Fire Utility Talents

Elemental Acceleration

Element(s) air, fire, time, or water; Level 1; Type utility (Su); Burn

You channel your element to dash along freely. Choose one movement speed granted by your element, or your base land speed. Increase this speed by 10 ft. At 5th level and every 5 levels thereafter, this speed increases by another 10 ft.

Elemental Airstrike

Element(s) air, earth, fire, or water; Level 7; Type utility (Sp); Burn 1

You can summon a number of elementals from the sky as per elemental bombardmentMO, although the elementals you summon must match your element (air or electric for air, earth for earth, fire for fire, and ice or water for water).

Elemental Eater

Element(s) aether, air, fire, poison, sound, void, or water; Type utility (Sp); Level 7; Burn 1

Whenever you would receive acid, cold, electricity, fire, force, negative, or sonic damage, as an immediate action you can instead choose to absorb the element, negating the damage from it and gaining a number of temporary hit points equal to half the damage you would have taken (if the effect allowed for a saving throw, you are treated as having failed it for the purpose of how much damage you absorb) that last until you recover burn or until depleted. You must select 1 element for this, and the element you are capable of absorbing depend on which elemental focus or expanded element class features you possess:

  • Aether: force
  • Air: electric
  • Fire: fire
  • Poison: acid
  • Sound: sonic
  • Void: negative
  • Water: cold

As a swift action, you can reduce the temporary hit points gained from this ability by 15 to reduce the burn cost of an infusion by 1. Temporary hit points gained from this ability stack with those gained from other wild talents, but cannot be used to lower the cost of an infusion.

Explosive Flame

Element(s) fire; Level 2; Type utility (Sp); Burn 0
Saving Throw Will or Fortitude partial; Spell Resistance yes

You know how to use fire to its fullest, even while ending it. You can use pyrotechnics as per the spell. If the source of fire you target is a creature engulfed in flames, they take a -2 to their save against this wild talent.

Fire’s Explosive Fury

Element(s) fire; Level 3; Type utility (Su); Burn
Prerequisite(s) fire’s fury

Whenever you accept burn on a kinetic blast affected by fire’s fury, double the bonus fire’s fury provides to it.

Flame Conduit

Element(s) fire; Level 1; Type utility (Su); Burn

You can draw upon the flames around you to empower your blast. You can select any source of fire to be the point of origin for your fire blast or its composites. Both the point of origin and target must be in range of your kinetic blast, and must be no further apart than your kinetic blast’s range. If you choose a creature currently engulfed in flames as your blast’s source, that creature takes an additional 1d6 fire damage and suffers a -2 to all saves against your blast, putting out any fire from which the foe is currently engulfed.

Flame Step

Element(s) fire; Level 3; Type utility (Su); Burn

You know how to become one with flames. You no longer take damage from natural fires. Once per turn, when you step into a square with fire in it, and can teleport to another square within 30 ft. that also contains flames completely unharmed. You may also use this ability while standing in natural fire as an immediate action.

Imbue Kinesis

Element(s) aether, air, fire, poison, sound, time, void, or water; Level 1; Type utility (Sp); Burn 0
Prerequisite(s) any energy blast

As a standard action, you can charge a single manufactured weapon with the power of an energy kinetic blast you possess with a touch. For 1 round, the affected weapon deals an additional 1d6 damage of the blast’s type; this damage does not stack with weapon properties that deal additional energy damage of the same type (such as electric blast on a shock weapon). If you select an energy blast that deals two types of damage, the weapon instead deals an additional 1d3 of each type, and if the blast deals three types of damage, the weapon instead deals an additional 1d2 of each type. Force, sonic, and untyped damage is reduced by one step in all cases (to 1d4, 1d2, or 1, respectively), and untyped damage is always nonlethal. You can accept 1 additional point of burn to have this effect last 1 round plus 1 for every 3 kineticist levels you possess (minimum 2 rounds, up to 7 rounds at 18th level). Blasts that deal more than three types of damage cannot be selected in this way.

Lava Pool

Element(s) earth and fire; Level 6; Type utility (Sp); Burn 0
Prerequisite(s) pitfall and ring of fire
Saving Throw Reflex negates; Spell Resistance no

You can create a 20 ft. sheet of lava across an area of dirt or unworked stone for 1 round per 4 kineticist levels you possess before the lava cools. This lava is only 5 ft. deep, and all creatures inside of this area must make a Reflex saving throw to move themselves into the closest safe square or take 10d6 fire damage and being treated as entangled in the lava. Even after a creature leaves this lava, they take ½ of the damage they took last round. You can accept 1 point of burn to increase the duration of this wild talent to 1 round per kineticist you possess. Creatures inside of the lava when it cools become entangled, requiring an escape artist or strength check equal to the DC of this wild talent to escape.

Lingering Energy

Element(s) aether, air, fire, mind, void, or water; Level 5; Type utility (Sp); Burn 1
Prerequisite(s) any energy blast

As an immediate action when you reduce a creature’s hit points to 0 or lower with an energy kinetic blast, you can have your blast’s energy linger around them until the end of your next turn. During that time, the next creature that touches it is treated as if it was hit by the same kinetic blast (without form infusions applied), receiving a Reflex save to avoid the blast outright as well as a +5 bonus to saves against any infusions that were applied to that blast if it hits them. This wild talent can only affect one creature at a time.


Element(s) fire and wood; Level 4; Type utility (Su); Burn
Prerequisite(s) heat adaptation, roots

You draw energy from the sun to help recover wounds. As long as you are receiving a bonus from your roots wild talent, you receive fast healing 1 in normal light, or fast healing equal to ⅓ your kineticist level in bright light, and you can forgo eating so long as you spend at least 4 hours per day in sunlight. If you possess solar blast, you can accept 1 point of burn to receive an equal amount of regeneration (cold, fire, or slashing) instead until the next time you recover burn. This fast healing can only heal you up to 50% of your total hit points if you are in normal light or 75% of your total hit points if you are in bright light, and you must be in natural sunlight or light produced by a harmless evocation [light] spell to be healed (not including light used via basic pyrokinesis).

Rapid Burn

Element(s) fire or poison and time; Level 3; Type utility (Sp); Burn 1
Prerequisite(s) improved burning infusion and time’s echo

When you would set a creature on fire or cover it in acid with burning infusion, improved burning infusion, or greater burning infusion, you can choose as an immediate action to instead have it continue to roll Fort saves (using the substance infusion’s DC) up to your Con modifier or until one succeeds, whichever comes first. The creature takes an additional 1d6 fire and/or acid damage (depending on the blast used) for each save it fails this way.

Ring of Fire

Element(s) fire; Level 3; Type utility (Sp); Burn 0
Saving Throw Reflex half; Spell Resistance no

You can create a 30 ft. wide circle of flames that stands up to 20 ft. tall centered around yourself that lasts for 1 round per kineticist level you possess. This fire deals damage equal to ½ your fire blast. You can accept 1 point of burn to allow your flames to burn those who come into contact with your flames, being treated as though affected by the burning infusion wild talent.

Sealing Wound

Element(s) fire; Level 1; Type utility (Sp); Burn 0

As an immediate action, you can deal 1 point of fire damage to yourself to end any bleed effect from which you are currently suffering. This damage cannot be reduced by resistance to fire. As a move action, you can use this wild talent on any ally within 30 ft. You also can treat kinetic healer and wild talents that require it as a prerequisite as though they were on fire’s list of selectable wild talents, but you cannot accept burn to use it unless it is used on yourself. You may select to gain this wild talent in place of basic pyrokinesis.

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