The Inventor's Handbook

Customized Gadgets: At 1st level, the machinehead learns to create and fight with specialized weaponry. All of the machinehead’s customized weapons must consist of technological weapons (they do not have to have been gained through the Tech sphere). Non-technological weapons benefiting from (accessory) talents count towards this purpose.

This modifies customize weapon.

Basic Cybernetics: At 1st level, the machinehead gains the Tech sphere as a bonus sphere, although with it she must gain the Internal Tool (gadget, augment) talent. If she already possesses Internal Tool, she instead gains any Tech talent for which she qualifies.

This replaces the prowess gained at 2nd level.

Advanced Integration (Ex): At 1st level the machinehead is capable of maximizing the storage utility of the Internal Tool talent. Instead of each internal tool having a size limit, combine each tool into a singular pool of storage. For example, two arms which can normally store two Tiny tools each form a maximum size pool of a Small object. The machinehead can store or integrate any number of tools or weapons in this pool as long as their collective size isn’t larger than the maximum size pool (this pool can even combine grafted internal tools and internal pool augments). Tools can be withdrawn from within this storage pool from within any augment that’s part of it. For every 2 levels of machinehead you posses, add an additional Tiny-sized object you can store to the pool.

Quick Retrieval: The machinehead only gains the benefit of quick change for custom weapons either stored or integrated with the internal tools augment, as well as for any other gadget stored with the Internal Tool talent.

This modifies quick change.

Tech Assault: The machinehead may activate the rapid assault ability whenever a creature takes damage from or fails a save against a Tech sphere ability with a activation or use time of a standard action or greater. This is in addition to the standard activation triggers.

Tech Barrage: When using lightning assault, the machinehead may activate a gadget with no longer than a standard action activation time in place of either (but not both) of the granted attack actions.

New Prowesses

The following prowesses are available exclusively to the machinehead:

Custom Graft

You can create a single augment graft from an (augment) talent you possess as if you possessed the Craft Augment Graft feat, and implant it within yourself. Unlike other graft augments, it cannot be bought or sold, and requires no gold to create as it depends upon your tinkering and maintenance to function. Because of this necessary maintenance, it is not treated as having an internal battery and instead is recharged in the same way other gadgets from the Tech sphere are. This graft augment does not count towards the maximum number of devices you have prepared at a time.

You may select this prowess multiple times, gaining another custom graft for each selection.


The machinehead’s mastery of the limit improves. When the machinehead enters the limit they instead gain a +4 morale bonus to their Strength and Constitution, as well as a +2 morale bonus on Will saves.

The machinehead must be a 12th level armiger, and possess at least 2 augment grafts before taking this prowess, as well as the yellow line prowess.

True Cyborg

The machinehead is more machine than man. The machinehead ceases to age (becoming effectively immortal), and gains immunity to age effects, bleed effects, nonlethal damage, and ability damage. In addition, the machinehead is treated as a construct rather than a humanoid (or whatever the machinehead’s creature type was before) if to do so would be advantageous for the purpose of spells and magical effects.

The machinehead must be a 20th level armiger, and possess at least 4 augment grafts before taking this prowess.

Yellow Line

The machinehead may push their body and cybernetics to the limit to achieve a burst of power.

The machinehead may enter the limit as a free action. While in the limit, the machinehead gains a +2 morale bonus to their Strength and Constitution, as well as a +1 morale bonus on Will saves. The increase to Constitution grants the machinehead 1 hit points per Hit Dice, but these disappear when the limit ends and are not lost first like temporary hit points.

Each round spent in the limit expends a charge from their charge pool (charges in a battery or a gadget cannot be substituted). A machinehead can exit the limit as a free action and is fatigued after leaving for a number of rounds equal to 2 times the number of rounds spent in the limit.

The machinehead must be a 6th level armiger, and possess at least 1 augment graft before taking this prowess.

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