Mythic Class Ability Rules

While there are numerous mythic spells and a long list of mythic feats to help mythic characters develop their amazing powers, the actual class features of each class do not have mythic upgrades available. There are heroic path abilities that tie into some class abilities and common skills, but no upgrades for the classes’ main abilities and talents themselves. This is unfortunate, because many characters focus much more on their core class abilities and powers than on feats. To alleviate this lack, this section offers mythic upgrades for every class feature and talent for all the official core classes from the core rulebook, as well as a number of others. This allows characters to focus on classic abilities, such as armor mastery, evasion, uncanny dodge, and even bloodlines, domains, and arcane schools.

Much like the classes themselves, mythic class abilities are organized not alphabetically, but by the order in which they are typically possible to be gained - thus, low-level class abilities are at the top, while high-level class abilities are at the bottom.

Gaining Mythic Class Features

A mythic class feature is considered a 1st tier universal path ability, and may also be taken in place of a mythic feat. You must have a class feature in order to gain its mythic version. A mythic class feature cannot be taken more than once unless it says otherwise.

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