Excruciator (Warder/Zealot Class Archetype)
The City of 7 Seraphs

Many individuals make it their mission in life to protect others, but oftentimes they find that their physical abilities are insufficient to provide sufficient defense. Hence, they have turned to the energies of the planes to guide their actions, oftentimes jeopardizing their own mortal forms in the name of their mission.

The excruciator is a class template suitable for the warder and zealot classes. When converting a character to a excruciator, the character loses or changes the following class features

  • Warder: The Warder does not gain the extended defense class feature. The warder gives up their first bonus feat (at 3rd level).
  • Zealot: The Zealot’s zeal bonus does not increase at 5th and 15th levels. The Zealot does not gain a conviction at 14th level. The Zealot cannot grant a second maneuver with echoes of steel at 11th level.

Lore of the Planes: The excruciator may trade one of her available disciplines for the elemental flux discipline. This ability does not cause excruciator archetype to be incompatible with other archetypes that alter the maneuvers class feature or her available disciplines. She otherwise learns, readies, initiates maneuvers as a standard member of her base class. In addition, the excruciator may select akashic feats as bonus feats in addition to combat feats.

Cosmic Agony (Su): At 5th level, the excruciator gains the ability to establish a planar link which intensifies as she takes damage. Whenever the excruciator takes damage equal to or greater than her initiator level, she gains one point of temporary essence which lasts for 1 minute. The excruciator can have a maximum number of temporary essence from this ability equal to half her excruciator level. Once per round, the excruciator may intentionally harm herself to compound this link as a swift action taking damage equal to her initiator level, to enter a stance or use a boost, and gaining 1 point of temporary essence. This essence, in addition to any other essence the excruciator possesses, can be invested in the following ways

  • Blood for Blood: For every point of essence invested in this ability, the excruciator gains a +1 bonus on all damage rolls.
  • Enhanced Recuperation: When recovering maneuvers from this class, the excruciator recovers one additional maneuver for every point of essence invested in this ability.
  • Numb to the Suffering: For every point of essence invested in this ability, the excruciator gains DR 1/- that stacks with any other forms of DR the excruciator possesses.
  • Planar Resolution: The excruciator gains a +1 bonus on CMB and CMD in addition to any checks made in place of a CMB check for every point of essence invested in this ability

At 11th level, essence can be invested in the following additional ways:

  • Akashic Warden: For every 2 points of essence invested in this ability, the excruciator’s reach increases by 5 feet
  • Deathless: For every point of essence invested in this ability, treat the excruciator’s Constitution score as 2 higher for the purpose of determining when she dies from negative hit points.
  • Heavenpiercer: For every point of essence invested in this ability, the excruciator ignores 2 points of damage reduction, energy resistance, and hardness when attacking.
  • Warded Steps: For every point of essence invested in this ability, the excruciator gains a +1 bonus on AC against attacks of opportunity provoked from movement.

Mantle of Pain (Su): At 11th level, the excruciator learns to share the fruits of their suffering with those around them. Any creatures within the excruciator’s collective or affected by their aegis share the benefits of any essence invested in the Cosmic Agony class feature.

Master of Pain (Su): At 14th level, the excruciator has become so accustomed to suffering that injuries no longer trouble them. The excruciator becomes immune to pain effects and the bleeding condition. The excruciator gains one point of temporary point of essence when targeted by a pain effect or when they reduce a creature to 0 hit points (this counts as essence gained through cosmic agony for determining the max amount of temporary essence that the excruciator can have).

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