Iron Mage
Ultimate Spheres of Power

Class Skills

The iron mage adds Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (history) (Int), and Knowledge (nobility) (Int) to her class skill list. The iron mage gains 4 + Int modifier skills per level.

Saving Throws

The iron mage has good Fortitude and Will saves, and poor Reflex saves.

This alters saving throws.


Choosing the iron mage archetype replaces one of the character’s Paths.

Military Tradition

The iron mage gains the War sphere as a bonus talent, and uses her class level as her caster level with that sphere. This stacks normally with caster levels gained from other sources. In addition, at 1st level she gains a bonus feat. This feat must be used to acquire an armor proficiency, shield proficiency, or weapon proficiency she qualifies for, or the Improved Unarmed Strike combat feat. If using Spheres of Might, this may be spent to gain an Equipment sphere talent.

Authority (Ex)

The iron mage can call upon reserves of personal strength and tactical skill to perform her tactical duties more effectively and to inspire her comrades to greater feats of daring. At the start of each day, an iron mage gains a number of authority points equal to her casting ability modifier.

Her authority changes throughout the day, but cannot go higher than this amount, barring special abilities. The iron mage spends authority by using commands, and regains it by succeeding in her goals.

Whenever an enemy within 60 feet of the iron mage is reduced to 0 or fewer hit points by the iron mage or one of her allies during combat, she regains 1 point of authority. The enemy must have at least half as many Hit Dice as the iron mage for them to regain authority, and they must not be helpless unless she or her allies made them helpless.

Commands (Ex)

Once per round, the iron mage may use a command to enhance her War sphere and other abilities. The iron mage has many different commands available to her, each with its own action cost. Once a command has been used, she can not use another until next turn. If she uses a command outside of her turn, it uses up this action for her next turn, and she can not use another command until after her next turn has ended. The iron mage may not use commands while she is dazed or stunned.

The iron mage gains access to all commands presented here as she levels:

Answer The Call

At 1st level, the iron mage may spend a point of authority as an immediate action to rally an ally she can see without the need of a totem or mandate. She must still pay the normal spell point cost of the rally.

Close The Ranks

At 1st level, the iron mage may spend a point of authority as a free action to allow an ally in a mandate she created to move their speed, provided their movement ends adjacent to the ally she is mandated with, or adjacent to an enemy that is adjacent to the ally she is mandated with. This provokes attacks of opportunity normally. Both allies must be within medium range of the iron mage.

Face The Enemy

At 1st level, as a free action, the iron mage may spend a point of authority to cause a totem she created that is within long range to move to her current location.

Prepare for Battle

At 5th level, the iron mage may spend a point of authority as a free action to add a number of temporary points to her momentum pool equal to twice her class level. These points are the first points spent when any ally spends momentum, and last until the end of her next turn.

Pull The Trigger

At 5th level, as a free action, the iron mage may choose an enemy she can see within close range and spend 1 point of authority to trigger every mandate she created which has at least one member within medium range and which has a trigger that is caused by the action of an enemy or the actions of a character on an enemy. Both members of each mandate receive the benefit of the mandate as if the other had just met the trigger condition against that enemy.

Watch Your Back

At 5th level, the iron mage may spend a point of authority to rally herself as a free action. The cost of the rally is reduced by 1 spell point (minimum 0).

Adapt to the Situation

At 9th level, the iron mage may spend a point of authority as a free action to change a totem she controls into a different type of totem she can create. This still qualifies as creating a totem, so any additional spell point cost of the new totem must be paid, but the new totem inherits any remaining duration from the previous totem, and any metamagic effects it may have had. If a totem is replaced with exactly the same type of totem, creatures within must still attempt new saving throws required by the totem.

Commit Your Forces

At 9th level, when the iron mage rallies an ally, she may spend a point of authority as a free action to add the effects of a second, different rally. She must pay the spell point costs of both rallies. The second rally only affects the original target of the rally, even if multiple creatures will be affected by the rally.

Lead The Charge

At 9th level, when the iron mage rolls initiative, she may spend 1 point of authority to allow any ally in a mandate she created to share their initiative total (d20 roll + initiative bonus) with anyone they are in a mandate with. An ally may share an initiative total they received from someone else with even more allies, if they are in multiple mandates.

Lend A Hand

At 13th level, when using a sphere ability that targets an ally, the iron mage may spend 1 point of authority to allow her to target any ally she may currently rally, regardless of the usual range restrictions of the ability she is using. This does not increase the number of allies that can be targeted by the sphere ability.

Muster Your Forces

At 13th level, the iron mage may spend a point of authority as a free action to transfer hit points from one member of a mandate she created to the other member. This can not reduce either member to below 1 hit point. Transferring a single hit point to a dying ally stabilizes them. Temporary hit points may not be transferred.

Take The Offensive

At 13th level, when combat begins, the iron mage may spend a point of authority to create a totem at the beginning of the first round in which she will get to act. This must be a totem she can create in a full-round action or less, and she loses the action it took to create the totem from her first turn.

Bring The Pain

At 17th level, the iron mage may spend a point of authority as a standard action to cause a totem she controls to explode in a storm of mystical energy. Each enemy within the totem must succeed at a Will save vs. a DC equal to 10 + 1/2 her iron mage level + her casting ability modifier or be stunned for 1 round. The totem ends.

Press The Advantage

At 17th level, the iron mage may spend a point of authority as free action to refill her momentum pool. She must spend a spell point as is normally required.

Respond To The Situation

At 17th level, the iron mage may spend a point of authority to rally an ally other than herself as if using an immediate action, but without expending her immediate action. She may do this even if she has used her immediate action already, or if she has been deprived of her immediate action (such as at the beginning of combat) but not if she is helpless. She must pay the spell point cost of the rally in addition to the point of authority.

Path Secrets

The iron mage gains exclusive access to the following secrets:

Battle Hardened

The iron mage gains the stalwart ability, as the mageknight class feature.

Decorated Officer

The iron mage’s maximum authority increases by 2. She may take this secret multiple times. Its effects stack.

Imbued Weapon

The iron mage chooses a weapon with which she has proficiency. She can add her casting ability modifier instead of her Dexterity or Strength modifier to attack rolls when wielding this weapon.

Sabre Rattling

The iron mage gains one swashbuckler deed of her choice, using her iron mage level as her swashbuckler level and using authority in place of panache for the purpose of this deed. The deed is considered a command, and when used, prevents the use of other commands until the end of the iron mage’s next turn. She may take this secret multiple times. Each time, she chooses another deed.

Grand Path Secrets

The iron mage gains exclusive access to the following grand secrets:

Battlefield Casting

The iron mage may take 10 on concentration checks to use War sphere abilities.

High Alert

The iron mage may add her current authority to her initiative rolls.

Lead From The Front

Whenever the iron mage makes a full attack or an attack action, she receives a +4 insight bonus to those attack rolls.

Personal Touch

Whenever the iron mage confirms a critical hit on a creature, she regains one point of authority. Confirming a critical hit on a helpless or unaware creature or on a creature that has fewer Hit Dice than half the iron mage’s character level does not restore authority.

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