Mech Enhancements

Source: Arcforge Campaign Setting: Spheres Left Behind

The new mech enhancementsATE presented here are selectable by mech and vehicle pilots.


The mech gains the biomech template and can select mech enhancements listed in the Biomech Speaker feat.

Ejector Seat

As an immediate action, the pilot may eject any number of creatures from the mech. Creatures which are unwilling to exit the mech are allowed a Reflex save to avoid ejection (DC 10 + ½ the pilot’s level + the pilot’s intelligence modifier). Ejected creatures land in a random square within 20 feet of the mech, although they are allowed a DC 10 Acrobatics or Fly check to determine where they land and to negate falling damage (damage from further falling may occur as normal if the character is ejected midair).

Extra Seating

The mech can carry up to two additional medium or smaller creatures without counting them against its carry capacity. This customization can be selected multiple times, each time increasing the number of medium creatures the mech can carry by 2. For the purpose of being carried, large creatures count as 2 medium creatures, huge creatures count as 4 medium creatures, and gargantuan creatures count as 8 medium creatures. A mech cannot carry creatures larger than its size, but can accommodate creatures up to its size.

Force Field

A force field sheathes the mech in a thin layer of shimmering energy that grants it a number of bonus hit points equal to 3 times the mech’s Hit Dice. All damage dealt to a mech with an active force field is deducted from these hit points first. As long as the force field is active, the mech and its pilot are immune to critical hits. A force field has an amount of fast healing equal to the mech’s CR, but once its hit points are reduced to 0, the force field shuts down and does not reactivate for 24 hours.

Fortified Hull

The mech gains a number of additional hit points equal to twice it’s Hit Dice. This enhancement can be selected up to three times

High-Capacity Battery

The mech possesses twice the normal number of BP.


The mech’s driver can spend a swift action to increase its base speed by 30 ft., but while its speed is increased in this manner, attempting any turn of 45 degrees or greater requires it to sacrifice an additional 5 feet of movement. The driver can end this effect as a swift action. If a vehicle already possesses the Throttle ability, this customization instead increases the speed bonus from that ability by 30 feet.

Rocket Punch

The mech may fire off part of itself as a projectile as part of an attack, making an attack with one of its melee weapons at a range of up to 30 feet beyond its normal reach. This can be done once per round. A mech may gain this enhancement multiple times. Each time, it may use this ability an additional time per round and increases the range by an additional 30 feet.

Siege Mode

As a move action, the mech can root itself in place, losing all movement speeds until it uproots itself as a move action (if the mech is in the air when it roots itself, it hovers in place). While in siege mode, a mech gains a +4 bonus to damage rolls and CMD and reduces all range penalties by 4.

Siege Weapon Integration

The mech’s weapon slots can accommodate siege weapons no larger than the mech’s size (for example, a huge mech could not slot a gargantuan siege weapon). A siege weapon requires 2 weapon slots plus an additional weapon slot for every crew member beyond the first needed to load and fire the weapon. An integrated siege weapon does not require a crew to operate.


The mech or vehicle can take on a different form. When you can this customization, choose one mech or vehicle body type and a new set of mech enhancements (although this new form must possess transformation). The mech may exchange its body type and enhancements (besides transformation) for this other body type or revert to its original form as a full-round action, altering its stats as dictated by its new form. A mech may use this enhancement to take on a vehicle body type and vice versa. If a mech’s transformed form has fewer weapon slots than its original form or vise versa, those excess slots are unusable while in the form with fewer slots. This enhancement can be selected multiple times, each time allowing the mech an additional body type it can transform into.

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