Gelatinous Cube (Sorcerous) (CR 13/MR 5)

Mythic Sorcerous Cube (CR 13/MR 5)
XP 25,600
Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary (variant gelatinous cube)
N Large ooze (mythic)
Init +4MF; Senses blindsight 60 ft.; Perception +1


AC 13, touch 4, flat-footed 13 (+4 armor, –5 Dex, +5 natural, –1 size)
hp 238 (13d8+180)
Fort +14, Ref –1, Will +10; ; +4 vs. petrification, polymorph, and transmutation effects
Defensive Abilities Immune electricity, ooze traits; Resist acid 10; SR 24


Speed 10 ft.
Melee slam +8 (1d6+1 plus 1d6 acid and paralysis)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks command oozesMA, engulf (DC 18, 1d6 acid and paralysis), mind meldMA, mythic power (7/day, surge 1d8), paralysis (3d6 rounds, DC 28)

Bloodline Spell-Like Abilities (CL 10th; concentration +18)
At will—reality wrinkle (10 rounds per day)
11/day—protoplasm (+3 ranged touch, entangled 1d3 rounds and 1 point of acid damage per round)

Sorcerous Spells Known (CL 10th; concentration +18)
5th (4/day)— feeblemind (DC 23)
4th (7/day)— confusion (DC 22), dimension door, shout (DC 22)
3rd (8/day)— fireball (DC 21), fly, gaseous form, stinking cloud (DC 21)
2nd (8/day)— blur, hypnotic pattern (DC 20), invisibility, minor image (DC 20), mirror image
1st (8/day)— color spray (DC 19), entropic shield, expeditious retreat, magic missile, shocking grasp, unseen servant
0 (at will)— arcane mark, dancing lights, detect magic, ghost sound (DC 18), mage hand, open/close, prestidigitation, ray of frost, resistance
Bloodline protean


Str 13, Dex 1, Con 30, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 26
Base Atk +8; CMB +10; CMD 15
Feats Ability Focus (paralysis), Arcane StrikeMF, Eschew Materials, Extra Mythic Power, Improved InitiativeMF, Intensify Spell, Lunge, Silent Spell, Still Spell, ToughnessB
Skills Fly +5, Knowledge (arcana) +10, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +5, Knowledge (planes) +5, Linguistics +3, Spellcraft +14, Use Magic Device +18
Languages Aklo, Common, Protean (can’t speak)
SQ bodiless castingMA, sorcerous originsMA, spell absorptionMA, suspended magicMA, transparent


Environment any underground
Organization solitary
Treasure standard

Special Abilities

Acid (Ex) A gelatinous cube’s acid does not harm metal or stone.

Bodiless Casting (Su) A mythic sorcerous cube can spend one use of its mythic power to ignore either the verbal or somatic component of a spell that it casts, or it can spend two uses of its mythic power to ignore both. This does not increase the level of the spell or its casting time.

Command Oozes (Su) A mythic sorcerous cube can compel the obedience of other oozes as though it was using the Command Undead feat to control undead (DC 20 Will negates), issuing its commands empathically rather than requiring spoken commands. It may use this ability up to 9/day, though it may control only 14 Hit Dice of oozes at a time. Gelatinous cubes count as only half their actual number of Hit Dice when determining how many can be controlled.

Mind Meld (Sp) A mythic sorcerous cube can read the thoughts of any creature it has engulfed as a free action, as if using detect thoughts (DC 20 Will negates), and as a full-round action the cube can ask an engulfed creature a single question as if interrogating a corpse with speak with dead (DC 21 Will negates). As a full-round action, a mythic sorcerous cube can also spend one use of its mythic power to use one of the following spell-like abilities on an engulfed creature: charm monster (DC 22), dream (DC 23), modify memory (DC 22), or suggestion (DC 21).

Sorcerous Origin (Ex) Mythic sorcerous cubes have the spellcasting ability and class skills of 10th-level sorcerers. They gain bloodline spells and other class abilities as per the bloodline they possessed in life, usually the aberrant, protean, ooze, or starsoul bloodlines. A mythic sorcerous cube with the protean bloodline, like the one above, typically knows the following mythic spells: color spray, confusion, dimension door, fireball, fly, gaseous form, magic missile, stinking cloud. This modifies the spellcasting ability of a non-mythic sorcerous cube.

Spell Absorption (Su) When a spell fails to overcome a mythic sorcerous cube’s spell resistance, it can spend one use of its mythic power as an immediate action to absorb the spell into itself. It can use the spell’s energy to heal 1d4 hit points per level of the spell. If the spell is a 5th-level or lower-level spell on the sorcerous/wizard list, the mythic sorcerous cube can absorb knowledge of that spell for 1 minute, allowing it to cast that spell using its own spell slots. If it uses the stolen spell against its original caster, the mythic sorcerous cube increases the spell’s caster level and save DC by 2.

Suspended Magic (Ex) A mythic sorcerous cube can suspend any number of rods, staves, or wands within its gelatinous mass simultaneously and can activate one such item per round as a standard action. As long as a staff or wand has at least one charge remaining, it is unaffected by the cube’s acid regardless of its material composition. A mythic sorcerous cube can also benefit from up to two magical rings suspended within its body.

Transparent (Ex) Due to its lack of coloration, a mythic sorcerous cube is difficult to discern. A DC 20 Perception check is required to notice a motionless mythic gelatinous cube. Any creature that fails to notice a mythic gelatinous cube and walks into it is automatically engulfed.

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