Fleshgrafter (Occultist Archetype)

Grafted Implements: Rather than items, every one of the Fleshgrafter’s implements is a part of their body replaced with some biological or mechanical component. These components are used by the Fleshgrafter in place of implements, and function as implements for all purposes. As with implements, each component is associated with a certain school of magic, and counts as any implement of that school of magic for the purpose of panoplies. The fleshgrafter starts with one grafted implement at 1st level, and gains another at 2nd level and every 4 levels thereafter.

This ability modifies implements but counts as implements for the purpose of meeting prerequisites.

Weakened Focus: The act of altering oneself so substantially takes a toll upon the mind. As a result, a fleshgrafter only possesses a number of points of mental focus equal to their occultist level.

This ability modifies mental focus.

Mutagen (Su): At 1st level, a fleshgrafter discovers how to create a mutagen that he can imbibe in order to heighten his physical prowess at the cost of his personality. This ability functions as the alchemist’s mutagen ability, using his occultist level as his alchemist level.

Starting at 2nd level, whenever the fleshgrafter imbibes his mutagen, he gains one free point of generic focus. This improves to 2 points at 6th level and improves by 1 at every 4 levels thereafter.

This ability replaces object reading.

Mad Science: Starting at 1st level, in place of a focus power, a fleshgrafter can select an alchemist discovery, using his occultist level as his alchemist level. In addition, they gain a single alchemist discovery at 4th level and every 4 levels thereafter.

This ability alters focus powers and replaces shift focus, magic circles, binding circles, fast circles, and outsider contact.

Grafting Skill: At 2nd level, the fleshgrafter gains a bonus equal to half his level on Heal and Craft (alchemy) checks.

This ability replaces magic item skill.

Adept Fleshwarper: At 5th level, the Fleshgrafter gains Fleshwarper as a bonus feat, even if he does not meet the prerequisites. When applying fleshcrafts to himself, the fleshgrafter may choose to ignore any penalties normally given by the fleshcraft.

This ability replaces aura sight.

Eldritch Flesh: At 20th level, the fleshgrafter has transformed their form into a horrific amalgamation of flesh, magic, and machinery. The fleshgrafter becomes immune to poison, disease, and critical hits, and may consider himself either a construct, outsider, aberration, or his original creature type for the purpose of determining how he is affected by abilities. In addition, the fleshgrafter gains a single alchemist grand discovery.

This ability replaces implement mastery.

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