Some take up the mantle of the reaper not to defend against threats to the souls of mortals, but to hunt dangerous magic users who would attempt to warp reality and ignore the consequences. Magekillers do not risk corruption of their soul, but lose out on the terrible, occult powers that other reapers gain.

Arcane Hunter (Ex): At 1st level, a magekiller may always treat any creature capable of casting spells or using magical sphere effects as their favoured prey.

This replaces the cult and reality shudders class features.

Sense Magic (Su): At 5th level, a magekiller can constantly detect magical auras as if using the divine ability of the Divination sphere, treating their class level as their caster level for the purposes of this ability. Unlike the divine ability, the magekiller does not need to concentrate on this ability and is not flat-footed as a result of this ability.

Spell Breaker: At 9th level, a magekiller gains Counterspell and Counterspell Mastery as bonus feats, even if they do not meet their prerequisites. If the magekiller already possesses any of these feats, they may instead select and gain a different feat or feats they meet the prerequisites for.

Spell Eater (Su): At 13th level, whenever a magekiller successfully dispels a magic effect, suppresses a magical item, or counters a spell or magical effect with the Counterspell feat, they are refunded 1 spell point. The magekiller can only gain 1 spell point per use of the Counterspell feat, even if more than one spell, magical effect, or magic item is affected (such as with the Improved Counterspell feat).

Spell Sunder (Su): At 17th level, whenever a magekiller successfully counters a spell with the Counterspell feat, they may cause harmful backlash towards the caster as a free action than can be taken even if it is not the magekiller's turn. The caster takes damage equal to 1d6 times the caster level of the countered ability, or half this damage with a successful Reflex save (DC = 10 + 1/2 the magekiller's HD + the magekiller's practitioner modifier).

Null Magic (Su): At 20th level, a magekiller gains a +5 insight bonus to all saves against spells and magical sphere effects. Additionally, the magekiller does not need to spend an extra spell point to use the Counterspell Mastery feat.

This ability replaces soul crisis.

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