Mech Dragoon

Machine Drake: A mech dragoon must select the construct variant for their drake companion. Unlike a normal construct drake, its saving throws are not affected by selecting this variant.

This ability alters drake companion.

Gadgets (Ex): At 1st level, a mech dragoon gains the gadgets class feature from the technician class, using her casting modifier in place of her Intelligence modifier (if it would be different) to determine the amount of gadgets the mech dragoon can craft and their saving throws and treating her mech dragoon level as her technician level for the purpose of their effects.

This ability replaces brutal bond.

Customized Weapon (Ex): At 1st level, a mech dragoon gains one of the following inventions (as well as an improvement of her choice):

  • Improved Crossbow
  • Improved Firearm
  • Improved Melee Weapon

At 6th level and every five levels afterwards, she gains an additional improvement to her chosen invention.

This ability replaces dragon bond, dragon bond (wings), dragon bond (bonded might), and dragon bond (advanced bite)

Technical Specialization (Ex): At 5th level, a mech dragoon gains one of the following technical insights of her choice, gaining any new gadgets or modifications to gadgets that would normally be granted (such as Chemical Insight’s new uses for the detonator gadget):

  • Chemical Insight
  • Demolition Insight
  • Electrical Insight
  • Gunpowder Insight
  • Mechanical Insight
  • Medical Insight
  • Steampower Insight

At 9th level and every four levels afterwards, she can select an additional technical insight from the list above.

This ability replaces dragon caller, deathless bond, and united healing.

Resilient Design (Ex): At 9th level, a mech dragoon’s drake companion is not destroyed upon reaching 0 hit points or fewer, instead surviving until its negative hit points are equal to or exceed two times its hit dice. At 18th level, the cost to repair it upon being destroyed is 10 gp x its hit dice and can be done as a full round action.

This ability replaces dragon bond (advanced bite) and dragon bond (swift).

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