Telekinetic Might: A hekatonkheires gains the Telekinesis sphere as a bonus magic talent, and uses her symbiat level as her caster level with the Telekinesis sphere. This stacks normally with caster levels gained from other sources.

This ability replaces Mental Powers.

Thousand Unseen Hands (Su): At 1st level a hekatonkheires gains Mind Limb as a bonus feat, except she gains two limbs instead of one. She may use both of them as part of the same swift action, and both are capable of holding and manipulating items. In addition, her mind limbs add 5 ft to their reach.

This ability and its following improvements replace Psionics.

At 3rd level a hekatonkheires can use her mind limbs to attack. She treats them as two secondary tentacle attacks that deal 1d4 slashing damage, and uses her casting ability modifier instead of her Strength modifier on attack and damage rolls with these tentacle attacks. Her tentacle attacks possess reach equal to her mind limbs. A mind limb that is holding an object cannot be used to make a tentacle attack. Unlike most natural weapons, increased size does not improve the damage die of these tentacles.

At 6th level the mind limbs grow stronger and more capable. While they cannot be used to make additional attacks (except as tentacle attacks), they may be used to wield weapons and shields and activate magic items, though they must take the normal action required to use these items and cannot effectively utilize them as a mind limb’s swift action. In addition, her tentacle attacks now deal 1d6 damage instead of 1d4.

At 9th level a hekatonkheires gains two additional mind limbs. She may still only use two of her mind limbs as a single swift action, but may choose to use any two, and each arm is equally capable of manipulating objects. She now has four tentacle attacks.

At 12th level a hekatonkheires adds an additional 5 ft to the reach of her mind limbs, and increases the damage of her tentacle attacks to 2d6.

At 15th level, a hekatonkheires gains six additional smaller mind limbs. These limbs do not gain any of the normal bonuses from the Thousand Unseen Hands feature (such as additional reach or the ability to manipulate weapons and shields), but they may perform certain actions as swift actions as described in the Mind Limb feat. You can still only use a limited number of mind limbs as a single swift action, but three of these smaller limbs count only as a single limb - allowing you to activate two stronger mind limbs, one strong mind limb and three smaller mind limbs, or six smaller mind limbs as a swift action.

At 18th level the mind limbs gain a +6 enhancement bonus to their effective Strength, increasing carrying capacity with them and adding +3 to attack and damage with the natural weapons they provide. A hekatonkheires now deals 3d6 damage with her tentacle attacks.

Independent Mind: At 20th level, a hekatonkheires uses a free action instead of a swift action to use her mind limbs (including the six smaller limbs gained at level 15). She may only use each limb once per turn, but may use each limb individually at any point during her turn.

This ability replaces Greater Psionics.

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