Machine Cultist

Constructs do not typically threaten civilization like other monsters, purpose-built and beholden to greater powers. However, those who specialize in dismantling them eventually recognize haunting and maddening logic surrounding machines… and begin to improve upon their own flawed bodies.

Class Skills: A machine cultist adds Disable Device and Knowledge (engineering) to their list of class skills, and removes Knowledge (Nature) and Ride from their list of class skills.

This alters the reaper's class skills.

Construct Hunter (Ex): At 1st level, you are always treated as if you've selected constructs with your favored prey class feature, in addition to the currently selected creature type.

This ability replaces cult.

Tinkering: Whenever a machine cultist can gain a reaper technique, they may instead select a technical insight from the technician's technical insight list, treating their reaper level as their technician level for the purposes of these technical insights. This stacks with any technician levels the machine cultist possesses.

This ability modifies reaper techniques.

The Flesh Is Weak (Ex): At 3rd level, a machine cultist gains damage reduction 2/adamantine as they slowly replace parts of their flesh and bone with sturdier alloys. At 7th level and every 4 levels after, this damage reduction increases by 2.

This ability replaces prey casting bonus.

Integrated Perfection (Ex): At 5th level, a machine cultist may gain an invention, as the technician class feature, except that they may not select independent invention. The chosen invention is integrated directly into the machine cultist's body rather than being a removable object. The invention cannot be removed once chosen, but it can be replaced by another invention of the same type. In the case of held inventions such as improved melee weapon or improved shield, the object is grafted onto one of the machine cultist's arms as per the Graft Weapon trait of the Morphic Weapon talent of the Alteration sphere. (Alteration Handbook)

At 9th, 13th, and 17th level, the machine cultist may select an additional invention in this manner.

Robotic Mannerisms (Su): At 17th level, a machine cultist uses the construct creature type for their reality shudders class feature.

This ability modifies reality shudders.

Immaculate Union (Ex): At 20th level, a machine cultist has completed their journey to become a perfect cyborg of living metal. The machine cultist's type changes to construct, except that they retain their Constitution score, do not receive bonus hit points for their size, retain their ability to heal damage on their own, are not immediately destroyed at 0 hit points, can be raised or resurrected normally, and are affected by magical healing effects normally. The machine cultist does not recalculate hit dice, base attack bonus, or saving throws.

This ability replaces soul crisis.

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