Spheres of Guile

Always the talk of the town, idols bring an envoy’s ability to gain influence to a whole new level. Gaining increasing popularity as they engrain themselves within a community, idols are masters of influence and persuasion, especially to those who hold them in high regard.

Burgeoning Popularity

At 2nd level, the idol can gain the Social Clout Faction sphere talent as a bonus talent, even if he does not meet the prerequisites. While the idol has clout with a community, he can attempt an impressive display of skill (new skill use) as a move action or as part of gaining influence over a creature within the community.

This (optionally) replaces wordless disparagement.

Empowering Prestige (Ex)

At 3rd level, the idol (or at least his image) is driven by how he is perceived by those around him; the more that people are thinking about the idol, the more influential he becomes.

The idol gains a +1 bonus to all saving throws for each non-allied creature he can perceive that he has influence over, to a maximum bonus equal to his Charisma modifier (minimum 3).

Additionally, the idol’s confident presence ability only benefits himself. Whenever the idol successfully gains influence over a creature, his confident presence regains an amount of temporary hit points equal to 3 + his Charisma modifier.

This alters confident presence.

Layers of Influence (Ex)

At 11th level, the idol can have two individual instances of influence over a creature at once.

Additionally, the idol doubles any temporary hit points his confident presence would gain.

Finally, whenever the idol uses his dispiriting words ability against a creature he has influence over, he can increase the action cost by one step (swift to move, move to standard, standard to full-round, and full-round to 1 round) to choose an additional number of targets he has influence over equal to his Charisma modifier to be affected by his dispiriting words. If the idol uses the fanciful words phrase with this ability, its effects stack.

Greater Idol (Ex)

The idol can expand his ability to influence people greatly by focusing on his image rather than his personality.

At 3rd level, while within his area of clout, the idol gains the following influence use:

  • Dutiful Fans: The idol can spend 1 minute and 1 use of skill leverage with a creature he has influence over to request them to perform a task for him. This functions as a Faction sphere retainer, choosing a single retainer profession when he uses this ability that best fits the creature’s occupation or skillset (generally non-combatant roles), even if he does not possess the talent. The creature performs the requested task as if he had spent 1 authorization; if the creature is harmed or impacted negatively (as the same boundaries as a retainer), the idol loses the benefits of renown within the settlement for 24 hours (or longer, depending on the impact).

At 8th level, whenever the idol is within his area of clout and attempts to gain influence over a creature, he can choose an additional creature that he can interact with (and outwit if required) to gain influence over as part of the action spent to do so. Additionally, whenever the idol uses his dutiful fans influence use, he can expend his influence over the creature to have them perform the requested task as if he had spent 2 authorizations (instead of 1).

At 13th level, all creatures within the idol’s area of clout that possess half as many Hit Dice as the idol or fewer become impressed with him. Whenever such a creature no longer is impressed with the idol, they become impressed with him again after 24 hours (up to GM discretion).

At 18th level, while within his area of clout, the idol gains the following influence use:

  • Famous By Proxy: The idol can spend 1 hour, 2 uses of skill leverage, and expend his influence over a creature to have them be thrust into the spotlight, becoming a minor celebrity alongside the idol. The chosen creature gains the benefits of the Social Clout Faction sphere talent within the settlement the idol has clout with for 1 week, using the idol’s ranks when determining its effects.

This optionally replaces powerful personality.

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