Gluttonous Creature (CR +1)

Gluttony is the most savory, the most sweet, the most delicious of all the sins. These excessive gorgers that partake in the feast that is life oftentimes find themselves transformed by chaos-spreading demon lords into gluttonous creatures, their desires and mores warped to simply be “Devour.” Forevermore greatly obese and sporting a paunch with a grinning mouth of gross proportions, these creatures leap from meal to meal, eating everything in their path.

Creating an Gluttonous Creature

“Gluttonous creature” is an acquired template that can be added to any living creature with a Constitution score. A gluttonous creature uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

CR: +1

Alignment: Changes to Chaotic Evil

Speed: Reduce each speed of the gluttonous creature by 10 feet (minimum 5 feet).

Defenses/Qualities: Immune to diseases and poisons.

Special Abilities: A gluttonous creature gains the following special abilities.

Delectable Morsels of Vim and Vigor (Su): While the gluttonous creature enjoys devouring their food, even just a nibble is a joyous occasion for them. Every successful bite attack with their great maw heals the gluttonous creature a number of hit points equal to their Constitution modifier (minimum 1). If the gluttonous creature successfully swallows whole a creature whose CR is no less than 4 below the gluttonous creature’s CR, they heal a number of hit points equal to their Constitution score. Hit points healed over the maximum hit points of the gluttonous creature become temporary hit points. Temporary hit points from this ability over the maximum hit points stack, up to a maximum of twice the gluttonous creature’s maximum hit points. These temporary hit points last for 1 hour or until used.

Great Maw (Ex): The gluttonous creature’s stomach hosts a wide-grinning mouth that is constantly licking its lips in salivating anticipation. A gluttonous creature gains an additional bite attack from its stomach’s mouth. This is a primary natural attack that deals 2d8 + the gluttonous creature’s Strength modifier on a successful attack. For every size category the gluttonous creature is beyond Medium, this damage increases by 1d8. Their great maw counts as adamantine for overcoming damage reduction and hardness. This bite attack has the grab special ability. The gluttonous creature gains a +4 bonus on grapple checks made using its great maw.

Heroes’ Feast (Sp): Once per week, the gluttonous creature can create a feast, as heroes’ feast. A gluttonous creature rarely shares the feast.

Hurry to the Next Meal (Su): While there is a qualifying living creature inside the gluttonous creature’s insatiable stomach, the gluttonous creature’s base speeds increases by 20 feet and it gains a +4 bonus on bull rush maneuvers. A living creature qualifies if its CR is no less than 4 below the gluttonous creature’s CR.

Infectious Gluttony (Su): Those struck by the natural attacks of a gluttonous creature must make a Fortitude saving throw or require five times the normal amount of food for 24 hours. The DC of this saving throw is equal to 10 + 1/2 the gluttonous creature’s hit dice + the gluttonous creature’s Constitution modifier. This is a curse effect. If the gluttonous creature’s effective CR is 5 or higher, this becomes a permanent curse (as bestow curse).

Insatiable Hunger (Su): A gluttonous creature is never full, not due to hyper metabolism, but rather due to a pocket dimension where the gluttonous creature’s stomach once was. This pocket dimension stomach still provides all the functions a normal stomach would, even though it is on another plane of existence. Any creature that is swallowed whole by the gluttonous creature soon finds itself within this pocket dimension, with little chance for escape. Due to the nature of the pocket dimension, a swallowed creature cannot simply try to slash their way out. Rather, they can make an Escape Artist check as a standard action to escape. The DC of the skill check is equal to 10 + 1/2 the gluttonous creature’s hit dice + the gluttonous creature’s Constitution modifier. Success means it appears in the great maw of the gluttonous creature, as if it escaped the grapple. It may still attempt to escape the grapple, as normal.

Swallow Whole (Ex): The gluttonous creature gains the swallow whole special attack, but only for its great maw. The creature to be swallowed can be no more than one size category larger than the gluttonous creature. Each round inside the stomach deals 3d6 + Constitution modifier damage, half of which is bludgeoning and the other half acid. For every size category the gluttonous creature is beyond Medium, this damage increases by 1d6. See Insatiable Hunger for details on how to escape.

Abilities: Increase the creature's abilities as follows: Str +4 (+2 to attack and damage, +2 to Climb and Swim skill checks, +2 to Strength, and CMB checks, +2 to CMD, add +2 to any of the base creature’s Strength-based DCs), Con +4 (+2 hp per HD, +2 to Fortitude saves, and any of the base creature’s Constitution-based DCs).

Feats: Gain Inescapable Grasp as a bonus feat (see below).

New Feat

Inescapable Grip (Monster)

Prerequisites: Grab, any other supernatural or spelllike ability

Benefit: When you attempt to use your grab ability to grapple an opponent, your magical nature attempts to dispel (as described in greater dispel magic, CL equal to your Hit Dice) any freedom of movement spell or magic item that grants immunity or bonuses to Combat Maneuver Defense or Escape Artist checks (this includes enhancement bonuses to Strength and Dexterity scores). If the dispel check succeeds, the spell is dispelled before you make your grapple check (magic items are suppressed for 1d4+1 rounds). You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to your Charisma bonus (minimum 1/day).

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