Mad Cultist (Pactmaker Archetype)

Furious Strike: At 1st level, a mad cultist receives Furious Strike† as a bonus feat.

This ability replaces constellation aspects.

Tunneled Lore: At 1st level, a mad cultist chooses one constellation. She may only seal pacts with starless spirits and spirits belonging to her chosen constellation. All other constellations are barred to her.

Fanaticism (Ex): At 3rd level, a mad cultist gains the rage ability, using her pactmaker level as her effective barbarian level. While raging, a mad cultist is not in complete control of her emotions. She is unable to attack or harm creatures that qualify as favored allies of her bound spirits. Additionally, each round that a raging mad cultist sees an opponent that qualifies as a favored enemy of one of her bound spirits, she must attempt a Will save against the spirit’s binding DC or be forced to focus all of her attacks for the round against that opponent until the start of her next turn or move towards it if the favored enemy is not within reach. If multiple favored enemies are visible, choose the closest first. If the mad cultist gains levels in another class that grants the rage ability, levels of these classes stack when determining the total number of rounds per day that the mad cultist can rage.

This ability replaces pact augmentation.

Rage Powers: Beginning at 5th level, a mad cultist may select a rage power instead of a binder secret, using her pactmaker level as her effective barbarian level when determining if she meets the prerequisites of a rage power. Her effective barbarian levels stack with any barbarian levels that she possesses when determining if she meets the prerequisites of a rage power.

Greater Fanaticism (Ex): At 20th level, when a mad cultist enters rage, the morale bonus to her Strength and Constitution increases to +6 and the morale bonus on her Will saves increases to +3.

This ability replaces occult mastery.

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