Lycanthrope, Mythic (Template)

Lycanthropy is one of the most dreaded of all curses, turning allies and friends into ravening beasts. In a mythic campaign, you can use the standard lycanthrope template alongside class levels and mythic tiers, following the standard mythic paths.

Alternatively, you can use the following mythic template, granting mythic ranks and the following abilities instead, based on the CR of the original lycanthrope (including the CR adjustment for the non-mythic lycanthrope, but not the adjusted CR based on the mythic ranks it gains from this template).

Creating a Mythic Lycanthrope

“Mythic lycanthrope “ is an acquired template that can be added to any creature with the lycanthrope template (referred to hereafter as the base lycanthrope). A mythic lycanthrope uses the base lycanthrope’s stats and abilities except as noted here.

Mythic Subtype: A mythic lycanthrope gains the mythic subtype, with a rank equal to half the CR of the base lycanthrope. A mythic lycanthrope gains additional abilities depending on the base lycanthrope’s CR instead of the mythic abilities it would get for having a rank. The mythic lycanthrope gains all other benefits of having the mythic subtype: ability score bonuses, bonus hit points, mythic feats, mythic power, natural armor bonus, and spell resistance increase (if any).

CR: Adjust the base lycanthrope’s CR according to its mythic rank (this template doesn’t increase the base lycanthrope’s CR other than from the mythic rank). Note that a mythic lycanthrope’s abilities on Table 1 depend on the base lycanthrope’s CR, not the final CR of the mythic lycanthrope.

Tier: A lycanthrope with mythic tiers that becomes a mythic lycanthrope loses its tiers (and all abilities from those tiers) and gains abilities from the mythic lycanthrope template, according to the base lycanthrope’s CR.

Bloodthirsty (Ex): A mythic lycanthrope gains the blood rage universal monster ability, though once per day per mythic rank it may choose to suppress this rage (or any other rage effect) for 1 round as a free action. If the lycanthrope has the rage class feature, it does not gain the blood rage (or powerful rage or enhanced rage) abilities but instead adds mythic rank to its class level for all purposes relating to rage, including acquiring (and qualifying for) bonus rage powers or rage-related class features, such as greater rage and tireless rage. If this increases its effective level over 20th, it gains one additional rage power per 2 levels beyond 20th.

In addition to this blood rage, a mythic lycanthrope’s bite deals bleed damage equal to one-half its mythic rank (minimum 1) on a hit. This bleed damage stacks. On a critical hit with its bite, or if it expends one use of its mythic power on a normal hit, the target also takes 1 point of Constitution bleed.

Curse of Lycanthropy (Su): A mythic lycanthrope adds its mythic rank to the save DC to resist its curse of lycanthropy, or even notice its presence. The curse cannot be removed by non-mythic effects.

Regeneration (Ex): A mythic lycanthrope gains regeneration equal to its mythic tier. Its regeneration can be suppressed only by silver weapons.

Skintalker (Su): A mythic lycanthrope can converse with animals of its type as speak with animals, and adds its mythic rank to the bonus it gains on Diplomacy checks with such animals from its lycanthropic empathy.

Bloodscent (Ex): At 2nd rank, a mythic lycanthrope multiplies the distance at which it can detect a creature by scent by its mythic rank. It can pinpoint the location a creature taking bleed damage within 5 feet times its mythic rank. It also gains a bonus equal to twice its mythic rank on Survival checks to track a creature taking bleed damage by scent.

Powerful Rage (Ex): At 2nd rank, a mythic lycanthrope may select a barbarian rage power, which functions whenever its blood rage is active. It treats its mythic rank as its barbarian level for all purposes related to rage powers. It gains an additional rage power at 6th and 10th tier. These rage powers cannot be changed once chosen. A mythic lycanthrope may select the Extra Rage Power feat.

Brotherhood of the Skin (Sp): At 3rd rank, a mythic lycanthrope can summon animals (including dire animals) of its type once per hour, as if using summon nature’s ally III. A mythic lycanthrope can summon animals of its type not on the standard list, including swarms, treating them as the level of other animals with the same CR. A mythic lycanthrope also can add the advanced or giant simple template to these animals, treating them as one level higher, or both templates, treating them as two levels higher, or the young template, treating them as one level lower. These animals understand the lycanthrope as if using speak with animals and serve it for 1 hour or until slain. Once per day, it can double the number of animals summoned, or may summon the normal number of creatures with the savage mythic simple template. It can expend one use of its mythic power to perform this enhanced summons an additional time per day.

Each time a mythic lycanthrope gains a mythic rank, it increases the effective level of its summon nature’s ally ability. At 10th tier, all animals it summons gain the savage mythic simple template.

Enhanced Rage (Ex): At 4th rank, the bonuses to Strength and Constitution from the mythic lycanthrope’s blood rage improve to +4, and the lycanthrope may choose to reallocate up to 4 points of these bonuses to Dexterity instead. These bonuses improve to +6 at 8th rank, and may reallocate up to 6 points to Dexterity.

Sovereign Skin (Ex): At 4th rank, a mythic lycanthrope retains its DR/silver in its humanoid form. In animal or hybrid form, it gains fortification (25%); this fortification does not apply against critical hits or sneak attacks with silver weapons. This increases to fortification (50%) at 7th rank and fortification (75%) at 10th rank.

Great Beast (Sp): At 5th rank, a mythic lycanthrope in animal or hybrid form may increase its size at will as a standard action lasting 1 minute. This functions as enlarge person, but if the lycanthrope is in animal form and expends one use of its mythic power it functions as animal growth.

Herald of the Skin (Su): At 6th rank, as a standard action a mythic lycanthrope can see, hear, and speak through the body of an animal it has summoned. The mythic lycanthrope can use this ability indefinitely on one creature at a time, as long as it and the summoned creature remain on the same plane. A mythic lycanthrope using this ability can’t move, but is still aware of its surroundings and can end this ability as a free action. In addition, when it summons animals it can designate one as its herald; this herald does not disappear after one hour but serves until death. As long as the herald lives, the number of creatures the lycanthrope summons is reduced by 1 each time it uses its summon nature’s ally ability.

Run with the Pack (Sp): At 7th rank, a mythic lycanthrope can touch a creature and polymorph it into an animal or dire animal of its type, as beast shape II. A successful Fortitude save (DC 15 + the lycanthrope’s Wisdom modifier) negates this transformation and grants immunity to this effect for 24 hours. A failed save forces the target into animal form for a number of minutes equal to the lycanthrope’s mythic rank, at which point the target gains a second saving throw. If failed, the transformation lasts for an additional 24 hours, after which a third save is allowed. If failed, the transformation becomes permanent. This is a curse effect. The mythic lycanthrope can use this ability as a standard action a number of times per day equal to its mythic rank. It can expend two daily uses of this ability to use it as a swift action after hitting a creature with its bite.

Create Mythic Lycanthrope (Su): At 8th rank, a mythic lycanthrope can expend one use of mythic power when using a creature fails its saving throw against its curse of lycanthropy to cause the victim to transform into a lycanthrope the next night, rather than waiting until the next full moon. The mythic lycanthrope can expend two uses of mythic power when using a creature contracts its curse of lycanthropy to create a mythic lycanthrope.

Impervious Skin (Ex): At 9th rank, a mythic lycanthrope’s DR/silver increases by 5, and its damage reduction cannot be overcome by weapons that are not silver or mithral, regardless of their enhancement bonus or abilities that normally bypass damage reduction, such as a paladin’s smite evil or a mythic champion’s fleet charge.

Wild Hunt (Su): At 10th rank, a mythic lycanthrope can expend one use of its mythic power to grant itself and a number of animals or lycanthropes of its type equal to its Hit Dice the ranger’s quarry class feature for 24 hours, designating a single creature as the target of the hunt. As a full-round action, the lycanthrope may expend one use of its mythic power to grant all participants in the wild hunt the benefits of longstrider, tireless pursuers, and air walk (caster level equal to the lycanthrope’s Hit Dice), or it may expend two uses of mythic power to grant all members of the hunt the agile mythic simple template for 1 hour.

Mythic Lycanthrope Abilities
Base Creature CR Mythic Rank Mythic Abilities
1-3 1st Bloodthirsty, curse of lycanthropy, regeneration, skintalker
4-5 2nd Bloodscent, powerful rage
6-7 3rd Brotherhood of the skin
8-9 4th Enhanced rage, sovereign skin
10-11 5th Great beast
12–13 6th Herald of the skin
14–15 7th Run with the pack
16–17 8th Create mythic lycanthrope
18–19 9th Impervious skin
20+ 10th Wild hunt
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