Jade Equipment
Table: New Equipment, Gadgets, and Alchemical Items
Item Price Weight
Blood Cloth 50 gp *
Blood Spark Elixir 100 gp 1 lb.
Creaking Powder 20 gp *
Dragon’s Breath 500 gp 1 ½ lbs.
Dry Steel Thread, 100 ft. 100 gp *
Flame Paste 30 gp 1 lb.
Frost Glue 30 gp 1 lb.
Gunwater Bullet 10 gp 1/10 lb.
Insulated Glove 20 gp 1 lb.
Invisible Ink 10 gp *
Iron Butter Brittle 50 gp 1 lb.
Iron Cloth Fan 50 gp 1 lb.
Lightning Slash Oil 50 gp 1 lb.
Quake Powder 50 gp 1 lb.
Reishi 30 gp *
Rope Ladder, 20 ft. 5 sp 15 lbs.
Sand Acid 50 gp 1 lb.
Thunder Elixir 50 gp 1 lb.
Vaulting Pole 5 sp 7 lbs.
Windshimmer Silk, 1 square ft. 100 gp *

Blood Cloth

This purple-hued gauze-like cloth is fabricated from the rare and unusual bloodleaf plant. This plant seems to draw its chief sustenance from blood. This unusual property continues even in its death. The leaves of this plant can be made into this gauze-like cloth with the same properties. When applied to a bleeding wound, blood cloth acts as a bonding agent similar to glue, closing the wound and preventing further bleeding. Blood cloth heals 1d6 points of damage once applied and immediately halts the effects of abilities that inflict continuing damage due to bleeding, such as the Bloody Strike feat. This is an alchemical substance that does not detect as magic.

Blood Spark Elixir

This unusual elixir drains poisons and toxins from the body with immediate results. Once imbibed, the drinker finds that their entire body rocks with an intense spasm that incapacitates them for 1 round while the the elixir shoots throughout the blood stream like ire, removing all poisons and toxins from their system. They will no longer suffer any ill effects from those poisons or toxins, including ability damage; however, they are not healed of any damage that has already taken place. Because the elixir is so dramatically powerful, it inflicts 2d6 points of non-lethal damage to the imbiber. This is an alchemical substance that does not detect as magic.

Creaking Powder

One dose of this powder can be spread over a 10 square foot area. For the next 24 hours, any creature stepping upon that area makes creaking noises as if stepping upon an old wooden floor. This is an alchemical substance that does not detect as magic.

Dragon’s Breath

This resembles a large block of soap; however, when submersed in water, it emits a dense and rapid moving fog that spills out into the air, following the winds and the contours of the land as it continues to grow in area and density. It will ill an area about half of a mile in diameter and obtain a height 20 feet from the ground (unless winds shape it). The fog moves slowly and appears to be a natural phenomena. This is an alchemical substance that does not detect as magic.

Dry Steel Thread

Also called, “invincible dancing death thread”, this appears to be everyday, normal thread. It has a hardness of 10. It is not practical for clothing since the thread breaks down and dissolves once it gets wet, even from sweat or prolonged exposure to moisture in the air. It is extremely useful, however, having enough tensile strength to suspend as much as 500 lbs. from it before it will break, as long as it remains dry. Anyone dressed in clothes made from this thread that suddenly had a bucket of water emptied over them would find themselves without clothes within a single round. Stories tell of one of the more deviant and extravagant emperors who was so fascinated by this alchemical discovery that he enjoyed being entertained by beautiful dancers with clothes made from this thread. As he became more deranged, he began to shoot arrows at them as they danced until only 1 survived. This is an alchemical substance that does not detect as magic.

Flame Paste

This sticky substance can be applied to any surface. It is flammable and undetectable by scent or smell, though it will not work as glue. It remains in place for 2d4 days before losing its potent, flammable quality. Open lames, heat or intense friction ignite it. When ignited, it burns for 1d6 points of damage and lasts 1d4 rounds. This is an alchemical substance that does not detect as magic.

Frost Glue

Within moments of contact with the air, this glue strongly adheres to whatever it touches and freezes, turning into ice. It causes 1d6 points of cold damage that bypasses hardness and damage reduction to any creature or object. It continues to inflict this damage for 1d4 rounds, Objects and creatures bound by this substance can break its grip on them only with fire. This is an alchemical substance that does not detect as magic.

Gunwater Bullet

This liquid variation on gunpowder is heavier than water, and more reliable than gunpowder. Water does not mix with or dilute it, meaning that gunpowder does not need to be kept dry. The only problem with this substance has been making weapons that could contain the water-like substance without it leaking or exploding. This has led to the creation of watertight ammunition and cartridge-type irearms. They are still highly experimental and used only by the wealthy and elite. Among those fortunate few, these bullets are in high demand. Gunwater is an alchemical substance that does not detect as magic.

Insulated glove

Often used in conjunction with lightning slash oil, this glove protects against the effects of electricity thanks to a special combination of layered fabrics, including iron cloth, dry steel thread, and other special materials.

Invisible Ink

To use invisible ink requires three bottles of different substances; an ink-like substance, a white powder, and a clear liquid that smells of lemons. The resulting ink appears as normal until the white powder substance is applied, at which point the ink disappears. By apply ground herbs or other alchemicals before the white powder is applied, the message may be further hidden. The recipient must know what herb or mineral was added to the white powder in order to make the message visible again. When that herb or mineral is added to the lemon-smelling solution and gently dabbed on the paper, the message becomes visible again. This alchemical substance does not detect as magic.

Iron Butter Brittle

This paste is quite harmless unless applied to metal. It reduces the Hardness of any metal it comes into contact with by 5 points per dose. It works immediately on weakening the molecular bonds of the metal. One dose will cover an area of 1 square foot. This is an alchemical substance that does not detect as magic.

Iron Cloth Fan

This simple-looking fan is made from iron cloth. Iron cloth has the consistency and texture of thick linen, but when an electrical current shoots through it, it stiffens into whatever form it has been designed into. There are alchemists and armorers still experimenting with making this into some sort of suit of armor, but have not yet found a safe method of doing so that wouldn’t electrocute the wearer and still allow him to move without restriction, even if they could generate electricity with no difficulty. For now, however, certain mages enjoy using this fabric in the design of certain fans that they can then charge with one of their electrical spells in order to use it as an impromptu shield. Any electrical spell channeled into a fan made from this material will turn the fan into a light shield for a number of minutes equal to the level of the spell slot expended. Iron cloth is an alchemical substance and does not detect as magic.

Lightning Slash Oil

Apply this oily substance as a coating to objects and surfaces. It dries after 1 minute, A light coating lasts 1 hour, and inflicts 1d4 points of electrical damage to anything that applies friction to it during that hour. Any conductive material, such as metal weapons, will also channel that damage into objects or creatures in contact with it. ( For this reason, the insulated glove was invented.) This is an alchemical substance that does not detect as magic.

Quake Powder

Press his powder onto soil or stone to cause an explosion of earth, inlicting 2d6 points of damage upon the creature or object that applied the pressure. This alchemical substance does not detect as magic.


The technique used to create this “spiritual paper” for ofuda or reishi paper talismans is a trade secret amongst mages. Made from a specific type of tree known to mages, it adds a +1 bonus to any attack or damage rolls.

Rope Ladder

This 20 ft. rope ladder has hooks on the end.

Sand Acid

When spread on the surface, this turns sand, soil, or stone into quicksand approximately 10 feet deep. The surface of the area looks the same as before. This effect is temporary. The area will return to its normal state of solidity within 1 hour. Any organic compounds or creatures trapped by this effect suffer as if they fell into quicksand and take 1 point of acid damage per round . The acidic quicksand causes no damage to inorganic compounds. Anything still within the area when these effects wear off will be trapped under the surface of the ground. Even though this is an alchemical substance, it does detect as magical (transmutation).

Thunder Elixir

When drank, this elixir causes a chemical reaction within the body. The imbiber belches with the power of supernatural force, causing 2d6 points of sonic damage to anyone within a 15 ft. cone from the point of origin. Anyone within a 30 ft. area around the imbiber also receives 1d4 points of sonic damage, including the imbiber, as his body is racked with sonic power at the moment of discharge. This alchemical substance does not detect as magic.

Vaulting Pole

This collapsible 6-foot pole can extend to 15 feet long, granting a +5 circumstance bonus to appropriate Jump checks.

Windshimmer Silk

This atypical silky cloth shimmers even in the darkest of night. It has unusual properties: it is fire resistant, fire retardant and it seems to draw air from the atmosphere. It can even filter some air from under water. These properties put this in very high demand. It can make powerful sails, be worn as ire retardant clothing, turn into luminescent clothing for the wealthy, assist with underwater diving, and many more uses. One square foot of this cloth worn as a mask can provide air for about 30 minutes under water. Sails made windshimmer silk move ships with great speed, even in the most dire of doldrums. It is even used in the construction of rare, lying vessels and other aerial inventions by enlightened scholars. However, it is difficult to make, is quite rare, is expensive, and only comes from a mystical island. This alchemical substance does detect as magical (transmutation).

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