House Of Prominence
The City of 7 Seraphs

House of Prominence

LG preeminent organization
Leaders the High Elders
Values ambition, preparation, self-discipline
Nicknames “Ancients,” “Crusts or Dusts,” “Grudges,” “Low Gods”
Public Goals to preserve the city's laws, to regulate city citizenship, to help others reach immortality, to provide housing to the city's citizens, to reach godhood, to manage the city's expansion
Private Goals the House wishes to see a certain Eternal banished; a secret faction wishes to see a different organization return to the city at the expense of a current organization, generally the Ashlords or Everlasting Dawn
Allies among fellow organizations, Cocoon Pact, Foreseers, Hands of Burden, Steamstriders, and the Church of Coin
Enemies among fellow organizations, Ashlords, Blackswords, and the Scarlet Sovereignty
Membership Requirements be a citizen of the city
Influence Limitations Each time the adventurers wish to reach a new rank, they must take a step toward self-actualization and achieve some task of value to the organization significantly more noteworthy than the last.

Special Tasks

Step Toward Apotheosis (1 Favor/2 Fame) Once per month, you can increase your Fame score or take a step toward raising your influence with the House of Prominence by taking a step toward immortality. Completing a mythic trial (or a task that would be a suitable mythic trial, if you are not mythic) and learning useful information related to gaining immortality satisfy this special task.


Passive Benefits (Fame Awards)

“Initiate”—Rank 1 (5 Fame): You can access the House's extensive properties and contacts with landowners. When within 100 miles of the city, you can maintain an average lifestyle without spending money.
“Aspirant”—Rank 2 (20 Fame): You benefit from goodwill toward the House's charitable works. When within 100 miles of the city, you gain a +2 bonus on Diplomacy checks and you can maintain a wealthy lifestyle without spending money.
“Ascendant”—Rank 3 (35 Fame): You can access a House of Prominence safehouse stocked with items worth up to 100 gp anywhere the House has agents. Divination spells of 6th level or lower cannot location or penetrate the safehouse. You can restock the safehouse or establish a new safehouse in place of the old one once per month. In addition, you can maintain an extravagant lifestyle without spending money.
“Infinite”—Rank 4 (50 Fame): You become an influential leader of the organization and gain a +4 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks against those familiar with the House of Prominence. In addition, you can retrain without expending money or favors (or PP).

Favors (Prestige Awards)

New benefits are marked with an asterisk (*). All other benefits are described in the Mastering Intrigue chapter of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Intrigue or the campaign setting intrigue guide.
Rank 1 (5 Fame, 1 PP): borrow resources (100 gp), case (+15), gather information, lifestyle* (wealthy), sage (history +15)
Rank 1 (10 Fame, 2 PP): skill specialization (AutohypnosisUP, Diplomacy)
Rank 2 (15, 1 PP): lifestyle* (extravagant)
Rank 2 (20, 5 PP): borrow resources (1,000 gp), put in a good word, retrain (locate trainer)
Rank 3 (35 Fame, 5 PP): ambrosia*, borrow resources (5,000 gp), reciprocal benefits
Rank 3 (35 Fame, 15 PP): retrain (no gp cost)
Rank 4 (50 Fame, 25 PP): borrow resources (15,000 gp), longevity*, mythic defiance*

New Benefits

Ambrosia (35 Fame, 5 PP): You can purchase ambrosiaMA at a 10% discount or receive one dose as two favors (15 PP).

Lifestyle (5 or 15 Fame, 1 PP): The House of Heights allows you to live well on its property, gaining a wealthy or extravagant lifestyle for 1 month without expending any money.

Longevity (50 Fame, 25PP): You cease to age for 25 years (or for 1 year per 2 Fame you have).

Mythic Defiance (50 Fame, 25 PP): Once per day, you can resist mythic power. If you aren't mythic, one effect treats you as mythic. If you are mythic, you automatically succeed on a saving throw against a mythic effect.

Sage (5 Fame, 1 PP): You consult a sage, who makes one Knowledge check on your behalf.

House of Prominence Views & Beliefs

The House believes that Immortality is both individual path and reactive science. They often rapidly engineer environmental, arcane, or social circumstances around a member's pending transformation. As well as quickly abandoning the effort, if it is a failure. The organizations of the City include far more than one Eternal apotheosis as successes, and the House counts no less than a dozen ascendants from other organizations among the Eternal’s ranks.

When not actively engaged in the central effort to achieve various forms of immortality, the organization is as actively engaged in the development of the city as a city that can actively support the needs of a growing eternal population. They hold seminars on social reintegration, generational planning, and countless other subjects to explore the full ramification of their intentions toward Forever.

House of Prominence Game Mechanics

Enhanced Paragon (Paladin/Antipaladin Class Template)
Entropic Ascendant (IlluminatusLCI Archetype)
High Aspirant (Prestige Class)
Incarnation Ascendant (Monk Archetype)
Living Crucible (Alchemist Archetype)
Locuspex (Cleric Archetype)
Mind Ascendant (Psion Archetype)
Tempus Ascendant (Time WardenGGTW Archetype)
Unity Ascendant (Radiant Archetype)

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