Wiki Note: The Handbooks for Spheres of Power have greatly expanded the number of feats available, so this wiki is now sorting them onto separate pages by category to make it easier to find what you're looking for. Note that a feat is not a specific type of feat unless it is actually tagged as such. For example, Mystic Generosity is not actually a Proxy feat and does not count as such for any purpose, but because it relates to the use of that feat chain, it's been included there.

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New Feats

Admixture Feats

Admixture feats grant new ways to utilize the Admixture talent (from the Destruction sphere), adding abilities from other spheres to your destructive blast. All admixture feats replace the second blast talent you would normally apply, with the resulting destructive blast dealing normal blast damage in addition to the effect outlined in the feat. Any additional costs incurred by the additional effect must be paid as normal. If your caster level is different for the two spheres, the destructive blast is governed by your caster level for the relevant blast type and the additional effect is governed by your caster level for the appropriate ability.

Anathema Feats

Anathema feats focus on the use of the Anathema ability, which allows you to convert several different abilities that rely on positive energy into a force of destruction.

Combat Feats

Combat feats are combat-related options, and most notably, they can be selected as bonus feats by a number of different classes.

Counterspell Feats

In Spheres of Power, dispelling and countering magic is done by way of the Counterspell feat chain.

Drawback Feats

Drawback feats present a way of taking advantage of a specific drawback in a manner more specific than just gaining extra spell points. At your GM’s option, you may take a drawback feat in place of a boon. An Incanter may select drawback feats as bonus feats.

Dual Sphere Feats

Skilled magicians can learn to combine different fields of magic, allowing them to produce new effects or wield multiple forms of magic simultaneously. While the results are powerful, doing so requires great skill and concentration. Only the effects of one Dual Sphere feat can be applied to any given use of sphere abilities.

Note that the Admixture feats above do something similar, but emphasize the use of the Destructive Blast power of the Destruction sphere. If your character is particularly combat-focused, you may find that section useful. You may also wish to check out Spellcrafting, which allows for more complex and creative mixes.

Extra Feats

Extra feats allow characters to either use their existing abilities more times each day or learn a new ability associated with their class. There is no tag associated with this type of feat, but they have been grouped together here for easier reference.

General Feats

General feats have no tags and do not belong in any other category. They mostly feature abilities that are good for many types of characters and enhancements to specific class abilities, but anything that doesn't fit into any other category is likely to be found here.

Item Creation Feats

Item Creation feats are used to create magical items or access other types of advanced casting techniques. Spheres of Power mainly uses the standard feats for crafting (with some modifications - see the Magical Items page for details), but also offers access to Ritual magic through the feat found here.

Metamagic Feats

Applying a metamagic feat to a sphere effect is similar to, but slightly different from, how a spontaneous caster applies a metamagic feat to a spell. A caster may choose to augment their sphere effect with an appropriate metamagic feat at the time of casting. To use a metamagic feat, the caster must spend a number of additional spell points equal to the level increase of the metamagic feat. In addition, the sphere effect’s casting time increases by 1 step. These effects are cumulative for every metamagic feat applied.

Example: A Thaumaturge uses a powerful destructive blast with the explosive orb talent (2 spell points) augmented by the Maximize Spell (3 spell points), and Silent Spell (1 spell point) metamagic talents. This costs 6 spell points and takes 1 round to cast (+2 time increases).

The only exception to this is Quicken Spell which, instead of increasing the casting time, decreases the casting time by 2 steps to a minimum of one swift action. Like all metamagic feats, a caster cannot apply Quicken Spell multiple times to the same effect.

The following metamagic feats may all be applied to an appropriate sphere effect: Bouncing Spell, Coaxing Spell, Consecrate Spell, Widen Spell, Disruptive Spell, Ectoplasmic Spell, Empower Spell, Enlarge Spell, Reach Spell, Extend Spell, Focused Spell, Jinxed Spell, Lingering Spell, Maximize Spell, Merciful Spell, Persistent Spell, Piercing Spell, Quicken Spell, Selective Spell, Silent Spell (if the caster possesses the Verbal Casting drawback), Still Spell (if the caster possesses the Somatic Casting drawback), Thanatopic Spell, and Threnodic Spell.

If the effect of a metamagic feat is determined by spell level, treat the sphere effect’s caster level/2 as its effective spell level.

Protokinesis Feats

Protokinesis feats represent innate telekinetic abilities, powers usable with minimal thought and effort in contrast to the magic of the telekinesis sphere. They often develop unintentionally, without need for training or even awareness of them.

Unless noted otherwise, the benefit granted by any protokinesis feat is a spell-like ability with a caster level equal to your character level. In addition, protokinesis feats do not function when you are unconscious.

The effects of protokinesis feats last indefinitely unless otherwise noted, though they may be dismissed as a free action, or restarted as a standard action if they have been dispelled or dismissed.

Proxy Feats

Proxy feats represent an enhanced ability to manipulate and take advantage of the Create Proxy enhancement, which by default is granted by the Spell Proxy feat. Unless otherwise stated, these feats only apply to Create Proxy effects that you created yourself, and only affect creatures under the effects of Create Proxy who are within 30 ft. Generally, using a proxy feat immediately ends the Create Proxy effect for that creature. An Incanter may select proxy feats as bonus feats.

Racial Feats

Racial feats are intended only for characters of certain races. As such, while they may also be tagged as being part of another category (Combat, etc.), all of them have been collected here to avoid filling the other sections with feats most characters can't take.

Many - but not all - of these feats are intended for use with the races from The Player's Guide to Skybourne, a product focused on the home setting of Drop Dead Studios.

Sphere-focused Feats

Sphere-focused feats are not tagged, but emphasize the use of one specific Sphere more than any other. Due to the high number of them, they have been sorted into categories on this page. Note that some feats require multiple spheres to use - in these cases, they've been sorted into the sphere they are most associated with. For using multiple spheres at once, see the 'Dual Spheres' section above.

Squadron Feats

Based around the use of the Squadron Commander feat, these feats offer various ways for allies to help each other - unlike Teamwork feats, however, only one person in the party needs to know the feat being used.

Teamwork Feats

Teamwork feats are special in that they generally require at least two characters to know them in order to take effect, although some classes have abilities that make them easier to use.

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