Knave (Bard Archetype)
Ultimate Spheres of Power
Some people believe that rules do not apply to them. Others realize that rules do not apply to anyone. For the knave, there is no goodness in being obvious or honest, and adaptability is an art form all itself. Whether he’s drinking with man-eating demons or telling dirty jokes to the queen, the knave knows how to talk, fight, or spellcast his way out of anything.

This archetype requires sphere bard.

Fool’s Play (Su)

The knave can engage in a form of combat performance, in which he can effectively fight his enemies while also making them look (and feel) foolish. A combination of taunting, feinting, and inflicting minor (but embarrassing) injuries demoralize the opponent, while the performance increases the knave’s martial skill. While performing the fool’s play performance, the knave receives a +2 competence bonus on all melee attack and damage rolls, and a +2 dodge bonus to AC. Each of these bonuses increases by +1 every 4 class levels after the 1st to a maximum of +6 at 17th level. In addition, whenever the knave hits an opponent who can understand and hear what he is saying, he may use a free action to taunt them. A taunted enemy gets a -2 penalty to AC and attack rolls and can not benefit from any morale bonuses for 1 round.

This replaces countersong.

Quiet Lullaby (Su)

At 1st level, a knave learns a performance that helps disguise his true intentions. When he uses this form of performance, he may attempt a Perform check. Any attempt to detect the knave’s use of supernatural, spell-like, or sphere abilities by observing him must succeed in a Perception check against the knave’s Perform check. This includes the use of the lullaby itself. The effects of a disguised ability are not hidden.

This replaces distraction.

A Knave of All Trades (Ex)

The knave knows more than he lets on, and can prepare a few tricks even seasoned wizards do not know. At 2nd level, whenever the knave rests and regains spell points, he may choose a sphere he possesses. He may use his class level as his caster level with that sphere. This stacks normally with caster levels gained from other sources.

This replaces well-versed.

Peak Performance (Su)

At 12th level, the knave may play a song that extends the effect of his sphere abilities. Whenever he uses a sphere ability, any ally within 60 feet who can see or hear him is considered within range, and he may spend a spell point when using a sphere ability to affect any number of allies within 60 feet.

This replaces soothing song.

Inspire Aggravation (Su)

At 15th level, a knave learns to counter magical effects with his performance. When an enemy within 60 feet of the knave attempts to use a sphere ability while this song is in effect, it must succeed at a magical skill check against the knave’s MSD. If its tradition has the verbal components drawback or its spherecasting otherwise requires it to speak, it has a -4 penalty to this roll. If it fails, it may not use that sphere that turn, but do not lose its action or expend any spell points.

This replaces inspire heroics.

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