead of the parent class.

Tension (Su): The parent class does not accrue tension normally, instead their trinket may, once per round, as a standard action, grant the parent class a point of tension as normal. At 5th level and every 5 levels thereafter, the trinket may choose to accrue tension as a type of action one step faster than normal (standard to move, move to swift, swift to a free action, once per round). When the parent class reduces a target to 0 or fewer hit points the transformation trinket may grant the parent class an amount of tension equal to 1/4 the creature’s HD as an immediate action. The transformation trinket may even begin to accrue tension while the parent class isn’t transformed, the parent class may only accrue a single point of tension in this manner; at 5th level and every 5 levels thereafter this limit increases by 1. When transformed the maximum size of the parent class’s tension pool is equal to 1+ their level, this includes the tension they may accrue outside of their transformation.

Finishing Move (Su): The parent class may use their finishing move, even while not transformed, expanding points of tension to use their normal finishing move powers, as well as their signature move motif power.

Table: Transformation Trinket Ability Scores
Class Level Cha Wis/Int Ego
1st–2nd 10 7 3
3rd–4th 11 7 5
5th–6th 12 8 8
7th–8th 13 9 10
9th–10th 14 10 12
11th–12th 15 11 14
13th–14th 16 12 16
15th–16th 17 13 18
17th–18th 18 14 22
19th–20th 19 15 24
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