Herculean Scion

Domain Power (Su): The divine ichor coursing through the herculean scion’s veins grants them power normally reserved for the servants of their godly ancestor. The herculean scion gains the powers of a domain of her choice, using her mageknight level in place of her cleric level.

This replaces the magic talent gained at 1st level.

Divine Heritage (Ex): A demigod’s body receives magic more readily; a herculean scion uses her class level as her caster level for enhancements that solely target herself. This stacks normally with caster levels gained from other sources.

This ability replaces resist magic.

Flesh of the Gods (Ex): As godly flesh replaces mortal meat, a herculean scion leaves behind the weaknesses of mortal existence. At 7th level, she becomes immune to all poisons and diseases, and ages at half the normal rate.

This ability replaces marked.

Unbreakable Skin (Su): A herculean scion can take a blade to the back without taking a scratch. At 11th level, she gains DR 3/-; this improves to DR 4/- at 15th level, and DR 5/- at 19th level. As a side effect, her skin glows with excessive health, shedding light as a candle; she may dismiss this light or cause it to resume as a free action.

This ability replaces mystic defense.

Divine Transubstantiation (Ex): At this point, the base substance of the herculean scion has been stripped away, letting the divine spark shine through unhindered.

At 20th level, her type changes to outsider, though she may still be returned to life as if she were her original type, and may choose to be affected by effects that are restricted to her original type. Finally, when she spends a spell point to allow an enhancement that solely targets her to continue without concentration, it continues for 24 hours instead of 1 minute per caster level.

This ability replaces spellsword.

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