Fell Handed Juggernaut (Barbarian Archetype)
The City of 7 Seraphs
Armed Rage (Ex): A fell-handed barbarian cannot enter a rage without holding a melee weapon in at least one hand. If the fell-handed barbarian is ever without a melee weapon in hand during a rage, her rage immediately ends. She can switch hands on a melee weapon without ending her rage, so long as it remains held in at least one hand.

While raging, the flesh of a fell-handed juggernaut’s flesh flows over her weapons, keeping them in place. A fell-handed juggernaut cannot be disarmed of held melee weapons while in a rage, and cannot be forced to drop, throw, or stow a held melee weapon while in a rage by any effect, including compulsion effects or the frightened or panicked condition, unless she chooses to do so.

This ability alters rage.

Blood for Iron (Su): At 2nd level, a fell-handed juggernaut can absorb damage that would be dealt to her weapons. Whenever a weapon held by the fell-handed juggernaut takes damage, as a free action in reaction to the damage, the fell-handed juggernaut can sacrifice any number of hit points she has without. Each hit point sacrificed in this way prevents 1 point of damage dealt to the weapon.

This ability replaces uncanny dodge.

Heart for Iron (Su): At 5th level, if an effect would destroy a weapon held by a fell-handed juggernaut other than hit point damage, such as the rusting grasp spell, the fell-handed juggernaut can negate the effect as an immediate action by taking 1 point of Constitution damage.

This ability replaces improved uncanny dodge.

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