Herald Of Creation (Archetype)

Multiuniversal Philosophy: Whenever a herald of creation gains a multiuniversal philosophy, she may select from the following list in addition to the choices granted to standard ethermancers.

  • Multiuniversal Creator (Ex): Heralds of creation believe that universes within the ether's protective embrace are important in their own right. The ether point cost of all etherspells with the genesis etherheart is reduced by 1 for each time the multiuniversal creator philosophy has been selected. A herald of creation must know the genesis etherheart to select this philosophy.

Multiuniversal Philanthropist (Su): Many heralds of creation give back in an effort to maintain the good health of their own little slice of the multiverse. As a move action, a herald of creation with this philosophy can enter a trance of sorts. The ether point cost of the next etherspell with the alteration etherheart cast this round is doubledÍž however, all creatures within 5 feet of the herald of creation are also affected by the etherspell.

Creatures that leave the area of effect immediately lose the effects of the etherspell, while creatures that later move into the area of effect gain the effects of the etherspell. Alteration etherspells that alter the ether point regeneration rate of the herald cannot be affected by this philosophy. The herald of creation is responsible for all ether point payments made on an etherspell that requires periodic payments. If any creature receiving benefit from the alteration etherspell triggers an effect that ends the etherspell immediately, the entire etherspell is ended, not just for that individual. This ability may be used once per day for each time the multiuniversal philanthropist philosophy has been selected.

This ability modifies multiuniversal philosophy.

Effusive Ether (Su): Starting at 5th level, if the herald of creation is under the effects of an etherspell with the alteration etherheart at the start of her turn, she gains 1 temporary hit point. This temporary hit point lasts for 1 minute. At 9th level and every four levels thereafter, the number of temporary hit points gained in this fashion increases by +2, to a maximum of 7 at 17th level.

This ability replaces aberrant form.

Awash in Alteration (Ex): Starting at 12th level, the herald of creation's EP regeneration rate increases by +1 if she is under the effects of a alteration etherspell.

This ability replaces aberrant physiology.

Multiuniversal Apotheosis: A herald of creation may gain one of the following multiuniversal apothesoses should she invest heavily enough in her exclusive multiuniversal philosophies.

  • Multiuniversal Creator: The EP cost of etherspells with the genesis etherheart is reduced by a further 1 for every two times the herald has taken this philosophy.
  • Multiuniversal Philanthropist: This philosophy's ability may be used as a swift action instead of as a move action. It can be used an additional time per day. This ability modifies multiuniversal apotheosis.
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