Locuspex (Cleric Archetype)

Locuspices are priests serving the Eternals of the city, especially those of the House of Prominence, but sometimes of other irgabuzatuibs. Their gods were all once mortals, in some cases within living memory. Younger Eternals are often incapable of granting spells of all spell levels, which occasionally leaves particularly accomplished Locuspices without access to normal spellcasting at their highest level of spells. Some contend with surpassing their teachers in this sense by moving on to another Eternal or Divinity, but most see this as a time to meditate on the cosmic balance that the Eternals embody. These excelling priests are referred to as “paraicons” as opposed to “subicons” that have not exceeded their patrons.

Eternal Worship: Every locuspex must worship an Eternal, one of the ascended mortal heroes of the city. They must choose from that Eternal's domains and can cast normal cleric spells only up to that Eternal's maximum spell level.

Seraphic Spells: The locuspex gains spell slots above her Eternal's maximum, but they cannot be used to prepare normal cleric spells. Instead, a locuspex can prepare shadow illusions from the shadow weaverCLSSW spell list. These spells count as divine for the paraicon. These shadow illusions emulate cleric spells instead of emulating spells from any other spell list.

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