Magus Arcana

Magi may choose the following arcana:

Counterspell Strike (requires Spellstrike, Counterspell)

When you use Counterspell with your spellstrike abilities, you may add the enhancement bonus of your weapon to your Magical Skill Bonus.

Whenever you successfully counter a spell or sphere ability that can be delivered as a touch attack, you may charge your weapon with that spell, and deliver it to a different creature using your spellstrike before the end of your next turn.

Personal Magic (requires Enhancement sphere or Protection sphere)

You may use your class level as your caster level for any aegis you create that you bear, and if you use a (succor) talent to sacrifice an aegis you created that you bear, you may use your class level as your caster level. This stacks with caster levels from other sources normally. You may use your class level as your caster level for any enhancement you cast on yourself or equipment you have enchanted with your arcane pool. This stacks with caster levels from other sources normally.

Quarterstaff Arcana (requires Spell Combat, Sphere Casting)

You may use a quarterstaff with your spell combat as if it were a one-handed weapon - though you still must grip the weapon with both hands. When you use spell combat, you may only attack with one end of your staff.

While wielding a quarterstaff, you gain a shield bonus to your Armor Class equal to the enhancement bonus or caster level enhancement bonus of the quarterstaff (including any enhancement bonus on that staff from the arcane pool class feature), whichever is higher.

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