Linnorm, Midgard Serpent (CR 30/MR 10)

This titanic sea serpent is impossibly long, with endless coils covered in fins and spines. Its enormous head seems almost to blot out the sun as it rises above to strike.

Midgard Serpent (CR 30/MR 10)
XP 9,830,400
N Colossal dragon (aquatic, kaiju, mythic)
Init +3/–17, dual initiativeMA; Senses blindsight 60 ft., darkvision 600 ft., keen scent, low-light vision, mistsightMA, scent, true seeing; Perception +50
Aura frightful presence (300 ft., DC 35, 10 rounds)


AC 47, touch 6, flat-footed 43 (+3 Dex, +1 dodge, +41 natural, –8 size)
hp 884 (32d12+676); fast healing 30
Fort +36, Ref +23, Will +25
Defensive Abilities eater of magicMA, ferocity, freedom of movement; DR 20/epic; Immune ability damage, ability drain, acid, cold, death effects, disease, energy drain, fear, paralysis, poison, and sleep, kaiju traits; Resist electricity 30, fire 30, negative energy 30, sonic 30; SR 46


Speed swim 100 ft.
Melee bite +40 (8d6+16/19–20 plus grab and poison), tail slap +35 (6d6+24/19–20 plus constricting coils)
Space 60 ft.; Reach 60 ft. (120 ft. with tail slap)
Special Attacks breath weapon (60-ft. cone, 10d8 acid damage and 10d8 cold damage plus poison, Reflex DC 44 for half, usable every 1d4 rounds), capsize, constrict (tail, 8d6+28), constricting coils, crushing coils, death curse, fast swallow, feast of minnowsMA, god-eaterMA, hurl foe, lingering breathMA (4d6 acid and 4d6 cold, 10 rounds), shipwrecker, stormy seasMA, swallow whole (8d6+16 plus 3d6 acid damage, 3d6 cold damage, and poison, AC 30, 88 hp), tail sweep, twilight of doomMA, virulent venomMA

Spell-Like Abilities (CL 30th; concentration +34)
Constant—freedom of movement, true seeing
1/hour—control water, solid fog
1/day—earthquake, tsunami


Str 43, Dex 16, Con 46, Int 3, Wis 24, Cha 29
Base Atk +32; CMB +58 (+62 grapple); CMD 71 (can’t be tripped)
Feats Blinding Critical, CleaveMF, Combat ReflexesMF, Critical Focus, Dodge, Great Cleave, Greater Vital Strike, Improved Critical (bite), Improved Critical (tail slap), Improved Vital Strike, Inescapable GraspMF, Lightning Reflexes, Mobility, Power AttackMF, Sickening Critical, Swim-By Attack, Vital StrikeMF
Skills Perception +50, Stealth +21, Swim +28; Racial Modifiers +8 Perception
Languages Aquan, Giant (can’t speak)
SQ elusive, massive, noxious breathMA, poisonous bloodMA, recovery


Environment cold aquatic
Organization solitary
Treasure triple

Special Abilities

Crushing Coils (Ex) The Midgard Serpent can entwine and crush as many Huge or smaller creatures as can fit within its space. Creatures can take attacks of opportunity against the Midgard Serpent as it moves into their in the affected area are pinned (DC 44 Reflex negates), taking 8d6+24 points of bludgeoning damage during the next round unless the Midgard Serpent moves off them. If the Midgard Serpent chooses to maintain the pin, it must succeed at a combat maneuver check as normal. Pinned foes take damage from the crush each round if they don’t escape.

Constricting Coils (Ex) The Midgard Serpent can duplicate the effects of the Snatch feat when attacking with its tail slap. If it grapples a creature with this ability, it does not gain the grappled condition and does not need to succeed at a grapple combat maneuver check to move while maintaining its grapple.

If the Midgard Serpent makes a tail sweep attack, it can attempt a grapple combat maneuver as a free action against any one creature that failed its saving throw against the tail sweep.

If the check succeeds, the target is grappled as above and takes automatic damage equal to the Midgard Serpent’s tail slap damage each round that it remains grappled. The Midgard Serpent can grapple any number of creatures simultaneously.

Death Curse (Su) When a creature slays the Midgard Serpent, all creatures that have harmed the Midgard Serpent within the previous minute are affected by the curse of doom.

Curse of Doom: save Will DC 35; effect creature is affected as prediction of failureUM and can no longer be affected by healing spells nor heal damage naturally from rest. The save DC is Charisma-based.

Eater of Magic (Su) When the Midgard Serpent fails a saving throw against a spell, supernatural ability, or spell-like ability, it can reroll the saving throw against the effect (this is not an action). If it succeeds at the second saving throw, it is not affected by the spell, supernatural ability, or spell-like ability and gains a number of temporary hit points equal to the effect’s caster level (in the case of spell or spell-like abilities) or the CR of the effect’s creator (in the case of supernatural abilities). These temporary hit points last for 1 minute. The Midgard Serpent can use this ability once per day, and may gain additional uses per day by spending one use of its mythic power each time it activates this ability.

Feast of Minnows (Ex) Unlike most kaiju, the Midgard Serpent can make attacks of opportunity against Medium or larger creatures, and its natural weapons are considered area attacks for the purpose of attacking swarms. When the Midgard Serpent uses its bite attack, it can expend one use of its mythic power to attack all Medium or smaller creatures in a 10-foot cube rather than a single creature. If it uses a mythic surge to increase its attack roll, the bonus applies to all targets of this area-effect bite attack. Creatures struck by this area bite are not exposed to the Midgard Serpent’s poison, but it can attempt a combat maneuver check with a ─10 penalty to grapple and immediately swallow all creatures it hits with this bite attack, making a single check and applying it against the CMD of all targets. Swallowed creatures are exposed to its poison.

God-Eater (Ex) The Midgard Serpent despises all deities and their mortal and immortal servants. It can detect outsiders, extraplanar creatures, and divine spellcasters (as well as any creature called or summoned by outsiders, extraplanar creatures, or divine spellcasters) by scent at 10 times the normal range, and can always pinpoint their location when they are within 50 feet. Against such creatures, the save DCs of its abilities are increased by 2, its critical threat range is doubled, and its critical multiplier increased by 1. Its poison ignores the poison immunity of such creatures.

Noxious Breath (Su) Creatures damaged by the Midgard Serpent’s breath weapon (including its lingering breath) are also exposed to its poison, though the diffusion of its poison in its breath reduces the save DC by 10 (or by 20 for creatures that do not need to breathe). Creatures swallowed by the Midgard Serpent are also exposed to its poison each round they remain within its gullet.

Poison (Ex) Bite─injury; save Fort DC 44; frequency 1/round for 10 rounds; effect 3d6 acid damage and 3d6 cold damage and 2d4 Con drain; cure 3 consecutive saves.

Shipwrecker (Ex) The Midgard Serpent deals double damage to inanimate objects with its attacks.

Stormy Seas (Sp/Su) The Midgard Serpent is surrounded by foul weather at all times. Wind speeds within 1 mile are increased by two steps, and the DC of Profession (sailor) and Swim checks are increased by 10. Once every 1d6 rounds, a 5-foot-wide vertical bolt of lightning strikes a random creature within 1 mile of the Midgard Serpent, dealing 10d8 points of electricity damage (DC 20 Reflex half). Once per hour, the Midgard Serpent can use control water and solid fog as a spell-like abilities, and once per day can use earthquake and tsunami. It can expend its mythic power to use the mythic or augmented mythic versions of these spell-like abilities.

Tail Sweep (Ex) The Midgard Serpent can sweep with its tail as a standard action, affecting 60-foot-radius half-circle extending from an intersection on the edge of its space. Large or smaller creatures and objects in the area take 6d6+24 points of damage (DC 44 Reflex half). The save DC is Constitution-based.

Twilight of Doom (Su) Within 300 feet of the Midgard Serpent, lighting conditions are reduced by one step and magic is suppressed. Spellcasters take a ─10 penalty on concentration checks and a ─5 penalty on caster level checks. A spellcaster failing either check is affected as crushing despair (DC 30) for 1 minute. A spellcaster already affected by crushing despair is instead affected as bestow curse (Will DC 30); determine the specific effect of this bestow curse randomly. A creature rolling a natural 1 on any d20 roll when attacking or attacked by the Midgard Serpent is also affected by this curse. This is a curse effect. The save DC is Charisma-based.

The Midgard Serpent is the greatest of linnorms, the unbounded spawn of a treacherous godling and his monstrous bride. Cast into the sea by the when it and its monstrous siblings were discovered, this beast is fated to one day devour the mightiest of the gods. Also called Jormungandr, the Midgard Serpent is over 500 feet long and weighs over 20,000 tons.

The Midgard Serpent is a solitary beast, tolerating no rivals in the deep waters where it swims. It preys upon ordinary aquatic animals like whales and squid, but also happily devours dragon turtles, krakens, and lesser linnorms, and can depopulate entire cities of aquatic races like sahuagin and merfolk. When it roams close to the surface, storms follow in its wake, and ships are shattered with ease beneath its coils as their crews are devoured.

On rare occasions it ventures near to shore, usually when pursuing a ship fleeing before it, and may devastate coastal communities with its onslaught as the storm-tossed sea rises up around it, but it soon retreats to the deep oceans it favors. The Midgard Serpent’s appetite is endless, as it gorges itself for weeks at a time before descending into the deepest depths of the ocean to drift in the inky depths for years or decades at a time before rising once more to feast.

Habitat and Society
The Midgard Serpent is a unique creature, though kin to other great monsters like Fenris Wolf sired by the same forbidden liaisons that gave birth to it. Cast into the sea by the gods long ago, the Midgard Serpent still holds great enmity toward them and their servants, and seeks out divine servants to devour with especial relish. If he chances upon shrines to the gods, he always takes the time to demolish, despoil, and pollute them, vomiting forth his vile and corrupted poisons into the ruins left behind.

Jormungandr is not particular in his hatred of the gods, and is equally happy to destroy spaces both sacred and profane. He is a devourer of both magic as well as flesh, consuming the latent magical energies of the world and drawing in the life-giving essence of the universe with every breath. His presence disrupts natural weather and brings with it disastrous storms and a dimming of the light of the world. He is a creature of pure hate, looking always towards that far-off day when the world draws down to its bitter, frozen ending and he and the other great beasts of the world rise up and devour the gods who once cast them down.

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