Dark Passenger: At 1st level, an invidian gains the Mind and Dark spheres as bonus magic talents. If the invidian has one or both spheres already, he gains a bonus talent in that sphere instead. This ability replaces mental powers.

Blackened Psyche (Su): An invidian’s inner demon empowers him with strength and subtlety far beyond what most casters can achieve. If a blackened psyche effect calls for a saving throw, the DC is is equal to 10 + 1/2 the invidian’s level + his Intelligence modifier. This functions and counts as the symbiat’s psionics ability, with the following modifications:

Shadow Manipulation: The invidian may use his influence over shadows to manipulate the battlefield. So long as this effect is active, the invidian may, as an immediate action, grant concealment to an ally within 60 ft. of him until the beginning of the invidian’s next turn. The miss chance for this concealment is 20% + 5% for every three levels in invidian. Darkvision and see in darkness do not thwart this ability, but creatures that lack the ability to see are immune to this effect.

This replaces telekinetic manipulation.

Jumping at Shadows: At 6th level, the invidian may attempt to make an opponent jump at their own shadow, flinching away from perceived movement at just the right moment to leave them open to another attack. One target within 60 ft. counts as being flanked for one attack of the invidian’s choice each round. The invidian may affect an additional target at 9th level and every 3 levels thereafter, to a maximum of 5 targets at 18th level. In place of an additional target, he may affect an additional attack on the same target. Darkvision and see in darkness do not thwart this ability, but creatures that lack the ability to see are immune to this effect.

This replaces telekinetic edge.

Afraid of the Dark: At 11th level, through subtle manipulation of psyche and clever use of lighting, the invidian can influence the minds of her enemies. Opponents within 60 ft. of the invidian must make a Will save or become shaken until they leave the area of effect or the invidian ends the ability. Re-entering the area of effect forces a new saving throw. This is a fear effect, and escalates fear conditions already on a target.

This replaces psionic fortress.

Shadow Puppetry: At 16th level, the invidian may bind and manipulate a target’s shadow to hinder their movements. The invidian may affect one creature within 60 ft., plus an additional creature for every 2 levels beyond 16th. The target must make a Will save every round at the beginning of its turn or be staggered and take a -6 penalty to Strength and Dexterity for 1 round.

This replaces telekinetic colossus.

Shadow Leap: At 1st level the invidian gains Step Through Darkness as a bonus talent. He is constantly under the effects of this (meld) talent and does not need to spend any spell points to activate its effect. At 3rd level he increases the range of his personal Step Through Darkness by +10 ft., and another +10 ft. for every three invidian levels possessed beyond 3rd, to a maximum of +60 ft. at 18th level.

This ability replaces pushed movement.

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