Jade Witch Patrons

The following are new patrons that Witches can select. Spells marked with an asterisk appear in the Advanced Player's Guide.


2nd—mage armor, 4th—resist energy, 6th—draconic reservoir (*), 8th—dragon’s breath (*), 10th—spell resistance, 12th—form of the dragon I, 14th—form of the dragon II, 16th—form of the dragon III, 18th—wish.

Five Elements

2nd—burning hands, 4th—wood shape, 6th— aqueous orb (*), 8th—command plants, 10th—passwall, 12th—fluid form (*), 14th—transmute metal to wood, 16th—repel metal or stone, 18th—meteor storm.


2nd—hide from undead, 4th—command undead, 6th— halt undead, 8th—death ward, 10th—raise dead, 12th—undeath to death, 14th—control undead, 16th—horrid wilting, 18th—true resurrection.


2nd—stonefist, 4th—shatter, 6th—shifting sand (*), 8th—stoneskin, 10th—wall of stone, 12th—elemental body III (earth only), 14th—statue, 16th—earthquake, 18th—clashing rocks (*).

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