Icegrave Sentinel (Paladin Archetype)

Alignment: An Icegrave sentinel can be any lawful alignment, including lawful evil, and they may follow any lawful Eternal or other deity. An evil Icegrave sentinel may still gain the lay on hands paladin class feature.

This alters the paladin’s alignment restrictions.

Code of Conduct: An Icegrave sentinel must be of a lawful alignment and loses all class features except proficiencies if she ever willingly engages in wanton destruction, especially that of a great object of history or knowledge in particular those that honor the dead (for example: a library, the single copy of an ancient tome, or a mausoleum). Killing those with great knowledge is not encouraged, but bringing back their corpse if the unavoidable happens is. Casting necromancy spells is not considered a moral failing in the eyes of the Enclave, though such actions may still cause a character’s alignment to shift.

This alters the paladin’s code of conduct.

Skills: An icegrave sentinel adds Knowledge (history) to her list of class skills, instead of Knowledge (nobility).

This alters the paladin’s skills.

Icy Calm (Su): Icegrave sentinels do not indulge in the flashy heroics of other paladins, and turn instead to somber, respectful tasks. An Icegrave sentinel uses Wisdom instead of Charisma as her key spellcasting ability score (to determine her spell DCs, bonus spells per day, bonus on concentration checks, and so on), and to determine the effects of lay on hands.

This ability alters the divine grace, paladin’s spellcasting, smite evil, and lay on hands.

Lawkeeper (Su): Their proximity to both death and undeath gives Icegrave sentinels a different view of the world. They tend to spurn more traditional ideas of good and evil and instead view chaos as one of the great faults of the world. Instead of an aura of good, an Icegrave sentinel instead has an aura of law with a strength equal to her paladin level.

Instead of seeking out evil, an Icegrave sentinel may instead choose to root out chaos. She gains detect chaos as the spell. This ability otherwise functions as detect evil.

An Icegrave sentinel may choose to instead be able to smite chaos. This ability functions as smite evil, but against chaotic-aligned creatures. Smite chaos does additional damage to outsiders with the chaotic subtype, chaotic-aligned dragons, and fey and automatically bypasses any DR the creature might possess. If the target is not chaotic, this ability is wasted with no effect and otherwise functions as smite evil. In addition, an Icegrave sentinel who has smite chaos instead gains DR/chaos at 17th and 20th level and treats her weapons as lawfully-aligned for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction at 14th level.

Once these choices are made, they cannot be reversed.

This ability alters aura of good, detect evil, smite evil, aura of justice, aura of faith, aura of righteousness and holy champion.

Touch of the Grave (Su): Some Icegrave sentinels are particularly proficient in the ways of undeath. The Guardians of the Embraced in particular tend to fight alongside the armies that the Parity’s necromancers call up in times of crisis. Using this power is not considered a violation of the code of conduct by the Enclave, but a character may still be corrupted by repeated use.

At 3rd level, an Icegrave sentinel may choose to instead gain the cruelty and channel negative energy class features as though they were an antipaladin of equal level. Once this choice is made, it cannot be reversed.

Beginning at 4th level, an Icegrave sentinel who chose to gain the cruelty and channel negative energy class features may choose gain the ability to cast a small number of spells from the antipaladin spell list as opposed to the paladin spell list.

Once the above choices are made, they cannot be reversed.

This ability alters lay on hands, channel positive energy, and spellcasting.

Frost Bound: An Icegrave sentinel’s bond with her weapon is different than that of most paladins. When using the divine bond class feature to add a weapon property she may not select flaming or flaming burst but may also chose from frost, icy burst, and unholy.

This ability alters divine bond.

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