Herald Of Madness (Archetype)

Class Skills: A herald of madness adds Climb (Str), Fly (Dex), and Swim (Str) to his list of class skills, in addition to the normal ethermancer class skills.

Multiuniversal Philosophy
Whenever a herald of madness gains a multiuniversal philosophy, he may select the following philosophy in addition to the choices granted to standard ethermancers.

Multiuniversal Madman: Heralds of madness tend to be too fixated on fulfilling their masters' objectives to do much philosophizing. Each time this philosophy is selected, select a new gift from beyond. A herald of madness must have the gift from beyond class feature in order to take this philosophy.

This ability modifies multiuniversal philosophy.

Gift from Beyond: At 5th level, the herald of madness has formally entered into a pact with one or more of the great, eldritch beings dwelling beyond the ether itself. Choose one of the abilities below, which symbolizes the agreement between man and eldritch abomination. At 9th level and every four levels thereafter, choose an additional ability.

  • Alien Wings (Ex): A pair of strange wings, not entirely unlike those of a bat, or a bird, or even the skinflaps of a flying squirrel, grow out of the herald's back. He gains a fly speed of 30 feet with a maneuverability of clumsy. This gift from beyond can be taken multiple times. Each time, increase the fly speed by +10 feet and increase maneuverability by one step, to a maximum of good. A herald of madness must be at least 9th level to take this gift from beyond.
  • Bizarre Physiology (Ex): Symmetry has simply given up on the herald. On the upside, if his face looks like that, it should be fairly difficult for a rogue to be able to find a major artery or kidney! The herald gains light fortification. This gift from beyond can be taken twice. The second time, the herald gains medium fortification instead.
  • Ether-Sensitive Ears (Su): The herald of madness' ears are extremely sensitive in an effort to enhance his ability to commune with his masters. Once per day, whenever the herald fails any d20 roll, he may call upon his masters for advice as an immediate action. This allows the herald to retroactively reroll that d20 roll. If the new roll would make the failure a success, the roll succeeds. A reroll cannot be rerolled. After resolving the effects of the roll, the herald is confused for 1 round. The eldritch abominations patronizing the herald brush aside any puny attempts on the herald's part to render himself immune to the confusion component of this ability. As a result, the confusion cannot be avoided by any means. It's simply part of speaking with the masters. This gift from beyond can be taken multiple times. Each time, it may be used an additional time per day.
  • Maddening Gaze (Su): As a swift action, the herald may spend 4 EP to direct his multitude of eyes to stare down a single creature within 30 feet. That creature is confused for 1 round with a DC 10 + the 1/2 herald of madness' class level + the herald's Charisma modifier Will save to negate. A herald of madness must have the multitude of eyes gift from beyond in order to take this ability. This is a mind-affecting ability.
  • Multitude of Eyes (Ex): Eyeballs dot the herald's skin like a child with chickenpox. They are not merely extra eyes, but span the range of bloodshot, feline, and globes of milky fluid on the end of tiny tentacles, their colors and sizes seemingly chosen at random. The herald gains a +4 circumstance bonus to Perception checks when not wearing armor. In addition, when not wearing armor, he cannot be flanked unless he is immobilized, dazzled, blinded, or has his line of sight blocked, such as being tarred and feathered or shoved in a burlap sack. A herald of madness must be at least 9th level in order to take this gift from beyond.
  • Regenerative Assembly (Su): The herald's flesh becomes spongy and porous, much like a sea sponge or a starfish. Once per day as a standard action, the herald gains fast healing equal to half his herald of madness class level for 1 minute. If he is restored to maximum hit points, whether by this ability or in tandem with other sources of healing, before this fast healing ends, any missing body parts, from eyes and tentacles to entire limbs, are instantly regrown. If the herald's head is cut off, such as by a weapon with the vorpal weapon special ability, he may expend two uses of this ability as an immediate action to avoid dying instantly and stay alive as a severed head with 1 hit point. If restored to maximum hit points within 1 minute, he instantly regrows his body. If not, he dies. This gift from beyond can be taken multiple times. Each time, it may be used an additional time per day. The herald of madness must be at least 13th level in order to take this gift from beyond.
  • Scaly Hide (Ex): Tough scales grow from the herald's skin, granting him a +2 profane bonus to natural armor. This gift from beyond can be taken multiple times. Each time, the profane bonus to natural armor increases by +1.
  • Slimy Flesh (Ex): Slippery, rubbery material sloughs off the herald's body whenever he is grabbed or squeezed. It is not slime or ooze, but the very flesh itself that falls away to evade capture! The herald gains a +4 circumstance bonus to Escape Artist checks, as well as a +4 circumstance bonus to CMD against the grapple and reposition combat maneuvers. A herald of madness must be at least 9th level to take this gift from beyond.
  • Torso Tentacle (Ex): A long slit runs down the side of the herald's body just under the armpit. Hidden away inside and constantly slick with a gelatinous substance is a thin, whippy tentacle. The herald's reach increases by 10 feet whenever he makes a melee touch attack. This ability does not otherwise increase his threatened area. This gift from beyond can be taken up to three times. Each time, the herald’s reach with his torso tentacle increases by another 10 feet.
  • Unstable Mutation (Ex): The master desires expediency in the spreading of his will, and has granted his herald a measure of his vigor. When rolling for initiative, the herald of madness may choose to give himself a +2d4 bonus to initiative; however, if both dice come up as the same result, he is staggered for 1 round with no saving throws allowed. A herald of madness must be at least 9th level to take this gift from beyond.
  • Wall Hugger (Ex): The tentacle hidden along the herald's torso becomes sticky, granting him the ability to shoot the tentacle out as a move action and latch onto a surface, thus mimicking the effects of the spider climb spell. Retracting the tentacle is also a move action. When making use of the torso tentacle in this manner, it cannot be used to make melee touch attacks. A herald of madness must have the torso tentacle gift from beyond in order to take this mutation.

This ability replaces aberrant form, the greater blast etherheart, and the multiuniversal philosophy gained at 2nd level.

Touch the Unthinkable (Sp): Starting at 12th level, when casting an etherspell with the bestow etherheart, the herald of madness may increase the EP cost of the etherspell by +4. If he does, the etherspell confuses its target in addition to its other effects. When the etherspell ends, so too does the confusion effect. If the etherspell calls for a saving throw to reduce or negate its effects, then a successful saving throw negates the confusion effect, as well. If the etherspell does not call for a saving throw, then a Will save negates the confusion effect. Calculate the DC of this Will save in the same manner as for any other etherspell. The chaotic influence of the herald of madness' masters causes the entirety of an etherspell that has had this ability applied to it to become mind-affecting.

This ability replaces aberrant physiology.

Relative Perfection (Ex): At 20th level, the herald of madness has finally achieved physical perfection from the point of view of his masters. He is forevermore treated as an aberration rather than as a humanoid (or whatever the herald's creature type was) for the purpose of spells and magical effects. The herald of madness mutates excessively, gaining immunity to poison, immunity to fear, and immunity to disease. Unlike other aberrations, the herald of madness can still be brought back from the dead as if he were a member of his previous creature type. Finally, any creature beginning its turn in a square occupied by the herald of madness must make a DC 10 + ½ the herald’s class level + the herald’s Charisma modifier Will save or be confused for 1 round. This is a mind-affecting ability.

This ability replaces multiuniversal apotheosis.

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