Forgemaster (Runesmith Archetype)

Forgemasters have the following class features:

Class Skills: A forgemaster adds Knowledge (local) (Int) to his list of class skills.

Rented Runes (Sp): At 2nd level, whenever a forgemaster inscribes his runes for the day, he may inscribe copies of some of his equipment runes to other nonmagical items. For each power level he can inscribe (Least, Lesser, etc.), the forgemaster may select a single variant he is currently inscribing. If he does, he inscribes that rune on two items rather than just one. Designate one of these two items as the "rental". A rented rune acts just like a normal rune, but cannot be activated. Rented runes persist until the next time the forgemaster inscribes runes.

This ability replaces practiced scribe and the compound rune slot granted at 10th level.

Rented Activation (Sp): At 4th level, whenever a forgemaster activates a Least rune that he inscribed, he may also activate a single rented rune he inscribed of the same variant. The rented rune must be within 30 feet. This doubles the activation cost of that rune, and increases the activation time to a full-round action, unless it is already longer. This ability can only be used if the forgemaster is wearing at least one of the two runed items to be activated.

At 8th level, the forgemaster may activate Lesser rented runes in this fashion.

At 12th level, he may activate Greater rented runes in this fashion.

At 18th level, he may activate Grandmaster rented runes in this fashion.

This ability replaces modify runes and the compound rune slot granted at 18th level.

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