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The Initiate's Handbook
The Flow of Magic: Some talents or abilities in the Mana sphere, as well as some other spheres, grant temporary spell points. Only temporary spell points from different sources stack together. Temporary spell points from any source may never be used to cast Mana sphere effects. Temporary spell points granted by the Mana sphere only last 1 round per caster level if not specified otherwise. Temporary spell points must always be spent first, and are always lost first when a creature loses spell points from any effect. Finally, any effect with a non-instantaneous duration cast with temporary spell points expires when the the temporary spell points would expire, even if their duration would otherwise be longer. If an effect uses temporary spell points with different remaining durations, use the shortest remaining duration to determine the effects cast with them.

When attempting a magic skill check against a creature that does not have a magic skill defense, treat their magic skill defense as if it were 11.

Sphere Restrictions: Unless otherwise specified, animal companions, cohorts, Conjuration sphere companions, drake companions, eidolons, familiars, followers and other similar companions or pets cannot gain this sphere or talents from this sphere.

Special: Destruction Sphere If you possess the Mana Siphon (blast type) talent, you may create manabonds on any creature you drain spell points from while using it, treating it as if it was an expunge. Additionally, temporary spell points gained from Mana Siphon benefit from the Retained Imbuement talent. Mana Siphon always drains real spell points, not temporary ones.


As a standard action, you may expunge the energy from a creature within close range, applying the effects of a single (expunge) talent that you possess upon the creature.

When you gain the Mana sphere, you gain the following (expunge) talent:


You may spend a spell point and attempt a magic skill check against your target. If successful, you burn a number of spell points from the target’s spell pool, removing it from their spell pool as if they had used the spell point themselves (although this does not trigger effects that rely on spell points being spent, such as drawbacks from the target’s casting tradition, or the triggering of wild magic). The amount of spell points burned starts 1d3 and increases at 5th level and every four caster levels thereafter (up to a maximum of 3d6 at 25th caster level), as listed under Table: Burn Dice.

Table: Burn Dice
Caster Level Burn Size
1st 1d3
5th 1d4
9th 1d6
13th 2d4
17th 2d6
21st 3d4
25th 3d6

Note: The expunge ability is created with the intention of being used upon other spellcasters that utilize the Spheres of Power system of magic, but can be made to work with other systems of magic as well. When used against a spellcaster that utilizes the core system of magic in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, a GM may allow it to burn spell slots or spells prepared. To calculate which spells are affected, total the number of spell points burned. The caster suffering from the Spellburn talent may then choose an amount of spell slots or prepared spells to lose. They must choose an amount of spells that amount to the points cost, following this list to determine the value of each spell level in spell points:

Level 1-2: 1 spell point, Level 3-5: 2 spell points, Level 6-8: 3 spell points, Level 9: 4 spell points.

If there is an amount of spell points remaining that the spellcaster cannot sacrifice spells of a level to make up for without going above the amount (for example, only losing 1 spell point but not having any 1st or 2nd level spell slots/prepared spells left), they may ignore the remainder without sacrificing additional spell slots. When used on creatures with psionic manifesting (Psionics Unleashed by Dreamscarred Press), the creature loses a number of power points equal to the number of spell points that would have been lost multiplied by 1 + its Hit Dice/4.


You learn to bend the rules of magic to your advantage. As a standard action, you may use any (manipulation) that you possess, up to a range of close. You must remain within this range when maintaining a (manipulation) through concentration. When you gain the Mana sphere, you gain the following (manipulation):


You may manipulate an area within range, altering the rules of magic within a radius of up to 10 feet + 5 feet per 10 caster levels. You may select a single modification to make to the manipulated area at the time of casting, listed below. This area remains for as long as you concentrate, to a maximum of 1 round per caster level, but you may always spend a spell point to allow the effect to remain without concentration for its maximum duration. All spells cast in or into the affected area, or that pass through the area (such as a ray) are subject to this ability’s effects.

Only one shuffle can be in effect in an area at a time, with any attempt to overlap areas requiring a magic skill check against the MSD of the initial shuffle effect. If you succeed, the initial shuffle effect is dispelled, but on a failure you fail to cast the shuffle effect.

You may modify the rules of magic in the following ways:

Elemental Rewiring: Select a single energy type from the following list: acid, cold, electricity, or fire. You convert all energy damage from magical and supernatural effects that are affected by your shuffle into the selected type, but only if they are energy types that are on the prior list of energy types. At 7th caster level, you add sonic to this list. At 12th caster level, you add force to this list. At 17th caster level, you add negative and positive energy to this list.

Protective Rewiring: Select a single saving throw between Fortitude, Reflex and Will. Whenever a creature within the area of your shuffle must attempt a saving throw against a magical or supernatural effect, they must instead use the modifier of the saving throw you chose.

The saving throw is still treated as the original type required by the magical or supernatural effect (i.e., evasion still works when switching from Reflex to Fortitude), and any conditional modifiers that apply to the original type still apply, but not from the new type. The caster of a sphere effect changed by this ability may attempt a magic skill check against your Mana sphere DC to stop creatures from utilizing this effect against that specific sphere effect.


As a swift action made as part of successfully using an expunge or (manipulation) that targets a creature other than yourself, or as a move action made by spending a spell point to touch a creature other than yourself, you can create a manabond between yourself and the targeted creature for as long as you concentrate, to a maximum of 1 minute per caster level. Concentration on a manabond only requires a swift action, with the action required being unable to be lowered by any means other than the Magical Conduit talent. When creating a manabond, you may add a single (manabond) talent that you possess to the effect.

A manabond is a direct, invisible and intangible line of energy that connects you and your target, and remains active up to close range, beyond which the manabond breaks, and the effect ends. As long as you have a manabond with a creature, you may always pinpoint their exact location (although this does not negate any concealment they may have).

When creating a manabond, you are considered the host of the manabond, with the targeted creature considered the recipient. A creature can only be the host of a single manabond, and cannot be the recipient of multiple manabonds at the same time. If a second manabond would be cast on a creature, the caster must attempt a magic skill check against the MSD of the currently active manabond on the target. If the caster succeeds, the other manabond is suppressed, causing it to remain active and ongoing as long as it is maintained, but having no effect on the recipient until the suppressing manabond has ended.

If the caster fails, their manabond becomes suppressed, with the original manabond remaining active. Even when suppressed, a host may still pinpoint the location of the recipient.

When you gain the Mana sphere, you gain the following (manabond) talent:

Mystical Bond

You can assist the recipient of your manabond in their spherecasting, or hamper their efforts. When creating this manabond, you can choose to apply either a penalty or a competence bonus to their caster level, but only for a single sphere, decided at the time of casting. This bonus or penalty begins at 1, and increases by 1 every eight caster levels you possess. The penalty cannot reduce a creature’s caster level below 1.

Mana Talent Types

Some talents are marked (expunge). These grant you additional ways to expunge energy.

Some talents are marked (manipulation). These grant you additional ways of manipulating energy.

Some talents are marked (manabond). These grant you additional ways of using your manabonds.

Mana Talents

Defensive Bond

When you are the target of a magical sphere effect or supernatural effect, you may spend a spell point as an immediate action to create a manabond between yourself and another creature within manabond range. If the creature is unwilling, you must succeed on a magic skill check to create the manabond.

Draining Spellburn

When you utilize your Spellburn expunge ability, you may cause the spell points burned to be treated as if the spellcaster had spent them normally (if a caster level is required, use your caster level), causing them to trigger effects that occur when they spend spell points such as certain Mark talents, drawbacks or similar abilities.

Explosive Expunge

By spending 2 additional spell points you may use your (expunge) talents in an area, targeting every creature within a 15-foot radius burst centered within your expunge range. If the ability requires a magic skill check or attack roll, make a single roll and compare it to the magic skill defense of every creature affected. Otherwise, they each roll their save as normal. The caster is unaffected by this ability if they are within the area of effect.

If you possess the Magical Conduit talent, you can create a manabond with all creatures affected by this talent; otherwise, you may only create a manabond with one.

Hardened Bond

When creating a manabond, you may spend a spell point to allow your manabond to manifest as a physical cord connecting yourself and the target creature, although you must have line of effect to the target. These physical bonds are tough, durable chains made of raw energy that inhibit movement. The two creatures connected by such a manabond cannot move further than the maximum range for the manabond without either destroying the tether (hardness equal to your caster level, hit points equal to twice your caster level + 5, AC 10), or by making a Strength check to burst it with a DC equal to your Mana sphere DC. Destroying the tether does not end the manabond, but does cause it to lose its physicality, removing any effects granted by this talent. When moving past the maximum range of the manabond, a creature affected by this talent may make a drag attempt as a free action made as part of any movement they make, allowing them to pull the creature in the direction they move, up to a maximum amount of distance determined by the drag attempt. The host of a hardened bond may use their caster level + their casting ability modifier in place of their combat maneuver bonus, and gain a bonus equal to twice their caster level to their combat maneuver defense on drag attempts made against them using the hardened bond. In addition, you may create shorter manabonds than normal.

When creating one, they can be as short as 5 feet, or as long as your normal maximum range, but they must be measured in 5 feet increments. You can shorten or lengthen them as part of the action made to concentrate on them, although if the cord is not long enough to reach the target creature after shrinking it will break and end the effect.

Magical Conduit

You have achieved mastery over opening magical windows between yourself and others. You can now create new manabonds as a free action as part of casting your other Mana sphere abilities, rather than a swift action.

In addition, you can now become the host for multiple manabonds (but not benefit from being the recipient to multiple). When you spend a swift action to concentrate on a manabond, you count it as if you were concentrating on all currently active manabonds you have created and linked to yourself. You may also spend a spell point as part of creating a manabond to allow it to remain for 1 minute per caster level without concentration, although you may still activate effects that otherwise require concentrating on the manabond as a swift action.

Manasurge Strike [strike]

As a standard action, you can make one ranged or melee attack using a weapon. If the attack successfully hits, you may choose to trigger an (expunge) or (manipulation) talent normally cast as a standard action or less, and that only targets the creature you hit as a free action even if they are normally out of range or the talent allows to affect more than one creature.

Special: If you have the Counterspell feat, you may use it as part of using this talent, treating the counterspell as if it were an (expunge) talent.


Whenever you would gain spell points (whether temporary or not) from any effect, you can instead choose to consume the spell points, fueling your vitality. Each spell point consumed this way heals you for an amount of health equal to the caster level of the originating effect, plus your casting ability modifier.

Overpowering Expunge

You may either increase the casting time of your expunge by one step (normally from a standard to a full-round action) or spend an additional spell point in order to apply the effects of two (expunge) talents.

Ranged Mana [range]

Your manabond, expunge, and (manipulation) abilities have a range of medium instead of close.

If a creature is beyond close range for your manabond, but still within their maximum range, the creature may attempt a concentration check against your Mana sphere DC at the end of each of their turns in order to end the manabond.

You can take this talent a second time, increasing the range from medium to long.

Retained Imbuement

Temporary spell points you grant from any Mana sphere effect last for 1 minute per caster level rather than 1 round per caster level.

Reactive Shuffle

You may use your Shuffle ability as an immediate action in response to a sphere effect being cast, or a supernatural effect being used, but you must spend 2 spell points to do so, and the ability only affects that particular casting or use of the ability.

If you use this talent to modify your own spells as they are cast, or that of a willing creature, you instead only need to spend 1 spell point.

Sudden Empowerment/Weakening

When the recipient of your Mystical Bond casts a sphere effect, you may, as a free action that can be taken outside of your turn, end your Mystical Bond in order to empower or hinder that spellcasting, applying double the effect of Mystical Bond for that specific casting.

The use of this talent allows your Mystical Bond to reduce the caster level of a sphere effect to below 1. If this reduces the ability to a caster level below 0, the manifested ability fails and any spell points used are lost.

Expunge Talents

Disorient (Expunge)

As an expunge, you may damage the target creature’s control over their magic. The target must succeed at a successful Will save; on failure they suffer a -2 penalty to their caster level for the next sphere ability they use during the duration of this ability. If this reduces the ability to a caster level below 0, the manifested ability fails and any spell points used are lost. This penalty is increased by an additional 1 for every four caster levels you possess. This ability lasts for up to 1 minute per caster level, or until the target uses a sphere ability.

Ignition (Expunge)

As an expunge, you set ablaze the magical powers a creature holds, damaging them and potentially causing them to lose their magic. You must make a ranged touch attack on a creature within range of your expunge. If you strike, the creature suffers 1d8 untyped damage, plus an additional 1d8 damage at 4th caster level and every 3 levels thereafter. For every 5 damage the creature suffers, they lose a spell point and suffer a -1 penalty to their magic skill defense for 1 round plus an additional round at 10th caster level and every ten levels thereafter. This talent only functions on creatures that have a spell pool, whether or not they have any spell points remaining.

Special: If you possess the Transfer talent, you can utilize this talent on creatures that cannot normally store spell points. If you do, instead of losing spell points or suffering a penalty to their magic skill defense, they instead suffer a penalty to the next saving throw they make against a magical effect equal to the penalty they would have suffered to their magic skill defense, for the same duration.

Mark Of Incompetency (Expunge)

As an expunge, you may force the target to attempt a Will save. If they fail this save, their magical potency is limited to a degree. You may bestow one of the following general drawbacks on your target: Draining Casting, Magical Signs, Painful Casting, Rigorous Concentration, Unstable Storage, Verbal Casting, or Vulnerable Spellcaster. The target gains the selected drawback for the next 24 hours, but does not gain extra spell points from them. At 5th caster level, you may also grant them the following drawbacks: Center of Power, Emotional Casting, or Variant Wild Magic.

At caster level 6th, and every five caster levels thereafter, you may apply an additional drawback to the target. A creature can only suffer from one instance of this ability at a time and any creature suffering from this talent is aware of the drawbacks they are affected by. At the GM’s discretion, other drawbacks not listed may be granted with this talent.

Mark Of Instability (Expunge)

As an expunge, you may force the target to attempt a Fortitude save. If they fail this save, they become unable to voluntarily spend spell points on any effect for 1 round, plus an additional round at 5th caster level and every four caster levels thereafter. Creatures suffering from this ability may spend a standard action to attempt another Fortitude save against this effect to remove it. This does not stop the target from using magical abilities that do not require a spell point to use. This mark can be used on undead, constructs and other creatures normally immune to Fortitude saves.

Mark Of Lifeburn (Expunge)

As an expunge, you may force the target to attempt a Fortitude save. If they fail their save, their internal spell point reservoir becomes dangerous to tap into. Every time the target expends one or more spell points, they take 1d8 nonlethal damage for every spell point they use, up to a maximum amount of dice equal to your caster level (though this does not cause the caster to attempt concentration checks). At caster level 3rd, the damage dealt per spell point increases to 2d8, and by an additional 1d8 damage every three caster levels thereafter.

The target may voluntarily release a number of spell points equal to your casting ability modifier as a standard action (which does not damage them) in order to end this effect, otherwise it lasts for 1 minute per caster level.

Manabond Talents

Control Resistance (Manabond)

As a manabond, you can create a connection that attempts to bolster or reduce a creature’s spell resistance for as long as your manabond holds. If the recipient of this manabond has spell resistance, you can reduce or raise it by an amount equal to 2, +1 per two caster levels. If the recipient does not have spell resistance, you can spend a spell point to grant them spell resistance equal to 11 + your caster level for as long as the manabond holds.

Flow (Manabond)

As a manabond, you can create a magical stream between yourself and the recipient. Each round, as part of maintaining your manabond, you may choose to either funnel or sap the recipient of this manabond.

When you funnel, you spend a spell point in order to grant the recipient a single spell point. If the creature is unwilling to be granted a spell point, you must succeed at a magic skill check. If you fail, no spell points are spent and the target does not gain spell points.

When you sap, you must attempt a magic skill check against the recipient. On a success, they lose 1 spell point, as if you had used the Spellburn expunge, and you gain 1 temporary spell point. This does not grant you a spellpoint if the target did not lose a spellpoint.

As long as a creature is a recipient of this manabond, you may choose to pay any spell point costs that a recipient may incur from using their class features or casting sphere effects with your own spell points, either partially or in whole. Any spell points granted from this talent stack with themselves.

If you possess the Magical Conduit talent, you can grant any spell points gained from sapping to any other creature that is a recipient of your manabonds.

Magical Misdirection (Manabond)

As a manabond, you can create a connection between yourself and another creature that confounds targeted magical effects. As long as the manabond holds, any time you or the recipient is targeted by a single-targeted sphere effect that requires a Fortitude or Will save, or any harmless effect, you may redirect such an effect to yourself or the recipient as an immediate action. If the recipient is unwilling to have the magical effect redirected to or away from them, they may attempt a Will save to stop the effect from being redirected. In addition, when you or a willing recipient is targeted by a single-targeted harmless effect, you may instead have it affect the other creature as a free action that can be taken outside of your turn. The redirected sphere effect can be redirected multiple times across multiple willing recipients, so long as all creatures affected have a manabond of this type linking them.

Manabond Channeling (Manabond) [DbH]

As a manabond, you may create a magical conduit between yourself and the recipient. As long as the manabond holds, you may target the creature with any magic sphere effects with a range of touch or greater as if the creature was in range and you had line of sight and line of effect to the creature. You may not use this ability to channel effects that require an attack roll.

Soulmate (Manabond)

As a manabond, you can create a warm bond between yourself and a willing creature. When you (but not the recipient of this manabond) are targeted by a harmless magical effect that lasts for at least 2 rounds that does not require concentration, you may choose to clone the magical effect and allow the recipient of this manabond to benefit from that magical effect for 2 rounds, but may not last more than a number of rounds equal to half the duration that the effect is placed upon you. At 10th level and every ten levels thereafter, the magical effect lasts for an additional round on your ally.

Additionally, when you are healed for any amount of hit points originating from a magical effect (and not from sources such as fast healing, regeneration or similar), you can redirect any amount of that healing to the recipient of this manabond as a free action that can be taken outside of your turn. As the healing is redirected and not merely transferred, the healing is still limited by any effects that limited the original healing (such as not being able to heal creatures above half health, or even being used to damage creatures that are damaged by the healing you would receive.)

Manipulation Talents

Bulwark (Manipulation)

You may manipulate your magic around a creature, spending a spell point to form a bulwark of magic around the target that absorbs damage. The target of this talent gains a temporary spell point, and they gain DR 4/-, but this damage reduction only persists for as long as they retain temporary spell points from this talent. If the target would suffer damage more than twice the amount of damage the bulwark absorbs from a single attack, the bulwark is damaged and the target loses a temporary spell point granted by this talent. For every 12 points of damage absorbed by the bulwark in one round, the target loses a temporary spell point granted by this talent. If the creature has no more spell points granted by this talent, the shell shatters at the end of the creature’s next turn, ending the effect. You may spend an additional spell point as part of casting this ability for every 4 caster levels you possess, granting the target an additional temporary spell point for every extra spell point spent and allowing the shell to suffer more damage before shattering.

At 5th caster level, this damage reduction increases to 8/-, and the amount of damage a bulwark can reduce each round before losing a spell point increases by 12. These bonuses increase by 4 and 12 respectively every 5 caster levels thereafter.

Essentialize (Manipulation)

You may manipulate an ongoing magical effect that still holds most of its magical power to fuel yourself. You may target a creature within range that is currently under the effects of a harmless sphere effect, causing the effect to end. If the effect had a duration greater than 1 minute, and at least half or more of its original duration remaining, you convert it into raw energy, granting yourself temporary spell points equal to half the effect’s cost in spell points (minimum 1). If the effect cost no spell points to cast, or was cast using temporary spell points (either partially or in full), you gain no spell points. At 10th level, you instead gain spell points equal to its full cost, but only if the duration was greater than 1 hour.

Targeting yourself with this ability only requires a swift action, and targeting an unwilling creature requires you to attempt a magic skill check against the effect, with a -2 penalty on the attempt. If you possess the Counterspell feat, you reduce this penalty to 0. If you fail to use this ability on a magical effect, you may not try to dispel that effect again for 24 hours.

Gift Of Knowledge (Manipulation)

You may manipulate your magical essence, and grant others access to your own magical knowledge. By spending a spell point and targeting a creature, you may choose a single talent you possess that the target does not, or a single base sphere that you possess that the target does not.

The target may use this talent or base sphere ability once, using your caster level at the time this ability is cast (not including temporary bonuses or bonuses gained from items) and related sphere-specific drawbacks. They must use this ability within an hour per caster level, otherwise the ability is wasted. They must pay any spell point costs as normal. If you attempt to grant a talent to a target that already knows that talent, this effect fails and any spell points spent are wasted.

Relinquish Magic (Manipulation)

You learn to manipulate the magic of a sphere effect that is currently affecting you. You may grant any amount of creatures the effects of any harmless sphere effect with a non-instantaneous duration currently active on you, ending the effect on yourself and dividing the duration of the effect across the creatures you touch (including yourself).

The duration must be divided in the same increments the original ability’s duration is granted in (for example, an aegis must be divided in 1 hour increments). You may also use this ability to transfer non-harmless effects on creatures, but you must spend a spell point and succeed at a magic skill check on the effect, and your target gets a Will save to resist this if they are unwilling. This talent cannot be used on curse effects.

Transfer (Manipulation)

Rather than manipulating magic, you can instead bestow your magical fuel to a creature other than yourself. You grant your target 2 temporary spell points. At 5th caster level, and every five caster levels thereafter, the amount of temporary spell points granted increases by 1. After the casting of any sphere effect that costs at least 1 spell point, all temporary spell points granted by this ability are removed, even if the sphere effect did not utilize all of them. Using this talent requires 1 spell point, and unwilling creatures may make a Will save to resist being granted spell points.

Alternatively, you may grant your target a normal spell point, rather than a temporary one, but the amount you transfer never increases.

You may grant spell points to creatures that otherwise do not have a method of holding spell points by temporarily granting them access to a spell pool for as long any spell points granted to them last (if they are not temporary, they expire after 24 hours).

Note: Occasionally, a setting might have different sources of magic that are mutually incompatible, or a GM might wish to seperate how magic can be transferred across characters. In games like this, the GM may be encouraged to add restrictions to how the Transfer and Flow talents can be used. For example, they might rule that an arcane caster cannot grant spell points to a divine caster, or that spherecasters of a specific tradition cannot grant spell points to any other tradition. GMs are encouraged to examine how magic works in their games and arbitrate what, if any, limits on transferring magic might exist.

Advanced Mana Talents

Cruel King

Prerequisites: Mana sphere (Flow (manabond), Vassalize (advanced)), caster level 15th.

When using the Vassalize advanced talent, you may target creatures that do not normally possess a spell pool. When doing so, your sphere effects are fueled by their mental capacity: On a failed save, they suffer a -1 penalty to all of their mental ability scores for each spell point needed to cast your sphere effect for 24 hours, and you may cast the sphere effect without paying its regular cost. You may use this talent as long as none of the creature’s mental ability scores would become penalized to 0 due to the penalties bestowed. Any attempt to utilize this talent in such a way causes the effect to fail, and the action to be wasted.

Curse Of Mana [curse]

Prerequisites: Mana sphere, caster level 10th.

When you use a ‘Mark’ expunge talent, you can spend an additional 3 spell points to have the effect's duration be increased to permanent. Marks that grant additional consecutive saving throws no longer grant them. This is a curse effect. This can be only be dispelled using the Break Enchantment Life talent, break enchantment, miracle, remove curse, wish, or similar effects.

Eternal Shackles [DbH]

Prerequisites: Mana sphere (Infinite Bond (advanced), Ranged Mana x2), caster level 15th.

Your manabonds no longer have a maximum range when used on willing or unwilling targets and stay activated even when a creature is on a different plane from you. If a creature is beyond close range for your manabond, they may only attempt a magic skill check against your MSD to end the manabond once per day rather than at the end of every turn.

Harness Ambient Knowledge [DbH]

Prerequisites: Mana sphere (Gift Of Knowledge (manipulation)), Counterspell, caster level 5th, magic skill bonus +5.

When you successfully counterspell an effect, you may spend an additional spell point to gain a single base sphere or talent used in the effect for 1 round. The sphere or talent is selected at random from those you do not already possess.

Infinite Bond

Prerequisites: Mana sphere (Ranged Mana [range] x2), caster level 10th.

Your manabonds no longer have a maximum range when used on willing targets, and stays activated so long as the creature is on the same plane as you. If the creature you are bonded to leaves the plane you are on or vice-versa, the effect expires after 1 minute unless they or you return to the same plane within this time limit and you cannot activate or use the effects of your manabond unless they or you return to the same plane before it expires. If you applied Permanent Bond, the manabond does not expire, but still can only be used if you and the recipient are on the same plane.

Knowledge Drain

Prerequisites: Mana sphere (Manathief (advanced, expunge), Gift Of Knowledge (manipulation)), caster level 1st.

Your knowledge and experience in stealing the mana from others has pushed you to a new discovery; stealing their prowess in the magical arts. Whenever you successfully drain spell points from a target using Manathief, the target must additionally attempt a Will save, with a penalty to this save equal to the amount of spell points they lost from the triggering effect. On a failure, you steal the use of a single magic talent you are aware they can cast (or base sphere, if they possess a sphere with no additional talents invested). The target cannot use that sphere or talent until they rest to regain spell points, and you gain access to the talent stolen. If you do not possess the base sphere when stealing a talent this way, you instead only gain access to the base sphere. You retain use of it for 24 hours, however you may spend a spell point to retain it for another 24 hours, but each extra 24 hours adds a cumulative extra spell point cost to retaining the ability. You may only gain knowledge of one talent or sphere this way at a time, although you may choose to replace the talent you have retained an additional use of this talent.

At caster level 10th, you may retain up to two talents at a time, and an additional talent every ten caster levels thereafter.

Manathief (Expunge)

Prerequisites: Mana sphere, caster level 1st.

As an expunge, you may attempt to drain the target’s spell points rather than merely burn it, however doing so limits your destructive potential. On a successful magic skill check, the target loses a single spell point and you gain a real spell point. You may not gain more spellpoints than the target loses. For every 5 caster levels you possess, the number of spell points drained increases by 1. Attempting to drain the spell points of creatures with less than half your magic skill bonus results in no spell points being drained.

Additionally, when using the Flow talent, you gain real spell points from a creature while using the sap ability rather than temporary spell points.

Permanent Bond

Prerequisites: Mana sphere (Magical Conduit), caster level 10th.

When you create a manabond, you can spend 3 spell points to increase the duration to permanent. If you otherwise would need to concentrate to activate the effects of such a manabond, you can instead activate it once per turn on your turn as a free action. Unwilling creatures may attempt a new save every day at the start of the day, to try and break permanent manabonds.

If a bonded creature moves outside of the range of your manabond, the effect deactivates and cannot be used until they are once again within range.

Ties That Bind [DbH]

Prerequisite: Mana sphere (Infinite Bond (advanced), Magical Conduit, Ranged Mana x2), caster level 10th.

Any creature that swears an Oath of Loyalty to you is considered to have a permanent manabond on them that cannot be dispelled so long as the oath remains. You do not need to concentrate on this manabond.

Unbind Spell [DbH]

Prerequisites: Mana sphere (Essentialize (manipulation)), caster level 10th.

By spending an additional spell point, you may use Essentialize as an immediate action on a sphere effect as it is being cast with a -5 penalty to the attempt. If you possess the Counterspell Mastery feat, the penalty is reduced to 0. The targeted effect need not be harmless if you use Essentialize in this way, but this effect costs an additional spell point if the target is not harmless. You may treat instantaneous effects as if they had a duration of at least one minute for the purpose of how many temporary spell points are gained.


Prerequisites: Mana sphere (Flow (manabond)), caster level 7th.

When casting a sphere effect while having a creature linked to you with the Flow talent, you can attempt to utilize that creature’s spell pool to cast your own magic. The creature is granted a Will save. On failure, they must pay any spell point costs you would have incurred otherwise. If the creature does not have enough real spell points to do so, they take ability damage to their casting ability modifier equal to the amount of spell points they lacked to fully cast the sphere effect, and you must fuel the spellcasting with your own spell points. If you lack the spell points to cast the sphere effect, any spell points you have are wasted and the sphere effect fails. Willing creatures may automatically fail this save, and as with the Flow talent, this ability always drains real spell points, not temporary ones. The creature must be able to hold a spell pool naturally in order for this ability to be used on them.

What’s Yours Is Ours [Jester's HB]

Prerequisites: Mana sphere (Soulmate (manabond)), caster level 1st.

When you create a manabond using the Soulmate talent, whenever the recipient of this manabond benefits from magical healing, a consumable item (such as a potion, alchemical item, etc.), or food, you may choose to clone the benefits of that effect for yourself, as though you were the target of that effect. You may not redirect effects shared to you by the recipient of this bond to other creatures.

Special: The benefits of food shared by this effect can allow one creature to eat, and two to benefit.

Mana Sphere Feats

Bonds Of Blood And Power (Dual Sphere) [CrimDan]

Prerequisites: Blood sphere, Mana sphere.

Benefit: You may spend 1 additional spell point as a swift action, or as a free action if you possess Magical Conduit, to create a manabond as part of establishing blood control on a creature. Concentrating on your blood control also counts as concentrating on any manabonds you have formed. Creatures under the effect of your manabond count as if they were under the effect of your blood control, but you may not use (quicken) or (still) talents on such creatures without first actually establishing blood control.

Consecrated Affinity (Dual Sphere) [DbH]

Your presence warps the fabric of magic, binding creatures together.

Prerequisites: Fate sphere, Mana sphere (Magical Conduit).

Benefit: As a free action when you have a consecration active, you may create a manabond with any willing creature within the area or creature which has failed its saving throw against the consecration. This manabond lasts for as long as the bonded creature remains within your consecration, but you do not otherwise need to concentrate on the manabond to continue its effects.

Deep Spellburn

Prerequisites: Mana sphere, caster level 9th.

Benefit: You can spend 1 additional spell point when using Spellburn to create a powerful version of it that eradicates magical essences. Roll double the amount of dice when determining how many spell points you burn when using the Spellburn ability.

Forged Arcana

Prerequisites: Spellcraft 1 rank, Mana sphere.

Benefit: Studies into the magical arts have allowed you to master a specific angle of how magic works. Choose either expunge, manipulate or manabond. When using the selected ability, you gain a bonus to your magic skill bonus and caster level equal to half your ranks you have in the Spellcraft skill, rounded up. This cannot increase your magic skill bonus or caster level above your Hit Dice.

Manabond Versatility (Dual Sphere) [DbH]

Magic can be woven and bound in all of its myriad forms.

Prerequisites: Mana sphere, any other magic sphere.

Benefit: Choose a magic sphere other than the Mana sphere that you possess. Whenever you use a magic talent with this sphere that targets a set number of creatures (such as a Fate sphere word which targets a single creature or half your caster level in creatures with Echoing Word) and costs at least 1 spell point to use, you may create a manabond with a single willing target or target that fails a saving throw against the effect as if you had targeted them with an expunge or manipulate effect. If you possess the Magical Conduit talent, you may form multiple manabonds with this effect.

Special: You may select this feat multiple times, each time selecting an additional sphere.

Mark Of Magical Ineptitude

Prerequisites: Mana sphere (Mark Of Instability, Mark Of Incompetency), caster level 7th.

Benefit: Whenever you use your Mark Of Instability talent, your target may not cast any magic based off their spherecasting as well as being prohibited from spending spell points.

Mind Joggle

Prerequisite: Mana sphere.

Benefit: Even those trained in martial techniques lose their grip under your power. When you use a Mana sphere talent to cause the loss of spell points in a target that has martial focus, you can forego the spell point loss to instead cause the target to lose their martial focus. The target can make a Will save against your Mana sphere DC to resist this effect.

At 10th level, you can stomp out a creature’s ability to utilize their focus. If you spend an additional spell point when using this feat, you can instead cause your target to be unable to expend or regain their martial focus for a number of rounds equal to your casting ability modifier.

Pacified Strike (Drawback)

Prerequisites: Mana sphere, Weapon-bound drawback, caster level 3rd.

Benefit: When making a Manasurge Strike with a (manipulation) talent that targets an ally, you may choose to not deal any damage with the attack. Doing so provides you with a bonus to the attack roll equal to your caster level.

Rhythmic Chaos (Wild Magic)

Prerequisite: Mana sphere.

Benefit: Whenever you use an (expunge) talent on a creature that can use spells or sphere effects, you can spend an additional spell point to destabilize their magic, causing them to have a 20% chance to trigger a wild magic event every time they use magic. The target gets a Will save against your Mana sphere DC to resist this effect, and it lasts for a number of rounds equal to your casting ability modifier. The chance to trigger a wild magic event increases by 10% per additional wild magic feat you possess, to a maximum chance of 60%.

For information regarding wild magic events and the wild magic system, see Wild Magic by Drop Dead Studios.

Spellshock Admixture (Admixture)

Prerequisites: Destruction sphere (Admixture), Mana sphere.

Benefit: When using Admixture, you may spend an additional spell point to affect one target damaged by the blast with an (expunge) or a (manipulation). If you possess Explosive Expunge, you may apply the (expunge) or (manipulation) to all targets damaged.

Tainted Manabond [Alienist HB]

Prerequisites: Mana sphere, forbidden lore class feature.

Benefit: You may create a tainted manabond as a manabond. When an ally that you have a tainted manabond with uses a sphere ability, you may allow them to benefit from your forbidden lore class feature as a free action even if it is not your turn. A creature may refuse this benefit if they so wish. If backlash occurs, it affects only you, but the ability still fails if triggering backlash would cause it to fail. A sphere ability can only benefit from forbidden lore once.

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