Essentialist (Alchemist Archetype)
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While other alchemists dabble with explosive concoctions, the essentialist extracts the most potent biological elements from flora and fauna to create elixirs that heal and nourish the living body. More than healing, the medicines the essentialist creates enhances the body, bringing out the true strength of the subject. Many essentialists have stated that consuming an essence reveals the real you, and the rest of the time you are but a shadow of yourself.

This archetype requires sphere alchemist.

Elements of Life

At 1st level, the essentialist gains the Life sphere, as well as the Medicinal drawback, gaining the Instill Life talent as normal. If he already possesses the Life sphere, he gains the Instill Life talent without the drawback. When the essentialist uses a Life sphere ability with the Instill Life talent, he may use his class level as his caster level. This stacks normally with caster levels gained from other sources.

This replaces throw anything.


When the essentialist imbues a consumable using his Instill Life talent, he may further imbue it with a powerful magic that brings out the inner power of those who consume it. Imbuing essence is a free action, but it can only be imbued into a consumable that has had a Life sphere ability placed into it by the essentialist. He may do this a number of times per day equal to his class level + his casting ability modifier. When the consumable is consumed, the imbiber receives the effects of both the Life sphere ability and the essence.

The imbiber of an essence experiences a brief sense of euphoria as it takes effect. The essence acts to magnify the life force of the imbiber; whatever strengths they have are enhanced.

The imbiber receives a +2 alchemical bonus to their highest natural, unaltered ability score (they may choose if they have multiple scores tied for highest). This bonus increases by +1 for every 4 class levels the essentialist has, up to a maximum of +7 at 20th level.

The effects of the essence last for 1 minute per class level of the essentialist. Each also provides sufficient nutrition to sustain a person for 1 day. If the essentialist has any ability that gives him extra bombs, it gives him extra essences instead.

This replaces bombs.

Mutated Essence

Once per day, the essentialist may produce an essence that is mutated. It takes 1 hour to prepare a mutated essence, and once made, it remains potent until the essentialist regains his essences. A mutated essence counts towards the essentialist’s daily limit on the number of essences he can create.

A mutated essence can only be used by the essentialist that created it. Anyone else who drinks a mutated essence must succeed at a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 the essentialist’s level + his casting ability modifier) or become nauseated for 1 hour. They receive no benefit from the essence.

When an essentialist imbibes the mutated essence himself, he may choose which attribute is increased, and the bonus is increased by +2. He may still only gain an attribute bonus from only one essence at a time; taking another essence disables the mutated essence. In addition, while under the effects of the mutated essence, he gains a +2 natural armor bonus. The essentialist does not suffer any attribute penalties for taking his mutated essence.

At 14th level, the effects of the mutated essence last 10 minutes per class level.

This alters mutagen and persistent mutagen. The essentialist may apply discoveries that modify mutagens to his mutated essence, except for those discoveries that change the nature of the mutagen’s attribute bonuses.

Alchemical Discoveries

The essentialist may not choose discoveries that modify bombs, but may choose any other discovery. The essentialist gains exclusive access to the following discoveries:

Additional Essences

The essentialist gains an additional 2 uses of essence per day. He may take this discovery multiple times.

Clean Living (requires poison resistance or poison immunity)

The essentialist’s poison resistance and poison immunity class features also apply to disease, both magical and non-magical.

Cleansing Formula (requires essentialist 8)

In addition to giving an alchemical bonus to the highest attribute, the essentialist’s essence gives a +2 alchemical bonus to the creature’s lowest attribute. This does not affect a mutated essence.

Delicious (requires Life sphere)

The essentialist’s extracts smell and taste delicious. Whenever one of the essentialist’s essences is used, the person drinking is subject to his invigorate ability from the Life sphere.

Essential Injection

The essentialist can imbue liquids that can be absorbed into the skin by using his Imbue Life ability. The imbued liquid can then be soaked into a sponge or absorbent cloth and worn beneath the clothing. The wearer can activate it with a simple push in the right spot. When the essentialist imbues this way, he can not imbue a potion or other special substance. Imbuing this way costs an additional spell point, and can be activated as a swift action by the wearer (someone else trying to activate it must use a standard action).

Greater Mutated Essence (requires essentialist 12)

The essentialist’s mutated essence now grants a +4 natural armor bonus, and it grants a +4 alchemical bonus to a second attribute of his choice.

Grand Mutated Essence (requires essentialist 16, greater mutated essence)

The essentialist’s mutated essence now grants a +6 natural armor bonus, and it grants a +6 alchemical bonus to a second attribute of his choice and a +4 alchemical bonus to a third attribute of his choice.

Poisonous Root

The essentialist can use natural ingredients to make poisons. As a standard action, he may expend an essence to create an injury poison. This poison requires a Fortitude save equal to 10 + 1/2 the essentialist’s class level + his casting ability modifier, and it has a frequency of once per round for 5 rounds. On a failed save, the afflicted takes 1 point of Constitution damage, +1 additional point every 4 levels after the first to a maximum of 5 points at 17th level. The poison loses potency 24 hours after creation, but can be renewed for another 24 hours by spending another essence as a standard action. In addition, when he crafts a poison, he may expend one essence to lower the raw material cost of a poison by 25 gp, +5 gp for every class level he possesses (minimum 0 gp). Poisons created this way lose their effectiveness in 24 hours.

Positive Essence (requires essentialist 10)

While under the effects of an essence or mutagen, the subject gains a +4 alchemical bonus on saves against all death spells, Death sphere abilities, channeled negative energy, and other magical death effects. The subject is granted a save to negate such effects even if one is not normally allowed. This does not protect against other sorts of attacks, even if those attacks might be lethal.

Purifying Essence (requires essentialist 10)

While under the powerful antibiotic and cleansing effects of the essentialist’s essence or mutagen, the subject ignores all penalties, ability damage and ability drain caused by poison or disease, and gains a +4 alchemical bonus on saving throws to overcome any it may currently suffer. Furthermore, it is rendered immune to any new poisons or diseases, as well as the sickened condition.

Soothing Essence

The mild painkilling effects of the essentialist’s essence or mutagen grants the drinker a +2 alchemical bonus to his natural armor. This stacks with the bonus given by mutated essence.

Stimulating Essence

While under the effects of the essentialist’s essence or mutagen, the subject receives a +10 feet alchemical bonus to speed.

Toxic Exhalation

As a standard action, the essentialist may spend an essence to release a blast of poisonous gas from his mouth. The resulting blast affects all creatures in a 30-foot cone or a 60-foot line, and does 1d6 damage for per two class levels, rounded up. Those within the blast must attempt a Reflex save vs. a DC of 10 + 1/2 the essentialist’s class level + his casting ability modifier, those who succeed take only half damage. Those who fail also take 1 point of ability damage to an attribute of the essentialist’s choice. This damage increases by +1 for every 4 class levels after the first that the essentialist has, to a maximum of 5 points at 17th level. This is a supernatural ability.

Transforming Essence (requires Alteration sphere)

The essentialist may place Alteration sphere shapeshifts into consumables as if they were Life sphere abilities using his Instill Life talent. He must spend a spell point to make the shapeshift last without concentration, but once consumed, the shapeshift has the same duration as if he had cast it directly. If he took a drawback that limits what his shapeshifts can affect (such as Lycanthropy), those limitations still apply to a shapeshift imbued into a consumable. Any choices made about the nature of the shapeshift must be made at the time of imbuing. He may imbue the consumable with essence as if it contained a Life sphere ability.

When the essentialist uses an Alteration sphere this way, he may use his class level as his caster level. This stacks normally with caster levels gained from other sources.

True Mutated Essence (requires grand discovery, grand mutated essence)

The essentialist’s mutated essence now grants a +8 natural armor bonus, and 3 attributes of his choice benefit from the bonus from his essence.

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