Glory Seeker (Occultist Archetype)
The Conqueror's Handbook
Often decorated in their trophies and spoils of war, glory seekers are unique occultists who channel their psychic energy through trophies and keepsakes from former conquests and victories. What they may lack in their ability to harness their implements, glory seekers more than make up with their ingenuity and combat experience. Glory seekers tend to throw themselves towards conflict and unexplored territory in search of new trophies and riches.

Class Skills

A glory seeker adds Knowledge (local), Knowledge (geography), and Intimidate to his list of class skills, instead of Fly, Knowledge (planes), and Use Magic Device.

This alters the occultist’s class skills.


Glory seeker are proficient with simple weapons, as well as light armor and bucklers. In addition, if this is this character’s first level in any class, they may select a martial tradition of their choice.

This alters weapon and armor proficiencies.

Combat Training (Ex)

A glory seeker is considered a Proficient practitioner, gaining spheres and talents as appropriate. Glory seekers use Intelligence as their practitioner modifier.

This ability replaces the focus powers normally gained at 3rd, 7th, 11th, 15th, and 19th level.

Spoils of War (Su)

At 1st level, the glory seeker draws out power from objects he has taken in battle and conquest. He can select an object he has claimed from a defeated enemy, taken from a settlement, or otherwise won through his own efforts to serve as a spoil of war. Each spoil of war functions as the glory seeker’s implement for its associated implement school. A spoil of war that fits multiple implement categories can only function for one implement school at a time but can be attuned to another appropriate implement school when the glory seeker regains martial focus. Spoils of war can be integrated into another item, such as an ornament or magic item, but otherwise do not take up an item slot unless worn and used for their normal benefits. A glory seeker can collect as many spoils of war as he desires, but still selects one appropriate item from that school’s list to be his implement for the day for each implement school he knows.

Some spoils of war take the shape of an otherwise normally usable item, such as a sword or shield. The glory seeker does not need to wield or present a spoil of war to benefit or use its focus powers, or cast spells from its associated implement school, but does need to have the spoil of war visibly on his person. For example, a glory seeker with a shield, serving as an implement for the abjuration school, does not need to wield the shield, but it must be visible on his person, such as strapped to his back or worn at the hip.

This ability alters implements.

Note: A “spoil of war” is left intentionally vague. A player should not be restricted from claiming an object as a spoil of war, as long as they “earned” it, which can be anything from slaying a hero-general in combat to winning a prize at a local carnival. GMs should try to work with their players, and let them build fun stories around their spoils of war, but not hamper their ability to collect them.

Author's Note: Glory Seeker was written well before the reliquary keeper occultist was even a twinkle in someone's eyes. As such, the adjustments to implements are framed for a SoM, vancian-casting occultist.

An occultist using the reliquary keeper archetype or any other spherecasting occultist archetype defers to that archetype's restrictions on casting and using magic sphere effects, should there be any. For a glory seeker combined with the reliquary keeper archetype, the glory seeker does not need to draw and have a relic in hand (as glory seeker lifts this restriction with spoils of war normally), but would need to still spend the action to "draw" one and designate an active one at any given time to have access to the customized talents.

Eye for Value (Ex)

At 2nd level, a glory seeker’s talent for uncovering relics and antiquities grants him a bonus when appraising things. He gains a bonus on all Appraise checks equal to 1/2 his occultist level.

This ability replaces magic item skill.

Soldier of Fortune (Su)

At 3rd level, a glory seeker can expend 1 point of mental focus as a standard action to gain the benefit of a combat talent he does not possess from a combat sphere associated with his implements. This effect lasts until the glory seeker refreshes his mental focus. If the glory seeker does not have the base sphere, he must choose the base sphere before selecting a combat talent related to that sphere. The glory seeker must meet any of the talent’s prerequisites (if an advanced talent). The glory seeker can only benefit from 1 extra combat talent from this ability, and if the glory seeker uses this ability again before regaining mental focus, it replaces the previous talent. Each implement school is associated with different combat spheres, detailed below:

  • Abjuration: Guardian, Shield, Open Hand
  • Conjuration: Barrage, Barroom, Tech
  • Divination: Dual Wielding, Equipment, Scout
  • Enchantment: Beastmastery, Leadership, Scoundrel, Warleader
  • Evocation: Alchemy, Berserker, Trap
  • Illusion: Boxing, Fencing, Sniper
  • Necromancy: Duelist, Lancer, Gladiator
  • Transmutation: Athletics, Brute, Wrestling

This ability replaces magic circles, binding circles, and fast circles.

Communicator (Sp)

At 5th level, the glory seeker is able to negotiate and convey ideas with ease, and may cast tongues as a spell-like ability once per day. At 12th level, the glory seeker gains tongues as a constant spelllike ability.

This ability replaces aura sight.

Greater Soldier of Fortune (Su)

At 7th level and every 4 levels thereafter, the glory seeker increases the maximum number of talents he may gain with the soldier of fortune ability by 1. The glory seeker must still pay mental focus for each individual talent, and only gains the benefits of a single talent with each use of soldier of fortune. The glory seeker cannot choose to lose a talent that is a prerequisite for another talent gained using this ability.

Expedition Master (Ex)

At 8th level, the glory seeker gains the commander’s call in a specialist logistic specialty ability, treating his glory seeker level as his commander level for the purposes of this ability. The glory seeker gains access to a unique network of contacts, replacing the network normally available to a commander. The following options are available to a glory seeker:

  • Cartographer - The glory seeker gains the services of a mapmaker. This specialist functions the same as the commander’s scouting specialist, but may only use the detailed map option. The cartographer provides a detailed map of wilderness territory, including pathways, dungeons, and the lairs of dangerous beasts. The cartographer is able to successfully map up to 1 square mile of territory each day. Unlike the normal scouting specialist, the cartographer can also provide maps of towns and cities, but when scouting towns unfriendly to the glory seeker, may only be able to provide rough and incomplete information.
  • Priest - The glory seeker gains the services of a man of the cloth. This specialist functions the same as the commander’s medical specialist, but may only be a cleric matching the glory seeker’s faith. If the glory seeker does not have a faith, the priest will match his ideals as closely as possible. The priest can provide medical treatment to the glory seeker and up to 5 other individuals, using any abilities they possess to heal the injuries and negative conditions affecting these targets. The glory seeker must still pay for any expensive material components necessary for spells or abilities the priest performs.
  • Smithy - The glory seeker gains the services of a skilled blacksmith. This specialist functions the same as the commander’s equipment specialist, and may provide his maintenance class feature for the glory seeker and up to 5 other individuals in preparation for the following day. In addition, the blacksmith can use his reforge ability to repair or reforge one magic item in the commander’s possession.
  • Trailblazer - The glory seeker gains the services of a skilled ranger. This ranger accompanies the glory seeker and can provide the glory seeker with Survival checks to move through the wilderness, hunt for food and supplies, and warn of dangerous natural hazards. The ranger is capable of attempting Knowledge (geography) and Survival checks with a DC of 10 plus your glory seeker level.

At 16th level, the glory seeker may call in an additional specialist each week.

This ability replaces outside contact.

Mastery of Conquest (Su)

At 20th level, the glory seeker increases the DC of any sphere effects from the associated spheres of the implement school he chooses to master by 4.

This ability alters implement mastery.

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