Herald Of The Void (Archetype)

Note: The herald of the void uses the optional greater manifestations system.

Void Philosophy: At 6th level and every four levels thereafter, a herald of the void gains the following multiuniversal philosophy.

Multiuniversal Perfectionist: Some ethermancers constantly strive to improve their ethermancy, believing that the very way they wield their power is in some way restrictive. After all, they wield the power of that which lies beyond all of creation. Why shouldn't it be capable of doing everything? Each time the herald of the void selects the multiuniversal perfectionist philosophy, he selects a greater manifestation (see Section: Greater Manifestations) of an etherheart he knows and a manifestation level that he can cast. He now knows this greater manifestation. Each greater manifestation a herald of the void knows can be cast once per day. This daily casting of each greater manifestation that the herald of the void knows is replenished after 8 hours of rest or meditationÍž the hours need not be consecutive. The herald of the void must be able to cast 2nd-level manifestations to select this philosophy.

This ability replaces multiuniversal philosophy.

Void Harvest (Su): Starting at 12th level, whenever the herald of the void casts an etherspell containing a greater manifestation, he gains temporary ether points equal to half his herald of the void class level. These temporary ether points last for 1 minute.

This ability replaces the multiuniversal philosophy gained at 2nd level and aberrant physiology.

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