General Feats

General feats have no tags and do not belong in any other category. They mostly feature abilities that are good for many types of characters and enhancements to specific class abilities, but anything that doesn't fit into any other category is likely to be found here.

Advanced Magical Training [Core]

Prerequisites: Basic Magical Training or 1 level in a casting class.

Benefit: Treat your levels in non-casting classes as low-casting classes when determining your total caster level. If you do not possess levels in a casting class, increase your spell point pool to equal your casting ability modifier. With GM permission, you may also select a casting tradition when you gain this feat.

Aeolian Flautist

Prerequisites: Bardic performance or raging song.

Benefit: When you use Perform (wind) to produce a bardic performance in an area of wind, treat your bard level and ranks in Perform (wind) as 1 higher for each category above severity level 1.

Arcane Empowerment [Core]

Prerequisites: Spell pool, the ability to cast arcane or divine spells.

Benefit: When casting a spell, you may spend 1 spell point as a free action to either increase the caster level by 2 or increase the spell’s DC by 2. You cannot spend more than 1 spell point in this manner. This does not stack with an arcanist’s ability to increase a spell’s caster level or DC through the expenditure of points from their arcane reservoir.

Armored Casting

Prerequisites: Light Armor Proficiency.

Benefit: You may add the armor bonus from any armor you are wearing (but not armor enhancement bonus or natural armor bonus) to concentration checks made to cast defensively or while grappled. You must be proficient with the armor in question.

Armorist Training

Prerequisites: One or more of the following class features: arcane pool, divine bond, sacred armor, sacred weapon.

Benefit: You may add all the special abilities from the list of special abilities an armorist may add to their summon and bound weapons to the list of special abilities your weapons or armor may possess. When you add weapon special abilities to a weapon using your arcane pool, divine bond, or sacred weapon ability, you may choose from the special abilities an armorist has access to. Similarly, when you add special abilities to armor using your sacred armor ability, you may choose armor special abilities an armorist has access to.

Armorist Trick

Prerequisites: One or more of the following class features: arcane pool, divine bond, sacred armor, sacred weapon.

Benefit: You may choose an armorist’s arsenal trick that allows you to add special abilities to the list of special abilities your weapons or armor may possess. Treat your class level as your armorist level when meeting the prerequisites for this armorist trick. When you add weapon special abilities to a weapon using your arcane pool, divine bond, or sacred weapon ability, you may choose from the special abilities provided by the trick. Similarly, when you add special abilities to armor using your sacred armor ability, you may choose armor special abilities provided by the trick. You may take this feat more than once. Each time you do, choose a different arsenal trick, or an arsenal trick that can be taken more than once.

Artificery [Core]

Prerequisite: Any Craft or Profession skill (5 ranks).

Benefit: Select one Craft or Profession skill in which you have at least 5 ranks. You gain a +2 bonus on your chosen Craft or Profession skill. You may use your ranks in this Craft or Profession skill as if it were your caster level when qualifying for Item Creation feats, and when determining how powerful of an enchantment you may place upon an item. Possessing this feat does not, however, grant you access to any magic spheres when determining which enchantments you may place upon an item. You must use your chosen Craft or Profession skill when creating a magic item, and cannot work with any item or material not related to your chosen skill.

Artificery, Improved [Core]

Prerequisites: Any Craft or Profession skill (10 ranks), Artificery

Benefit: When using the skill chosen with the Artificery feat to create a magic item, you may craft that magic item whether or not you possess its prerequisite base sphere. Crafting a magic item in this fashion increases the skill check required to make the item by +5.

Basic Magical Training [Core]

Prerequisite: No levels in any spellcasting class.

Benefit: Choose a sphere of magic. You gain access to this basic sphere. You gain an effective caster level of 1 and a spell pool of 1. Use your highest mental ability as your casting ability score.

If you later gain levels in a spellcasting class, exchange this feat for the Extra Magical Talent feat.

Blessing/Blight Mastery [Core]

Prerequisites: Blessing/Blight class feature, Channel Energy class feature

Benefit: When you channel energy, you may spend an additional use of channel energy to apply a blessing or blight to one creature that was affected by your channeling. This creature is allowed a saving throw as usual, if they would normally be granted one.

Blessing/Blight Versatility [Core]

Prerequisites: Blessing/Blight class feature, Channel Energy class feature, Versatile Channeler.

Benefit: If you can apply Blessings to targets, you may now also apply Blights, treating your soul weaver level as being effectively 2 levels lower for this purpose.

If you can apply Blights to targets, you may now also apply Blessings, treating your soul weaver level as being effectively 2 levels lower for this purpose.

Cantrips [Core]

Prerequisite: Casting class feature or Basic Magic Training.

Benefit: You can create a variety of small magical effects. These effects are not powerful and are treated as sphere effects in all ways. They require a standard action to use, have a range of Close, and are either instantaneous or have a duration of 1 hour depending on the effect created.

  • You may make a ranged touch attack, dealing 1d3 acid, electricity, fire, or cold damage to a target.
  • You may clean, soil, or color up to 1 cubic ft of material per round.
  • You may create floating lights the size of candle flames and move them up to 20 ft per round as a free action.
  • You may create a spark such as with flint and steel, which may ignite flammable, unattended Fine objects.
  • You may open or close a door or container weighing no more than 30 lbs.
  • You may chill, warm, or flavor 1 lbs. of nonliving material.
  • You may create a small breeze from whichever direction you choose, strong enough to rustle clothing and flicker candles.
  • You may lift objects weighing up to 1 lbs. and move them up to 10 ft per round.
  • You may create small non-speech sounds, such as that of a mouse screeching, soft simple harp music, or the hubbub of a whispered conversation.

You can make up new effects, but they should not be more powerful than those listed above. The GM is the final arbiter of what is or is not a cantrip.

Wiki Note: An optional rule for Spheres of Power is giving this feat for free to all casters. Ask your GM about this if you're interested.

Channel Destruction

Prerequisites: Destruction sphere, Channel Energy class feature

Benefit: You may imbue your channel energy with a blast type talent. This channeled energy may only be used to harm, but affects all creatures in the area, not just living or undead. The channeled energy does its normal number of damage dice of a die size and damage type corresponding to the chosen blast type. Additional effects apply as usual for the chosen blast type. If more than one blast type is known, a different blast type may be selected each time channel energy is used. For example, a 5th level soul weaver with this feat and the Crystal Blast talent could channel energy, dealing 3d4 piercing damage as well as the effects of Crystal Blast in the normal area and with the normal DC of her Channel Energy. If, for example, she also possesses the Searing Blast talent, the next round she can channel energy, dealing 3d8 fire damage.

If the (blast type) talent chosen has additional spell point costs, an additional use of channel energy must be used in place of each spell point required.

Channel Destruction, Greater

Prerequisites: Destruction sphere, Channel Energy class feature, Channel Destruction

Benefit: When using Channel Destruction, you may spend a spell point to increase the damage to one die per level in the class that grants channel energy that you possess.

Channel Life

Prerequisites: Life sphere, channel energy class feature.

Benefit: You may channel energy and augment it with your Life sphere abilities. You must spend a spell point in addition to the normal cost of the ability, but do not need to pay the cost associated with Mass Healing or Mass Restore. The Life sphere ability affects everyone affected by the channeled energy, even if they would normally be out of range of your ability. You are not actually using the sphere ability, and other abilities triggered by using sphere abilities are not triggered (such as vitality feats).

Channel Resolve

Prerequisites: Channel energy class feature

Benefit: When you channel energy, instead of its normal effects, you may instead grant those within range a single attack. These attacks are made immediately in initiative order. Each attack receives a bonus to damage equal to the number of dice you would have rolled for your channel energy.

Circle Casting [Core]

Prerequisites: Casting class feature, 10th caster level or higher

Benefit: You may aid another spellcaster who also possesses this feat, granting them a temporary +1 bonus to their caster level, as well as granting them access to your spell points and talents as if they possessed them. You must spend a standard action every round to maintain this ability, and you must be within 30 ft of the caster you are aiding in this manner.

A target may be aided by multiple casters at once in this manner, but all involved casters must remain within 30 ft of each other, and the effects are not strictly cumulative. It takes one aiding caster to add a +1 enhancement bonus, three to add a +2 bonus, six to add a +3 bonus, ten to add a +4 bonus, and fifteen to add a +5 bonus. No caster may receive more than a +5 bonus in this manner.

Commanding Presence

Prerequisites: 3rd level.

Benefit: A creature with this feat can command two crews at once rather than just one. Both crews must still be able to see or hear this creature to gain the benefits of having him as their commanding officer.

Complex Harmony

Prerequisite: Bardic Performance, 10th Level.

Benefit: You may start a second bardic performance while maintaining another. Starting the second performance costs 2 rounds of bardic performance instead of 1. Maintaining both performances costs a total of 3 rounds of bardic performance for each round they are maintained.

This ability does not stack with any other method of maintaining simultaneous bardic performances.

Contingency [Core]

Prerequisites: Casting class feature, 10th caster level or higher.

Benefit: You may spend a spell point and ten minutes of preparation to use a sphere effect in such a way that it comes into effect under some later condition you have previously dictated. You must pay any spell point costs associated with the desired effect and must place the effect on yourself or onto a creature or location within Close range. The creature or area selected must be the target of the Sphere effect.

The conditions needed to activate the effect must be clear, but they can be general. (If the caster is dropped below half hit points, if an elf enters the room, or if Madame Deflour comes within Close range are all examples of contingency conditions.)

In all cases, the contingency causes the sphere effect to manifest instantly when the prescribed circumstances occur. If complicated or convoluted conditions are prescribed, the effect may fail when triggered. The effect occurs based solely on the stated conditions, regardless of whether you want it to. You may only have one contingency active at a time; any previous unused contingency effect is dispelled when a new one is created. A caster always knows when their contingency is triggered, even if they aren’t present. If a contingency is placed on a creature or location, it can be detected and dispelled like any other sphere effect. For this purpose, a contingency is considered a magical trap with a Perception and Disable Device DC equal to 25 + 1/2 the caster level.

If a contingency remains unused when a caster rests to regain spell points, they may choose to dispel the contingency or sustain it, in which case they do not recover the spell points used to create the contingency.

Contingency Tampering

Prerequisites: Enhanced Contingency.

Benefits: You gain the following enhancements, which may be used to enhance sphere abilities enhanced by Contingency.

  • Introduce Flexibility: You may spend 1 spell point to enhance a contingency, granting it an additional condition – this additional trigger must be a valid condition, as defined by the Contingency feat. If either condition is met, the contingent sphere ability triggers immediately.
  • Suppress Triggers: You may spend 1 spell point to enhance a contingency, removing its trigger condition for the duration.

You may only target your own contingencies, as well as any other contingencies that you know the trigger condition for.

Create Spell Book [Core]

Prerequisites: Casting class feature, Spellcrafting.

Benefit: You may write down your spells in a magic book, allowing you access to more spells than the usual limit. See the Advanced Magic section for more information on spellcrafting and spellbooks.

Elicit Strike [Core]

Prerequisites: Improved Unarmed Strike, Emotion class feature.

Benefit: If you make a successful unarmed strike against an opponent, in addition to dealing your unarmed strike damage, you can spend a swift action to deliver the effects of an emotion power with ‘touch’ in its name. Doing so provokes no attacks of opportunity.

Emergency Repair

Desperate times call for desperate measures. A working device can save your life.

Prerequisite: Technological racial trait.

Benefit: As a full-round action, you may quickly jury-rig a repair on a destroyed object, elevating it to functional with the broken condition for 1d6 minutes. Any given item can only be so repaired once before real work has to be done to coax it back to life. Any additional damage will immediately destroy the item again. This does not restore magic to a destroyed magic item. Alternately, you may use this feat to remove the broken condition from an object for 1d6 minutes, but again, only once per object.

Enhanced Contingency

Prerequisites: Contingency, access to the Enhancement sphere.

Benefit: You may enhance a contingency effect. If the contingency creates or summons a valid target for that enhancement, the enhancement is transferred to that target. Otherwise, the enhancement is transferred to the sphere effect once it takes effect. You may spend an additional spell point when applying the enhancement to tie it into the Contingency; if you do so, time spent prior to the Contingency triggering does not count towards the enhancement’s duration.

Fool Magic [Core]

Prerequisites: Deceitful, Iron Will, Bluff 7 ranks, Disguise 7 ranks

Benefit: When you succeed at a Will saving throw made against any magical effect, the caster of that effect does not automatically know you have succeeded at your saving throw. This allows you to attempt a Bluff check against their Sense Motive check to convince them that you failed your saving throw and are under the effects of the magic. You can choose to allow supplementary effects of the magic (such as the telepathic link provided by the dominate person spell or the Dominate advanced Mind talent) to function as if you had failed your saving throw, to aid in the deception. You may dismiss the supplementary effect early as a standard action.

Greater Hypnosis [Core]

Prerequisite: Hypnotism class feature.

Benefit: The range at which you may affect targets with your hypnotism increases to Medium range.

Normal: You may only affect targets with your hypnotism at Close range.

Greater Shadowmark [Core]

Prerequisite: Shadowmark class feature.

Benefit: Your shadowmark deals d8s for damage instead of d6s.

Grenade Master

Benefit: When determining the save DC of an explosive or splash weapons such as a potion, oil, alchemical weapon, or dust you are activating, you may add your casting ability modifier (or Intelligence modifier, if you do not possess the casting class feature) to the save DC. This only applies to explosives and splash weapons that do not already add an ability modifier to the DC (so while it would apply to alchemical weapons, it would not apply to an Alchemist’s bomb class feature).

Harmonic Resilience [S&P]

Miracles of any shape fail to penetrate your defenses.

Benefit: Any spell or power resistance or immunity that you possess applies against magic from any source, including those from casters with the Alien Source boon. If using any ruleset in which psionics and magic are not transparent, any spell resistance or immunity that you possess also applies against psionic powers that allow power resistance, and vice versa.

Improved Favored Element

Prerequisites: Two favored elements

Benefit: Your second and third favored elements receive the same damage bonus as your first favored element.

Item Mastery

Prerequisites: Caster level 10th.

Benefit: When determining the save DC of a magic item you activate that determines its power by the formulae 10 + 1/2 the item’s caster level, you may add your casting ability modifier to the save DC. In addition, you may use your casting ability modifier for any sphere effects from any magic item you activate that require it (such as the Chameleon talent from the Light sphere).

Jumbled Organs

The general placement of your organs often baffles your foes, making you even more unique when compared to your bizarre peers.

Prerequisites: Construct type or subtype.

Benefit: Your natural fortification improves by 10%.

Lingering Link [Core]

Prerequisites: Psionics class feature, mind link psionic effect.

Benefit: When affecting targets with your mind link psionic effect, you only need to spend 1 round of psionic power per minute the effect is maintained, rather than every round.

Lingering Link, Greater [Core]

Prerequisites: Psionics class feature, mind link psionic effect, Lingering Link.

Benefit: You may use your mind link psionic effect jointly with other psionic effects. You must start each psionic effects individually and must spend the cost for each effect while maintaining them. Ending one effect does not necessitate ending the other.

Lingering Psionics [Core]

Prerequisite: Psionics class feature.

Benefit: The bonuses and penalties from your psionics continue for 2 rounds after you cease using it. Any other requirement, such as range or specific conditions, must still be met for the effect to continue. If you begin a new psionic effect during this time, the bonuses and penalties of the previous psionic effect immediately cease.

Lurker in Darkness

Prerequisite: Stealth 6 ranks.

Benefit: Creatures using unusual forms of sensory perception such as blindsight, greensight, or tremorsense cannot automatically foil your use of Stealth; such creatures must make a Perception check as normal to detect you when you make use of the Stealth skill. Lurker in Darkness foils divination sphere sense abilities in the manner described above, but has no effect on sphere, spell-like and/or supernatural abilities specifically used to uncover information about you rather than enhancing the user’s perception, such as with the divination sphere divine abilities.

Note: This feat was previously published in the Psionic Bestiary, by Dreamscarred Press. It has been modified to work with Spheres of Power.

Master Artisan [Core]

Prerequisites: Forbidden lore class feature, at least 1 item creation feat.

Benefit: Choose one item creation feat that you possess. Add your forbidden lore bonus to your caster level when determining how powerful of an enchantment you may place upon an item.

Master Engineer

When you learn the ins and outs of an engine, you can coax more from it than another engineer could.

Prerequisites: Profession (engineer) 5 ranks.

Benefit: When you serve as a ship’s engineer for at least 1 week, you can coax greater feats than normal from that ship’s engine. When pushing an engine, its power increases by 75%. When overloading the engine, its power increases by 150%. When successfully aiding the pilot, you grant them an additional +2 bonus to their piloting checks.

Master of Blood

Prerequisites: Forbidden lore class feature, Extract Blood Construct.

Benefit: Add your forbidden lore bonus to your caster level when determining the number of Hit Dice of blood constructs you may control at any one time through the Extract Blood Construct talent. Blood constructs created this way gain a bonus to natural attack damage equal to your forbidden lore bonus.

Master of Cosmos [Core]

Prerequisites: Forbidden lore class feature, Conjuration sphere.

Benefit: Your companions gain a circumstance bonus to attack rolls and skill checks equal to your forbidden lore bonus.

Master of Death [Core]

Prerequisites: Forbidden lore class feature, Death sphere.

Benefit: Add your forbidden lore bonus to your caster level when determining the number of undead creatures you may control at any one time through the Death sphere.

Master of Small Magics

Prerequisites: Cantrips, access to the Enhancement sphere.

Benefit: You may use leaked magic from your enhancements to improve your Cantrips. Whenever you use Cantrips while under the effects of one of your own enhancements, you may either increase the range to Medium, double the duration, or double the amount of matter you can affect at one time. In addition, you may choose to use any creature or object within 30 ft. that is under the effects of one of your enhancements as the origin for any Cantrip you use.

Mind Opener [Core]

Prerequisites: Psionics class feature, battlefield relay psionic effect.

Benefit: Increase the save DC of your battlefield relay psionic effect by +2.

Mystic Assault

Prerequisites: Casting class feature, base attack bonus +6.

Benefit: You may spend a spell point to make a full-round attack that replaces the first attack with any sphere ability or supernatural ability that can be used as a standard action and requires an attack roll. You must pay any costs required by this sphere ability or supernatural ability, such as spell points. Using the ability replaces your first attack among your iterative attacks. If you are using two weapons, then it replaces both the primary and secondary weapon attacks.

Using the sphere or supernatural ability can provoke an attack of opportunity (if it normally does so), and if the ability is disrupted, the associated attack is lost, but the remaining iterative attacks are not. You may decide after you have used your sphere or supernatural ability whether to continue with your full-round attack or if you wish to take a move action instead. The spell point is spent when you decide to proceed with your full-round attack. Abilities that replace any of your attacks in a full-round attack are not compatible with mystic assault, nor are other abilities that allow you to use a supernatural or sphere ability as part of an attack. Abilities that grant extra attacks (such as the haste ability of the Time sphere) are compatible. You can still use other abilities that can normally be used during a full-round attack as part of a mystic assault.

Mystic Assault, Improved

Prerequisites: Mystic Assault.

Benefit: You do not need to spend a spell point to use mystic assault.

Mystical Reinforcement

Prerequisites: War sphere, Circle Casting.

Benefit: You may use your circle casting to aid other spellcasters within totems you control or whom you share a mandate with as if they had the Circle Casting feat.

Occult Savant [Core]

Prerequisites: Occult Knowledge class feature, Spellcraft, Use Magic Device, or any Knowledge skill 10 ranks.

Benefit: You may take 10 with any Knowledge, Spellcraft, or Use Magic Device check, regardless of stress or other situations where taking 10 would otherwise be impossible.

Otherworldly Mind

Benefit: Due to some quirk of your consciousness or oddity in your background, your heart and mind are like that of another realm entirely. Scrying to locate your Dreamscape now treats your Dreamscape as if it is on another Plane rather than on the same Plane as your physical form, granting a +5 bonus to your Will save to avoid the Scrying attempt. In addition, any effect that numerically boosts the difficulty of getting into your Dreamscape or moving within it is increased by 1.

Note: There will usually be some actual world or realm in a campaign’s cosmology connected to this feat when it is taken. People within that world or realm, or others who also have the Otherworldly Mind feat connected to that realm, ignore your Dreamscape’s extra +5 bonus.

Wiki Note: See the Mind sphere for more information on Dreamscapes.

Perceptive Psionics [Core]

Prerequisites: Psionics class feature, battlefield relay psionic effect, Perception 7 ranks, Sense Motive 7 ranks.

Benefit: You may read a target’s subtle movements, even if you cannot read their mind. If a target makes their saving throw against your battlefield relay, you may still activate the effect against them. When using battlefield relay in this fashion, the bonuses granted are divided by 2.

Your battlefield relay persists at half strength for as long as it is maintained. If you wish to attempt your battlefield relay again, you must cease your battlefield relay and use it again.

You may even target creatures with your battlefield relay that are usually immune to mind-affecting abilities. These targets needn’t make a Will save, and the bonuses are always divided by 2 against them.

Primal Emblem

Prerequisites: Banner class feature.

Benefit: Choose a (totem) talent (from the War sphere) that does not require spell points to be spent when it is created. Your banner can also create the effects of that totem, using your class level as your caster level and your Charisma modifier as your casting ability modifier. If the totem produces the same type of bonus as your banner, these bonuses stack and are considered as a single bonus. You can create the effects of the totem for a maximum number of rounds per day equal to your Charisma modifier + 1/2 your base attack bonus (minimum: 1). Activating this ability is a free action, and a free action must be spent each round to maintain it.

You may purchase this feat multiple times. Each time choose a different totem. Rounds of use of one totem can not be used to fuel a different totem. You may only have one totem active at a time.

This is an extraordinary ability.

Psychosomatic Healing

Prerequisites: Create reality class feature.

Benefit: You may create an illusion around a creature that gives the appearance and feeling that the creature is in good health. This illusion works not only on the creature, but on anyone observing the creature. Whenever the creature takes damage from any source, the amount of damage taken is reduced by half your caster level to a minimum of 0 damage. Unlike damage reduction, this can not be bypassed, except if the attacker manages to disbelieve the illusion.


Benefit: Whenever you are the target of a sphere ability or supernatural ability that allows you to regain hit points that does not grant fast healing, you heal additional hit points equal to your Hit Dice. The increase in healing can not be greater than the original amount of healing granted. When you are granted fast healing, the fast healing heals 1 additional hit point per round.

Shadowblast [Core]

Prerequisite: Shadowmark class feature.

Benefit: When using your shadowmark, you may spend an extra shadow point to change the effect from a ranged touch attack into a Close-ranged cone. All creatures within this area are allowed a Reflex save for half damage. If they succeed at this Reflex save, they do not suffer the penalty to Will saves.

Shared Magic

Benefit: When you use a sphere ability that has an ongoing effect, you may spend a free action to designate an ally within close range as the owner of the ability. That ally gains control of the ability at the beginning of their next turn. The new owner is considered the creator of the spell, and can do whatever the owner can with the spell, including concentrating to maintain it, dismissing it, moving it (if it can be moved), spending spell points on it, or any other effect that can take place after the ability has been created. The new owner must be a spherecaster with a caster level equal to a minimum of half the caster level of the sphere ability the are being given. They use their own concentration and magical skill bonus to maintain the spell, but the sphere ability still uses your caster level.

Shoulder to Shoulder

Prerequisites: Grit, luck pool or panache class feature.

Benefit: When you gain this this feat, choose a mandate (from the War sphere). You may spend a point of grit, luck or panache to create this mandate between yourself and an adjacent ally as a swift action. This is a supernatural ability. For purposes of this mandate, the attribute that governs the maximum amount of grit, panache or luck you can possess is your casting ability and your base attack bonus is your caster level. The mandate lasts for one minute, or ends immediately if you create another mandate with this ability, fall unconscious, or if you move beyond 60 ft. from each other.

If the person you share the mandate with performs an action that would allow you to regain grit, luck, or panache, then you may regain grit, luck, or panache as if you had performed the action yourself.

Soul-Piercing Gaze

Prerequisites: Emotion class feature.

Benefit: As a standard action, you may attempt to make eye contact with all enemies within close range. The enemies must be able to see and hear you to be affected. Each enemy receives a Reflex saving throw against a DC 10 + 1/2 your class level + your Charisma modifier against the gaze. Enemies may attempt to avert your gaze as they would a gaze attack (such as by averting their eyes of wearing a blindfold).

If at least one enemy fails their saving throw, you may choose one enemy that failed their saving throw and use an emotion from your emotion class feature on them as if you had made a successful melee touch attack. They still receive the regular saving throw against the emotion, if any. If every target succeeds on their saving throw against your gaze, the emotion is not expended.

When using Soul-Piercing Gaze, it is difficult for observers to detect the use of any supernatural ability. You may make a Bluff check vs the passive perception of any observers to disguise what you are doing.

Spellcrafting [Core]

Prerequisite: Casting class feature.

Benefit: You may mix and match powers from various spheres into spells of your own creation. See the Spellcrafting page for more information.

Sphere Focus [Core]

Prerequisite: Casting class feature.

Benefit: Choose a sphere. You gain a +1 bonus to saving throw DCs for all abilities from that sphere. You may take this feat multiple times. The effects do not stack. each time it is gained, apply this benefit to a different sphere.

Strengthened Arms

Prerequisites: Secondary arms racial trait.

Benefit: Your secondary arms are as powerful as regular arms. You may use your secondary arms to hold shields, fulfill somatic requirements, or make attacks (although this does not grant you additional attacks or actions per round). When wielding a weapon in two hands, add 1.5 times your Strength modifier to damage instead of 1 or .5 times your Strength modifier. When wielding a weapon in all 4 hands, add 2 times your Strength modifier to damage instead of 1.5 times your Strength modifier.

Special: Taking this feat qualifies a tatulani to take the Unreasonable Coordination feat.

Strengthened Possession

Prerequisites: Possession class feature.

Benefit: You count your wraith level as 4 higher when determining the maximum CR of a creature you may possess, the save DC of your possession ability, and your effective wraith level for determining the effect of path abilities (though does not grant access to path abilities that have not yet been gained). This bonus cannot increase your effective wraith level above your Hit Dice.


Prerequisites: Emotion class feature.

Benefit: You may enhance an emotion power that has a range of touch and a single target to extend the range to 30 ft. and the maximum number of targets to be equal to your Charisma modifier. Each target of the emotion power must be within close range of each other as well as you. If the power grants a saving throw to resist, the DC is reduced by 2. Using an emotion power in this way costs 3 daily uses of the power instead of 1.


Prerequisites: Judgment class ability.

Benefit: Whenever you activate a judgement, if you have not previously activated that judgment today, you gain temporary hit points equal to your Hit Dice + your casting ability modifier. These last until you rest and regain uses of your judgment class ability.

Tough as Nails

Prerequisites: Grit, luck, or panache pool.

Benefit: When you spend a point of your grit, luck, or panache, you gain temporary hit points equal to your character level. These last 1 minute.

Trance [Core]

Prerequisite: Emotion class feature.

Benefit: You may apply any emotion power with ‘touch’ in the name to yourself as a move action instead of a standard action. Doing so does not provoke an attack of opportunity.


Prerequisites: Caster class ability or ki class ability, Heal 1 rank.

Benefit: You may spend a spell point or ki point to treat deadly wounds on a creature as a full-round action as per the Heal skill. You may do this even if the creature that has already received such treatment that day.

Trinity Warrior [3PP]

Source: City of 7 Seraphs

Your martial skill has begun to blend with your supernatural power.

Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +3, Spellcraft Rank 3, spellcasting, manifesting or other similar ability.

Benefit: Select one non-spherecasting class that grants you spells, spell-like abilities, powers, supernatural abilities or veils. You may choose to substitute your BAB for your caster level, manifester level or another level based resolution for that class. This effective level can stack with other abilities and feats that increase caster level but will never take a character’s caster level above their hit dice.

Spherecasters taking this feat may apply it to a single Sphere for determining effective caster level for that sphere with GM approval.

Special: This feat may be taken more than one time. Each time select a new class or Sphere to apply the benefits to.

Two Minds

Prerequisites: Extra Limbs talent or multiple heads.

Benefit: When you have more than one head and are the target of a mind-affecting ability that allows a Will save, you may spend a spell point as a free action, even if it is not your turn, to reroll the save after the die is rolled but before the result is revealed.

Versed Student [S&P]

You have acquired many varied skills, enabling you to pick up more advanced tactics.

Prerequisite: Character level 5th.

Benefit: For the purpose of class features which are selected individually at advancing levels (such as alchemist discoveries, shifter bestial traits, striker arts, and witch hexes), you treat your character level as your class level for the purpose of determining which class features you can select (this includes advanced talents, grand hexes, and other such abilities which would normally only be selectable starting at higher levels). This feat does not grant any such abilities, but merely the ability to select them.

Special: You may select this feat multiple times. Each time, it applies to talents from a different class.

Vigilant Skeptic

Prerequisites: Perception 5 ranks, Sense Motive 5 ranks or Alertness.

Benefit: You are automatically treated as interacting with any figments you come within 5 ft. of, increasing by an additional 5 ft. per 2 ranks you have in Perception. As a full-round action you may interact with all figments within 30 feet. Gain +1 Perception and Sense Motive checks per 2 character levels against targets benefiting from glamers, this bonus stacks with all other skill bonuses.

Vital Magic

Prerequisites: Fervor or lay on hands class feature.

Benefit: You may spend 1 spell point as a free action to regain 1 use of your fervor or lay on hands ability.

Wand Wielder [Core]

Prerequisite: 10th caster level or higher.

Benefit: When wielding a wand, use your caster level in place of the wand’s caster level (if it is higher) when calculating its abilities.

Wind Dancer

Benefit: Whenever you drive an air vehicle you treat the Wind severity level either one step higher or one step lower (to a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 7), whichever you prefer. You may change this decision once per round as a free action. If you have 11 ranks in Fly or Profession (pilot), you no longer suffer the negative effects of any Wind of severity level 5 or lower while driving an air vehicle. If you have 17 ranks in Fly or Profession (pilot) you no longer suffer the negative effects of any wind while driving an air vehicle. It cannot be sucked into or damaged by a tornado.

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