What is Gonzo, you ask? Gonzo is the wild, the crazy, the classes who go beyond genre to provide a genuinely unique experience for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Be sure to talk with your GM before playing any of these classes, since these classes aren't necessarily appropriate for all (or even most) games. (Note that the Archetypes were published in Gonzo 2, which is easily the larger of the two tomes, despite their placement on this page.)

Gonzo 1 Classes

-The Craven
-The Mime
-The Punk
-The Rockstar
-The Toon


-Alchemist (Ooze Chemist, Pyrotechnician)
-Barbarian (Folken)
-Bard (Storyteller)
-Cavalier (Rancer)
-Cleric (Abductee)
-Druid (Starchild)
-Fighter (Pacifist)
-Inquisitor (Negotiator)
-Monk (Speedster)
-Monk, Unchained (Speedster)
-Oracle (Nascent Deity)
-Paladin (Comrade)
-Ranger (First Responder)
-Rogue (Coward, Goblin Battle Clown)
-Sorcerer (Glitch)
-Summoner (Broodmother)
-Witch (Harpy)
-Wizard (Master Familiar)

Prestige Classes

-The Living Bomb

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