Evoker Minstrel (Bard Archetype)

Bards are well known to blend martial skill with arcane talents. The evoker minstrel brings some of skills gleaned from the newly-discovered kineticists to the table, as well. Though their elemental manipulation is far more limited, it is enough to allow them some extra knowledge most bards haven’t access to.

Mindful Musician: An evoker minstrel uses their Intelligence modifier in place of their Charisma to determine what spells they can learn and cast, as well as spells per day, DCs, and any effects of spells they cast from the bard spell list. They also receive 4 skill ranks plus their Intelligence modifier when gaining a level.

This ability alters the bard’s skill ranks per level and key ability score.

Mystic Knowledge: At 1st level, the evoker minstrel gains the cantikinesis and improved cantikinesis kineticist wild talents, treating their evoker minstrel levels as kineticist levels to determine their effects. In addition, they treat the kinetic blast gained through improved cantikinesis as though they were a kineticist of ½ their evoker minstrel level (minimum 1) and use their Intelligence modifier instead of their Constitution modifier to determine their blast’s damage, and can apply the benefits of cantikinesis to it. Kinetic blasts used by an evoker minstrel are subject to arcane spell failure and treated as having somatic and verbal components for effects which would affect abilities with such components.

In addition, an evoker minstrel adds half their class level to Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (nature), Knowledge (planes), Spellcraft, and Use Magic Device checks (minimum 1), and can make checks with those skills untrained.

This ability replaces bardic knowledge.

Mystic Concert: When an evoker minstrel uses a kinetic blast during a bardic performance, they receive a circumstance bonus to damage equal to twice the bonus to attack rolls they receive from cantikinesis.

At 1st level, the evoker minstrel gains the fitting scenery bardic performance from the soundweaver kineticist archetype, and gains the distraction bardic performance at 6th level instead of 1st.

At 18th level, an evoker minstrel automatically gains The Consequence of the Harmonious Convergence as a bonus masterpiece without having to meet its requirements, and only needs one instrument manifested to use it.

This ability alters bardic performance and replaces the suggestion and mass suggestion bardic performances.

Mystic Defense (Ex): At 2nd level, an evoker minstrel gains the defense wild talent of the same element of the kinetic blast taken with improved cantikinesis. An evoker minstrel can spend 2 minutes and 2 rounds of bardic performance to treat their defense wild talent as though they had accepted 1 point of burn for the purposes of its effects until they next refresh their bardic performance rounds. After doing this, they can expend an additional 2 rounds as a standard action to increase the effective burn for the effects of their defense wild talent. An evoker bard is treated as having spent burn on a wild talent of that element whenever they use their kinetic blast while using their bardic performance.

This ability replaces well-versed.

Bardic Masterpieces: Starting at 10th level, the evoker minstrel can select the following bardic masterpieces from the soundweaver kineticist archetype: The Gossamer Parapet, Heart of the Planes, Elements Awaken, The Foolish Soul, and Fey From Afar. They do not need the kinetic concert class feature, but must learn them in place of either a feat gained by achieving a higher character level or a spell slot of 4th level or higher gained by achieving a higher evoker minstrel level.

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